When Love Speaks (episode 56)

Daniel was still seen in the uncompleted building, tied to a chair. His face was already swollen, which was as a result of the torture he received from Sniper and Gunshot.
Sniper and Gunshot were also seen in the room, staring silently at him. After a while of deafening silence, Daniel spoke.

"things don't really need to end like this. I know the amount he paid you guys for this job wouldn't be much. Once you kill me, that's the end, and you get little cash for your service. This can change if I stay alive. I'm a very rich guy. I have an uncle who is a well know politician. My father too is very wealthy and he left me with a lot of properties that are worth billions. If I die now, all that will go to waste. Someone else would inherit all that. But things can change if I stay alive. Let's make a deal right now. If you keep me alive, half of my wealth will be yours, and it is actually worth billions of naira. Tell me what you will still be doing in an uncompleted building, trying to kill someone if you have billions in your account. You will probably be touring the world. This is a one time opportunity I'm offering you guys. If you kill me today, you will continue killing for money, but if I stay alive, your lives will change for the better. The choice is yours to make. Keep me alive and be rich for the rest of your life." Daniel said.

Just when he was about to speak further, Henry and Jewel walked into the room. Jewel froze when he saw Daniel.

"oh my God! what is Daniel doing here? why is he tied to a chair?" Jewel asked and immediately tried to untie him.

"leave that fool" Henry barked.
"you won't even go close to him if you realize how evil he is"

"Henry, what are you talking about?" Jewel asked.

"this fool here was the one that got Jessica pregnant." Henry responded.

Jewel froze again when he heard that.

"what are you talking about? how is that possible?" he asked.

"this fool here raped my fiancée that night you got drunk and dropped her unclad beside you on your bed, so that it would look like you were the one that got her laid." Henry said.

Jewel's jaw dropped when Henry said that. He stared at him in shock. He slowly turned to face Daniel.

"Daniel, is this true?" Jewel asked.

Daniel nodded in affirmation.

"I can't believe this. how can you be so wicked and heartless. How can you do such a thing to us" Jewel said, angrily.

"that's not the main reason why I called you here." Henry said.
"I know for many years now, you would have been pointing accusing finger on me for ruining your future. I want to tell you right now that everything that happened to you back then at the university was not my doing. Daniel did all that and framed me for it. You can ask him now to confirm" Henry said.

"Daniel, is this true?" Jewel asked.

Daniel nodded again.

"wait! I want to get something right." Jewel said."
"Those letters I received back then, were they from you?"

"yes" Daniel responded.

"my missing assignment. were you also responsible for that?" Jewel asked.

"yes. all I did was to remove it from the rest" Daniel responded.

Jewel sighed.

"the day I was poisoned, which eventually made me to miss the quiz competition. was that also your doing?" Jewel asked.

"yes" Daniel responded.

"but how is that possible? we drank together that day" Jewel said.

"yes, we drank together, but didn't drink with the same cup. The poison was in the cup you drank with and not in the wine." Daniel responded.

"but those cups were mine." Jewel said.

"that was why I put the poison there instead. so that if anything happened, it will never be traced back to me" Daniel responded.

Jewel shook his head in amazement.

"now, my last question. were you the reason I got expelled from school?" Jewel asked.

"yes" Daniel responded.

Jewel suddenly became weak.

"and I was accusing an innocent guy all these years. but why did you do all these to me?" Jewel asked.

"because you were trying to court the woman I like" Daniel responded.

"and who was that?" Jewel asked.

"Angel" Daniel responded.

"oh my God!" Jewel said, surprised.

"Jewel please save me. I answered all your questions correctly. Please save me. Henry wants to kill me" Daniel begged.

Jewel turned to face Henry immediately.

"do you actually want to kill him?" Jewel asked.

"yes of course. I would have killed him already, but I just want you to know the kind of person he is before killing him" Henry responded.

"you can't do that. you can't take laws into your hand. The best way to handle this is to allow him rot in prison" Jewel said.

"don't even try to convince me. I have already made up my mind. He must die today. That's the only way justice can be served." Henry responded.

"killing him is not justice. That's vengeance. vengeance and justice are not the same. Before you make any decision, let's go out and talk for a while." Jewel said.

"nothing you will say that will make me change my mind." Henry responded.

"just come with me" Jewel said.

"okay" Henry responded.

Jewel turned and left the building, while Henry followed behind him.


