Silent Love (episode 2)

Scarlett and Gerald sat opposite each other at the far left in a restuarant. They were both drinking from the glass of fruit juice on their table.

"Gerald, thank you very much for
today. I really appreciate it" Scarlett said.

"you know I can do anything for you" Gerald responded.

"thank you very much" Scarlett said.

Gerald suddenly held her hands and stared deeply into her eyes.

"Scarlett" he called.

"yes dear" Scarlett responded.

"we have been friends from childhood. You know everything about me and I also know a lot about you. 2 years ago, on your 18th birthday, I asked you to be my girlfriend, but you told me you were not ready to be in a relationship. I understood then, because you were still a teenager, but you are now 20years old. So you are no longer a teenager. My feelings for you have not changed. I still love you dearly. So I will ask again. Scarlett, will you be my girlfriend?" he asked and waited curiously for an answer.

Scarlett stared silently at him for a while, before responding.

"Gerald" she called softly.

"yes dear" Gerald responded.

"I really don't think I'm ready for a relationship. I want to complete my study first. In few months, I will be traveling out of the country for my master. I just want to focus on my study for now" Scarlett responded.

Gerald stared at her in disappointment. He wasn't expecting to be turned down the second time. He stared silently at her. After a while of deafening silence, he flashed her a smile.

"okay Scarlett, since you want to complete you study first, then I will have to wait. I will wait until you complete your study and come back to me. That's how much I love you." Gerald said.

"thanks for your understanding" Scarlett said.

"you are welcome" Gerald responded.


Michael opened the door to his room and plodded in. He walked straight to his bed and lay on it. He stared at the ceiling and sighed in frustration.

"This is so frustrating. Why didn't they wait a bit before giving out the job. How will I get a job now. Until when will I continue like this. I would have just learned trade if I have the money to do so." he said.

The door suddenly opened and a woman walked in. Michael sat up when he saw the woman.

"mum" he called.

She went to sit beside him on the bed.

"how did it go?" Michael's mum asked.

"I didn't get the job. It has already been giving out before we got there" Michael said, sadly.

His mum patted his back.

"you don't have to feel bad about that. You didn't get the job because it wasn't meant for you. Don't worry, you will get a job better than that one" his mum said.

"but mum, I really need this job to assist you. You have been the only one providing for our needs since dad passed away." Michael said.

"my son, I'm not complaining. We are doing fine" his mum said.

"but I still need to assist you. I can't just sit and do nothing" Michael said.

"Just wait for God's time. I believe God will give you a job very soon. Let me get your food" She said and stood up.

She left the room while Michael lay back on his bed.


Scarlett walked into the sitting room to see her parents already in the sitting room. They were sitting on the sofa and were both smiling broadly at her. She stared at them surprised. She didn't expect to see them at home so early. She had already decided not to talk to her parents, since they forgot it was her birthday. She ignored her parents and walked to the direction of her room.

"Scarlett!" her mum called.

She stopped and turned to face her mum.

"didn't you see us" her mum said.

"good afternoon" she greeted.

Her mum stood up and walked to meet her.

"my dear, you don't look happy. what's wrong?" She asked.

"why will I be happy when you forgot that today is my birthday" Scarlett responded.

Her mum smiled when she said that.

"who told you we forgot that today is your birthday. We know today is your birthday, and we have a big surprise for you" she said.

"really! you didn't forget that today is my birthday" Scarlett said happily.

"no, we didn't forget. happy birthday my dear" her mum said.

"thank you mum. I thought you forgot my birthday" Scarlett responded and immediately hugged her mum.

Her dad stood up also and walked to meet her.

"happy birthday my daughter" he said.

"thank you dad" Scarlett responded, happily.

Her dad brought out a car key from his pocket and presented to her.

"there's a white Rolls Royce Ghost parked outside. It's your birthday gift" her dad said.

"wow, really dad!" Scarlett screamed happily.

"yes, it's your car" her dad responded.

