Silent Love (episode 2)

Scarlett and Gerald sat opposite each other at the far left in a restuarant. They were both drinking from the glass of fruit juice on their table.

"Gerald, thank you very much for

Silent Love (episode 1)


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When Love Speaks (episode 67)

Jewel lay on his bed, staring silently at the ceiling. His door suddenly opened and Jane walked in, carrying a plate of food. She walked to meet Jewel and sat beside him on the

When Love Speaks (episode 66)

Jewel and Jane sat in the sitting room, waiting for Henry, Jessica and Steven to arrive, so that they could start going to Angel parent's place. They were already dressed up. The sitting

When Love Speaks (episode 65)

Jewel sat in the sitting room, staring sadly into air. Steven was sitting beside him. He was consoling Jewel. Jewel's eyes were swollen as a result of the tears which he was holding

When Love Speaks (episode 64)


A tap from Angel brought Jessica back to reality. she turned to face Angel.

When Love Speaks (episode 63)

Jessica was seen sitting on her hospital bed. Henry was also sitting beside him. He was massaging her shoulders. The door opened and Jewel walked in.

When Love Speaks (episode 62)

Angel was seen in her kitchen, preparing dinner. She had already invited Jewel over, so that they would have dinner together. She left the kitchen and went to the sitting room

When Love Speaks (episode 61)

Jane and Maureen fixed their gaze on the car that just drove into the compound, anxiously waiting for the occupant of the car to alight. The car doors opened to reveal Jewel and

When Love Speaks (episode 60)

Jewel and Angel were still with Henry in his house. They were already about to leave Henry's house after spending hours there. Just as they stood up to leave, Jewel's phone started ringing. He brought it out from his pocket and answered the call.

When Love Speaks (episode 59)

It was already daybreak. Jessica sat on her bed, staring into air in shock. She still hasn't recovered from what happened the previous night. Her door suddenly opened and Daniel

When Love Speaks (episode 58)

Angel stared at Jewel in shock, as he explained. She suddenly lost her voice. She couldn't even say a word.

"my love, you have to forgive me"


When Love Speaks (episode 81)

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