 Jewel and Henry sat opposite each other in a bar. They were not drinking. They were just sitting silently in the bar. After a while of silence, Henry finally spoke.

"I hope you did not bring me here to convince me not to kill Daniel. My mind is already made up. Daniel must die" Henry said.

"Henry, you don't have to pay evil with evil. If you kill him, then what next? you will surely go to prison for that. I know you are angry, but you need to take things easy. What will happen to Jessica and the baby when you are in prison? who will be there for them. Don't do what you might regret later. I know you are very angry, but don't let your anger get the best of you. The best way to deal with Daniel is to send him to jail. Let him go and rot there. Henry, you have to think about this. This will be best for everyone" Jewel adviced.

Henry thought for a while.

"okay, okay, I will do as you say. I won't take laws into my hands. It is true that If I kill him I might spend the rest of my life in jail, and that won't be good for Jessica. I will only be making things worst by killing him. We will report him to the authority, but how are we sure that he will spend the rest of his life in prison?" Henry asked.

"you don't have to worry about that. I will take care of that" Jewel responded.

"how?" Henry asked.

"just trust me" Jewel responded.

"this is funny. how are you going to take care of him? you are just a cleaner. Okay, let me trust you this once, since you said I should trust you" Henry said.

"good. Now let's go and take care of that idiot" Jewel said.

They stood up and left the bar.


Jewel and Henry froze just as they step foot in the room Daniel was kept. They stared at the room in shock. Daniel was no longer in the room. Not even Sniper and Gunshot could be seen in the room. The chair which Daniel was tied to was empty and the rope he was tied with was seen on the floor.

"what's going on here? where is Daniel?" Jewel asked, surprised.

"I don't know. I thought we left them here. Not even Sniper and Gunshot are here." Henry responded.

"I hope he didn't escape" Jewel said.

"that's not possible. not under the watch of Sniper and Gunshot." Henry responded.

"something is not right here. there is no way Daniel would have loosened that rope himself. Someone actually untied him." Jewel said.

"let me call Sniper. He will have a better explanation to this" Henry said and brought out his phone.

He dialed Sniper's number, but it was switched off. He stared at his phone in shock. He was already very worried.

"are you sure this guys have not betrayed you? Call his colleague line to see if he will pick up." Jewel said.

"I don't have Gunshot's number" Henry responded.

"for how long have you known these guys?" Jewel asked.

"I don't know them before. I only saw them smoking in an uncompleted building and asked them to do this job for me, which they willingly agreed to do" Henry responded.

"It's obvious that these guys have betrayed you. How Daniel managed to deceive them is what I don't know" Jewel said.

"Daniel is a very cunning guy. He knows how to manipulate people's mind" Henry responded.

"we don't need to waste anymore time. Let's go and report him to the authority so that they will start looking for him immediately. He has done lot of evil things and shouldn't go unpunished." Jewel said.

"I'm very sure he is already plotting his next evil plan" Henry said.

"Let's leave already before it's too late" Jewel said.

"okay" Henry responded.

They turned and left the building immediately.


Henry opened his door and entered his sitting room. He was just returning from the police station, where him and Jewel went to report Daniel's case. Jessica was not in the sitting room when he walked in.

"honey!" he called, but got no response.

"honey, I'm home" he said, but got no response.

He went to her bedroom but didn't find her there. He entered her bathroom, but she was still not there. He emerged from her bedroom and walked to the kitchen, but still didn't find her in the kitchen. He was already very worried.

"where could Jessica have gone to without telling me" he said.

He walked back to the sitting room and realized that the t.v was on.

"she even left the t.v on. This is so unusual. Jessica will never leave this house without switching off the t.v." he said.

His phone suddenly started ringing. He brought it out from his pocket and realized that the call was from Jessica.

"thank God you called. I was already very worried" he said to himself and heaved a sigh of relief.

He picked the call and placed the phone on his ear.

"honey, thank God you called. you made me so worried just now" he said.

"I guess you will be looking for your fiancée by now" a voice sounded at the other end.

He froze when he heard the voice. He recognized the voice very well. That was the voice of Daniel.

'what's Daniel doing with Jessica's phone' he thought.

"Daniel, why are you holding my fiancée's phone? Where is Jessica?" Henry asked, already very nervous.

"I don't have time to answer any silly question from you. I just want to tell you that you will never see Jessica again. Not in your entire life" Daniel said and immediately ended the call.

"ye!!!" Henry screamed in shock.
"I'm finished" he said and placed his two hands on his head.

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