Silent Love (episode 1)


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Episode 1

The vibration of his phone woke him up from sleep. He muttered under his breath and reluctantly sat up. He yawned and stretched his body. He took the phone beside him on the bed and saw that it was a call from an unknown number.

"who is calling me by this time of the day. It's just 6:05am and someone is already disturbing me with calls. Can't they just allow me to enjoy my sleep" he complained.

He dropped the phone and lay back on his bed. The phone started vibrating again, just as he dropped it.

"who is disturbing my sleep. I hope the caller has a better reason for disturbing my sleep" he muttered.

He sat up, took the phone and answered the call.

"hello" he said, with a sleepy voice.

"hello Michael. Good Morning" the caller's voice sounded at the other end.

He recognized the voice very well.

"Sandra" he called.

"yes Michael. Good Morning" she greeted again.

"Good Morning. How are you?" Michael asked.

"I'm fine and you?" Sandra asked.

"I'm fine too" Michael responded.
"why didn't you call me with your number?"

"this is also my number. I got a new phone yesterday, and also a new line." Sandra responded.

"okay, I will save the number now" Michael said.
"have you left for work?"

"I'm preparing to leave" Sandra responded.

"okay" Michael said.

"Michael, there is a job vacancy at my work place, but it's a driving job. I don't know if you will like the job" Sandra said.

"why won't I? I like the job Sandra" Michael responded immediately
"I have been searching for job for quite a long time now. I need to start taking care of my mother. She has been the one taking care of my need. I need to support her. I can't sit and do nothing. I can drive any kind of vehicle. Please Sandra, I need the job badly."

"okay, get dressed and meet me at my place. make sure you are here before 7:00am. We will go to my work place together, and I will introduce you to the human resources manager. I'm sure you will get the job if I introduce you to him myself." Sandra said.

"thank you very much Sandra. I really appreciate this. Let me quickly get dressed. I will be at your place even before 6:30am" Michael responded.

"okay, I'm waiting" Sandra said.

Michael ended the call and immediately stood up from his bed. He rushed to his bag and brought out a rumpled t-shirt. He specifically bought the t-shirt just for job interview purpose, but hasn't worn the shirt because he had not gone for any interview. He dropped the shirt on his bed, carried a bucket of water and rushed out of his room to have his bath.


A continuous knock on her door woke her up from sleep. She stretched lazily on her bed. She reluctantly sat up on her king size bed. Her room was very wide and spacious. The interior design of the room was magnificent.

She stood up from her bed and walked to the door. She opened the door to see a guy holding a birthday cake. The guy was smiling broadly.

"Gerald!" she called, surprised.

"happy birthday Scarlett" Gerald said and presented the cake to her.

"wow! thank you very much. you are such a darling" Scarlett responded happily.

"I want to be the first to wish you happy birthday. That's why I came very early" Gerald said.

"thank you very much Gerald. I really appreciate it" Scarlett responded.

"so tell me, where will you like to go. I will take you to any place of your choice to celebrate your birthday" Gerald said.

"that will be later in the day. For now, let me go and see what birthday surprise my parent have for me, because I'm sure they would have prepared a special birthday gift for me." Scarlett responded.

"okay, let's go and see what your parent have for you then" Gerald said.

Scarlett dropped the cake on her bed and happily rushed out of her room to see what her parent bought for her. She rushed to the magnificent sitting room with beautiful designs. She was surprised when she got to the sitting room and found no one there. She was expecting to see her parent there, waiting to wish her happy birthday, and also present her birthday gift to her.

"I thought my parent will be waiting here for me to come out from my room so that they will wish me a happy birthday. Why are they not here?" Scarlett asked Gerald who was just standing behind her.

"maybe they have a special surprise for you" Gerald responded.

"but they always wait for me here, whenever it's my birthday to wish me a happy birthday and also present my birthday gift to me" Scarlett said.

"maybe they have a different surprise for you this year" Gerald responded.

"Grace!" Scarlett called.

A lady wearing an apron rushed out from the kitchen and went straight to me Scarlett.

"ma, you called me" she said.

"Grace, where are my parent?" Scarlett asked.

"they have gone out already" Grace responded.

"gone out to where?" Scarlett asked.

"they have both gone to work" Grace responded.

Scarlett suddenly became sad when Grace said that.

"so my parent didn't even remember that today is my birthday. They left home without wishing me happy birthday." Scarlett said, sadly.

Gerald held her hands and stared into her eyes.

"my dear, you don't have to feel bad. Maybe they have a lot of things on their mind" Gerald said.

"so those things are more important than their daughter" Scarlett said.

"you shouldn't say that. you know very well that your parent love you a lot, and will do anything for you. why not go to your room and dress up, let me take you out. I promise you that today will be one of your best day" Gerald said.

"thank you very much Gerald. Thanks for your care" Scarlett said.

"you know I can do anything for you" Gerald responded.

"okay, let me quickly go and dress up" Scarlett said.

"okay, I'm waiting" Gerald responded.

Scarlett turned and walked back to her room, while Gerald sat down on the sofa, waiting for her.


The human resources manager sat behind his desk in his office, going through some document. A knock sounded on his door. He looked up from his desk.

"come in, the door is open" he said.

The door opened and Sandra walked in, followed by Michael.

"good morning sir" Sandra greeted.

"good morning sir" Michael greeted also.

"good morning, please have a seat" the HR responded.

"thank you sir" Sandra responded and they both sat down.

"so what can I do for you, miss Lawson?" the HR asked.

"sir, I got to know that there is vacancy for driver in the company, so I brought my friend to apply for the job. He is a professional driver and very trustworthy. I promise you that you won't regret employing him" Sandra said.

"oh! We just gave the job to someone else yesterday" the HR responded.

Michael suddenly became sad when he said that. He had high hopes of getting the job, but the HR just shattered his hope.

"but don't worry, you can drop your contact with me so that when there is another driving job, I will contact you" the HR said.

"okay sir" Michael responded and immediately wrote down his number on a piece of paper.

"okay, I will call you" the HR said.

"thank you sir" Michael said.

"thank you very much sir. I really appreciate it" Sandra said also.

"you are welcome" the HR responded.

"we will take our leave now" Sandra said.

"okay" the HR responded.

They stood up and left his office.


Scarlett and Gerald sat opposite each other at the far left in a restuarant. They were both drinking from the glass of fruit juice on their table.

"Gerald, thank you very much for today. I really appreciate it" Scarlett said.

"you know I can do anything for you" Gerald responded.

"thank you very much" Scarlett said.

Gerald suddenly held her hands and stared deeply into her eyes.

"Scarlett" he called.

"yes dear" Scarlett responded.

"we have been friends from childhood. You know everything about me and I also know a lot about you. 2 years ago, on your 18th birthday, I asked you to be my girlfriend, but you told me you were not ready to be in a relationship. I understood then, because you were still a teenager, but you are now 20years old. So you are no longer a teenager. My feelings for you have not changed. I still love you dearly. So I will ask again. Scarlett, will you be my girlfriend?" he asked and waited curiously for an answer.

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