When Love Speaks (episode 57)

Henry sat down in the sitting room, staring into air. He was completely lost in thought. His door suddenly opened and Jewel rushed in. He went straight to meet Henry.

"Henry, what was that you told me on phone?" Jewel asked, immediately.

"Jessica has been abducted. Daniel has kidnapped Jessica" Henry responded, sadly.

"when did this happened?" Jewel asked.

"Not long ago. I didn't see Jessica at home when I returned. I thought she would have gone out to get something, only to receive a call from Daniel, telling me that I will never see her again." Henry responded, sobbing.

"this is serious" Jewel said.

"what will happen to Jessica now. will he kill her to get revenge on me. Daniel is a very evil person. He can do anything to achieve his aim. what if he ends up killing Jessica" Henry said, sadly.

"he won't harm her. not when he knows that Jessica is carrying his child. I believe that's the main reason he abducted her. He didn't abduct her because he wants to harm her, but because she's carrying his child." Jewel responded.

"Jewel, I don't know what I will do if anything happens to Jessica. How am I going to get her back now?" Henry asked.

"Henry, you don't need to worry too much. I will make sure I do everything possible to get Jessica back. Even if it means spending my last penny, I will do it." Jewel responded.

"how is that possible, Jewel. you don't even have a good job" Henry said.

"Henry, I'm not who you think I am. I kept my identity hidden all this while, because I thought you were the enemy." Jewel said.

"I don't understand" Henry said.

"I'm not actually a cleaner at Edward Empire. I'm the vice president of that company. The company belongs to my grandfather. I decided to keep my identity hidden when I realized you applied for a job at the company. I thought you were the one that set me up, back then at the university. I wanted to get my revenge on you. Now that I know you had nothing to do with what happened to me at the university, I don't think it's proper keeping it a secret from you anymore" Jewel said.

Henry stared at him in disbelief. He couldn't believe what he just heard.

"Jewel, are you serious about what you just said?" Henry asked.

"yes, I'm very serious" Jewel responded.

Henry stared at him for a while, then knelt down before him.

"Henry, what are you doing?" Jewel asked, surprised.

"Jewel, I know I have wronged you. I know I have said lot of mean words to you, but you have to forgive me. Please help me save Jessica from Daniel." Henry begged.

Jewel quickly assisted him up.

"you don't need to apologize to me. You did nothing wrong. As for Daniel, I will make sure that he is caught. Even if it means using all my resources, I will do it. No matter where he hides, he will be caught. I will make sure that his pictures are spread all over the country, and he will be declared wanted. He has done more than enough, and this time, I will deal with him in a ruthless way. I'm sure he won't harm Jessica. He is keeping her hostage because she's carrying her baby. So you have to calm down, while I begin work immediately to rescue her." Jewel said.

"thank you very much Jewel. I really appreciate it" Henry said.

"you don't have to worry too much. Jessica will soon return to you. I promise you that" Jewel said.

"I hope so" Henry responded and sighed.


Angel sat in her sitting room, watching a programme on t.v. Her door suddenly opened and Jewel walked in. He walked to meet her and immediately hugged her.

"you spent a lot of time with Henry. what happened? what were you discussing? why did he called you? is it about the baby?" Angel asked.

"my love, a lot has happened." Jewel responded and sat beside her.

"what happened?" Angel asked, curiously.

"Daniel is evil. That guy is a devil" Jewel said.

"what did he do?" Angel asked.

"could you believe that all what happened to me back then at the university were all Daniel's doing." Jewel said.

"I don't get you, my love." Angel said.

"starting from the warning messages that I received countless time, to the poisonous food I ate. Even the answer booklet that was found on me in the examination hall, were all Daniel's doing" Jewel said.

"Oh my God! tell me you are joking" Angel said, surprised.

"my love, I'm not joking. I'm very serious." Jewel responded.

"how did you get to know all these?" Angel asked.

"he confessed it to me today" Jewel responded.

"but why did he do all that to you?" Angel asked.

"he said I was trying to court the woman he likes." Jewel responded.

"and who is that lady that will make him do all that to you?" Angel asked.

"you" Jewel responded.

Angel paused for a while.

"I don't get you." Angel said.

"yes, he said he likes you" Jewel responded.

"this is so unbelievable" Angel said.

"that one Is nothing compared to the evil he did recently." Jewel said.