"wow! so I now have my own car. I'm very happy dad. Thank you very much dad" Scarlett said happily.

"you are welcome my daughter" her dad responded.

"I need to see my new car" Scarlett said happily and immediately rushed out of the sitting room.

She rushed back into the sitting room and immediately hugged her father.

"thank you very much dad" she said.

"do you like the car?" her dad asked.

"yes dad. I love it" She responded.

She hugged her mum tightly also.

"thank you mum" she said.

"anything for you my darling" her mum responded.

"I think I will start going for driving lesson, since I don't know how to drive yet." Scarlett said.

"there will be no need for that. I will get you a driver" her dad responded.

"no dad. I don't need a driver. I will be driving my car myself" Scarlett said.

"no, you can't drive yourself. driving could be stressful sometimes. you don't need the stress. I will contact my company to get you a driver" his dad responded.

"but dad, can't I just drive my own car. You guys have always prevented me from doing anything. If not for some reasons, I'm sure I won't be taking my bath myself. At least let me just be the one to drive my own car" Scarlett said.

"no Scarlett, you can't drive the car yourself. I don't want you to stress yourself. I will call the company to get you a driver" her dad said.

"Scarlett listen to your dad. you don't need to stress yourself" her mum added.

"okay, you can get me the driver. Thank you very much dad. I love you" she said happily.

"I love you too my darling" her dad responded.

"thank you mum. I love you very much" she said to her mum.

"I love you too my honey" her mum responded and hugged her again.


Michael sat on his bed, staring into air. He didn't seem to be happy. He was still sad that he couldn't get the job he went for. His door suddenly opened and Sandra walked in holding a nylon bag.

"you are back from work" Michael said, masking his sadness with a smile.

"yes" Sandra responded and walked to sit beside Michael on the bed.
"how are you?"

"I'm fine and you?" Michael asked.

"I'm fine too" Sandra responded.
"Michael, I'm sorry that you couldn't get the job"

"you don't need to be sorry. you did your very best for me and I appreciate it. Thank you very much for your care" Michael said.

"I can do anything for you" Sandra said.

"that's why you are my best friend. Thank you very much" Michael said.

Sandra opened the nylon bag she was holding and brought out the take away pack in it.

"I bought this for you on my way home" she said and stretched the pack to Michael.

"oh really! thank you very much" Michael said and collected the pack.

"I'm so tired. today's task was stressful. I haven't even got home. I came here directly from work to check up on you" Sandra said and lay on Michael's bed.

"I'm so sorry. you can sleep here. I will wake you up in an hour time" Michael said.

"no, I need to go and take my bath." she said and sat up.

"okay" Michael said.

"see you later" Sandra said.

"see you too, and thanks for the food" Michael responded.

Sandra stood up and walked to the door. Just as she tried to open the door, the door opened from outside to reveal Michael's mum.

"Sandra, are you leaving already?" Michael's mum asked.

"yes mummy, I just came to see Michael" Sandra responded.

"thank you very much my daughter" Michael' mum said.

"okay mummy, see you tomorrow" Sandra said.

"okay my daughter" his mum responded.

Sandra left the room, while Michael's mum went to sit beside Michael on the bed.

"I just like that girl called Sandra. She's beautiful, intelligent, kind-hearted, and very respectful" his mum said.

"yes mum, I like her a lot also. She's my best friend" Michael responded.

"I just hope you guys will continue this way. She's such a good lady" Michael's mum said.

"nothing in this world can ever separate us. We will always be friends. our friendship is forever" Michael said.

"I like that. that's exactly what I want to hear" his mum said and patted his back.


Gerald sat on a sofa in his sitting room, watching a programme on tv. A knock suddenly sounded on his door. He stood up from the sofa and walked to the door to see who was at the door. He opened the door to see Scarlett standing at the door. Scarlett immediately hugged him before he could say anything. She held him tightly. He wrapped his hands around her also, not sure why she suddenly hugged him.

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