When Love Speaks (episode 58)

Angel stared at Jewel in shock, as he explained. She suddenly lost her voice. She couldn't even say a word.

"my love, you have to forgive me"
Jewel pleaded.

He tried to hold her hand but she jolted his hand and immediately gave him a resounding slap.

Jewel held his face and stared at her in shock.

"that's for deceiving me all this while" Angel said.

"I'm very sorry" Jewel said, still holding his face.

Angel stared at him for a while, then knelt down also and hugged him tightly.

"my Jewel" she said.

Jewel heaved a sigh of relief and also embraced her tightly. For a moment, he thought she would leave him again. They embraced each other tightly. After a while of deafening silence, Angel finally spoke.

"my Jewel, I know you are very smart and hardworking. I know you wouldn't give up after what happened back then in school. I know you would strive to be successful. My Jewel never gives up. Thank you for making me proud." Angel said.

"thank you for always being there for me. you are one in a million" Jewel responded.

"I'm so happy right now, my love" Angel said, happily.

Jewel stood up.

"come with me, my love. Let me take you round the house." Jewel said.

"okay, my love" Angel responded and stood up.

Jewel held her hand and led her out of the sitting room.


Jessica was seen lying on a bed in a room, with her hands and legs tied to the edges of the bed. She was struggling to set herself free. She couldn't scream or speak because her lips were also sealed. The room was dark. She couldn't see clearly. After struggling to free herself without success, she gave up and awaited what her fate would be. The door suddenly opened and Sniper walked in. He switched on the light and the room became bright. He walked to meet Jessica and sat beside her on the bed. Jessica tried to speak but couldn't because her lips were sealed with a bandage. Sniper stared at her for a while, then remove the bandage on her lips. Jessica took a deep breath when the bandage was removed from her lips.

"who are you? why are you holding me hostage? She asked.

Sniper didn't respond. He just kept staring silently at her.

"please I want to go home. I beg you in the name of God, let me go" she pleaded.

Sniper didn't respond. He continued staring silently at her.

The door suddenly opened again, and Daniel walked in.

"oh my God!" he exclaimed when he saw Jessica tied on the bed.

He quickly went to her and untied her. He turned to face Sniper when he wad done.

"who told you to tie her up. Do you think we took her hostage? I brought her here to keep her save. I want to protect her myself. so you should treat her with respect." Daniel said.

"sorry boss" Sniper apologized.

"by the way, where is Gunshot?" Daniel asked.

"hin go arrange smoke wey we go smoke this night" Sniper responded.

"okay" Daniel said and turned back to face Jessica.
"I'm very sorry for the way these guys treated you. They misunderstood, that's why"

"Daniel, what am I doing here? I want to go home" Jessica said.

"you can't go home. Home is not safe. You will have to stay here for a while until I'm sure it's safe to go back home." Daniel responded.

"what happened? why will my own house not be safe for me?" Jessica asked.

"someone is trying to kill you. If we didn't bring you here when we did, you would have been dead by now" Daniel responded.

"but who will want to kill me?" Jessica asked, surprised.

"we don't know yet. That's why you need to stay here until we find out who is after your life." Daniel responded.

"no, I can't stay here. I need to go back to my fiance. I need to be with Henry. My fiance needs me." Jessica said.

"Henry knows you are here. He was the one that instructed me to bring you here, when he realized that your life is in danger." Daniel responded.

"that's a lie. If Henry knows that I'm here, he would have come to see me already." Jessica said.

"he is busy trying to find who wants to harm you. That's why he hasn't come." Daniel responded.

"I don't believe that. If my life is in danger, Henry would have been here by my side to protect me" Jessica said.

"okay, since you don't believe me, I will tell Henry to come and see you tomorrow, so that you will know that we are actually trying to protect you" Daniel responded

"really! you will do that? you will tell him to come and meet me here?" Jessica asked.

"yes, so that you will believe that I'm actually doing this to protect you" Daniel responded.

"if I see my fiance, then I will believe you are keeping me here to protect me" Jessica said.

"you will see him, but for now, you have to promise me that you won't leave this building. You can go to the sitting room to watch t.v when you are bored, or any other room of your choice, but just make sure you don't leave this building. We don't know who might try to harm you out there" Daniel said.

"I promise, I won't leave this building" Jessica responded.

"good, so how are you? how is your body?" Daniel asked.

"I'm fine" Jessica responded.

"and the baby? I hope the baby is fine too" Daniel said and tried to touch Jessica's stomach, but she immediately stopped him.

"what are you doing?" Jessica asked, surprised.

"trying to see if the baby if okay" Daniel responded.

"my baby is fine" Jessica responded.

"okay, that's good to know" Daniel said.

"thank you" Jessica responded.