"what did he do again?" Angel asked, curiously.

"do you remember that day Jessica paid you a visit when you travelled to Johannesburg?" Jewel asked.

"yes" Angel responded.

"Daniel was actually here with us that day" Jewel said.

"really, no one told me he visited" Angel responded.

"He actually paid you a visit to know why you didn't go to work for 2 days.He was with us when you called to inform us that you got the job. He suggested that we should celebrate your achievement with some wines. we ended up drinking too much. Even Jessica that hasn't tasted alcohol before also drank with us. Daniel left when we were done, but Jessica couldn't leave because she was already drunk. A suggested that she should spend the night in your room, which she accepted. I left her in the sitting room and went to bed, only for me to wake up the next morning and found her lying completely unclad beside me on the bed. I know I didn't touch her that night, but I had to accept that something happened between us when I discovered she was pregnant. Do you know that nothing really happened between us that night. Daniel actually returned that night, when I had already gone to bed. He slept with Jessica who was already drunk and dropped her beside me on my bed, so that it would look as if I was the one that slept with her" Jewel explained.

Angel was already fuming, just by listening to Jewel's explanation.

"how can someone be so heartless." She said, angrily.
"Daniel needs to pay for what he did. we need to arrest him immediately."

"I wish we could. He had already gone into hiding. The worst part is that he took Jessica hostage" Jewel said, sadly.

"oh my God!" Angel exclaimed.
"what will happen to Jessica now? we need to look for a way to rescue her."

"I believe Daniel won't harm her. He only took her hostage because she's carrying his child. but I will surely look for a way to rescue her from that evil guy" Jewel said.

"I pray nothing happens to Jessica" Angel said.

"nothing will happen to her. I promise you that" Jewel said.

"I pray so" Angel responded.

Jewel suddenly held her hands and stared deeply into her eyes.

"my love, there's something very important I need to confess to you" Jewel said.

"what's it, my love?" Angel asked.

Jewel knelt down, still holding her hands.

"promise me you will never leave me, no matter what" Jewel said.

"my love, you know I will never leave you" Angel responded.

"just promise me" Jewel said.

"nothing in this world can ever separate us. nothing in this world can ever make me leave you. I promise you that" Angel responded.

Jewel stood up.

"okay now, go inside and dress up. I want to take you somewhere" Jewel said.

"okay my love" Angel responded and ran to her room to dress up.

She emerged from her room few minutes later and they both left the sitting room together.


Angel's car pulled to a stop in front of Jewel grandpa's mansion. The gigantic gate opened automatically and the car drove into the compound. Jewel and Angel alighted from the car. Angel stared at the structure of the mansion in amazement. Every inch of the property was wired with cameras, security lighting, and motion sensors.
The building was a series of rectangles constructed of steel and glass. The windows were large to let in maximum light, but fashioned so well that the home stayed warm in the winter time. The roof line didn't peak in the centre, but instead sloped to the left. The fleet of expensive car she saw at the parking lot left her in astonishment. She wondered who could be so rich to have constructed such a mansion.

When she was done feeding her eyes on the beautiful structure, she turned to face Jewel.

"my love, what are we doing here?" Angel asked.

"just come with me" Jewel responded and led her to the metallic front door.

He opened the door with both a key pad and biometric scanner. Angel walked into the mansion and saw the tallest ceiling ever. She stared at the amazing interior designs of the sitting room. Inside was largely open plan, a floating stairway leading to the upper floor, and every floor was smooth polished concrete.

Angel turned to face Jewel again.

"my love, what are we doing here?" she asked again.

Jewel immediately knelt down before her.

"my Angel, you have to forgive me. I didn't keep this away from you intentionally." Jewel said and sighed.
"this is where I live. This mansion belong to my grandpa and I live here with him. I'm not actually a cleaner at Edward Empire. I'm actually the vice president of the company. The company belongs to my grandpa. I didn't actually dropped out of school. I completed my education. I obtained my bsc and master degree at Stanford university. My love, I didn't mean to keep this a secret from you"

Angel stared at Jewel in shock, as he explained. She suddenly lost her voice. She couldn't even say a word.

"my love, you have to forgive me" Jewel pleaded.

He tried to hold her hand but she jolted his hand and immediately gave him a resounding slap.

Jewel held his face and stared at her in shock.

"that's for deceiving me all this while" Angel said.


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