"okay let me leave you to rest. When you are done resting, you can prepare dinner for us all to eat" Daniel said.

"okay" Jessica responded.

Daniel stood up and left the room with Sniper.


Henry sat in his sitting room, staring into air. It was already dark and he hasn't heard anything from his fiancée. He was very worried. When he was tired of sitting, he stood up and paced in his sitting room. After a while, he went back to sit on the sofa. He suddenly stood up, took his car key and left the sitting room.


Sniper and Gunshot were seen in their room already asleep. A knock suddenly sounded on their door. Gunshot woke up and reluctantly sat up on the bed.

"who be that?" he asked.

The door opened to reveal Jessica standing at the door.

"wetin happen?" Gunshot asked.

"dinner is ready" Jessica responded.

"okay, I don hear" Gunshot said.

Jessica closed the door and left. Gunshot tapped Sniper who was still asleep.

"wetin happen?" Sniper asked with a sleepy voice.

"food don ready. Make we go chop" Gunshot responded.

"dey go, I dey come. I dey your back" Sniper said.

"okay" Gunshot responded and stood up from the bed.

He went to the sitting room and saw Jessica watching a programme on tv.

"where the food?" Gunshot asked.

"over there" Jessica responded, pointing to the dining.

"okay" Gunshot said and went to the dining.

He sat down, opened the plate of food and took a spoonful into his mouth. He turned to face Jessica.

"this your food make sense o. wetin you use cook am?" Gunshot asked.

"nothing" Jessica responded.

"na 5 rounds I wan eat like this. So if anyone remain for kitchen, make you go bring am come." Gunshot said.

Jessica didn't respond. Gunshot took another spoonful into his mouth. He wanted to take his third spoon but paused. He dropped the spoon and placed a hand on his stomach.

"why my belle con dey bite me" Gunshot said.

He tried to continue eating but couldn't.

"aurrrgghh! my belle" he suddenly screamed in pain.

"what's wrong?" Jessica asked.

"wetin you put for my food?" Gunshot asked.

"I don't get you" Jessica said.

Just as he was about to speak further, he coughed and some blood spilled from his mouth.

"oh my God!" Jessica exclaimed and rushed to meet him.

She held him.

"what's wrong with you?" she asked, already very worried.

Sniper suddenly emerged from his room and saw Gunshot in the dining, coughing out blood. He rushed to me him. He pushed Jessica aside and held Gunshot.

"guy wetin happen? why you dey vomit blood?" Sniper asked, with his eyes widen in shock.

"this girl don use me count score." Gunshot responded and coughed out more blood.

"how?" Sniper asked.

"she poisoned me. I don suffer. so for this life wey I come, na girl use me count score." Gunshot said, still spilling blood from his mouth.

"my guy, I beg no do this, stay with me" Sniper said, with teary eyes.

"sorry bro. I no sure say I fit survive this one" Gunshot responded.

Sniper left Gunshot and immediately dragged Jessica roughly. He held her neck, almost strangling her.

"wetin you do my paddy?" Sniper asked, angrily.

"nothing" Jessica managed to say.

She was already finding it difficult to breathe.

"if you no tell me, I go kill you right now" Sniper said and tightened his grip on her neck.

Jessica was almost giving up. She couldn't breath anymore.

"let her go or I will blow your brain" Sniper heard behind him.

He left Jessica and turned to see Daniel pointing a gun at him.

"guy, wetin you dey do? why you dey point me gun? this lady don poison Gunshot" Sniper said.

"no, she didn't poison Gunshot. I did. The poison was actually meant for both of you, but it's seems you are lucky. That doesn't mean you won't die today" Daniel responded.

"guy, wetin you dey talk. remember say we say your life." Sniper said.

"you saved my life because you actually believed I have billions to give you, but I'm sorry to disappoint you, I don't have anything. I only lied to save myself. I'm just a common employee in a company. My father is not rich. He don't even have a plot of land, not to talk of properties that are worth billions. I have a rich uncle, but aren't you so dumb no to realize that his wealth are for his children. Everything I said to you then were all lies. I said all that to save myself, and you actually fell for it. Now, I know it pays to be a smart guy. If I wasn't this smart, I would be dead by now. Don't worry, I will forever be indebted to you. I will work very hard to make billions. Once I make billions, I will send yours to you in your grave. That will be fair right" Daniel said and laughed out loud.

"my guy, you no need to kill me. we fit still settle this. make e no end like this" Sniper said.

Just when Sniper was about to speak further, Daniel fired a bullet into his head and his blood splashed on Jessica's face. Jessica screamed in horror. Daniel fired a bullet also on the already dying Gunshot. He walked to meet Sniper, who was already lying flat on the ground.

"don't worry, I will send you your billions in your grave" he said and fired another bullet into his stomach.

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