When Love Speaks (episode 59)

It was already daybreak. Jessica sat on her bed, staring into air in shock. She still hasn't recovered from what happened the previous night. Her door suddenly opened and Daniel
walked in. He went to sit beside her on her bed.

"are you okay?" he asked.

Jessica didn't respond. She kept staring silently into air.

"Jessica, I want to tell you that what happened last night was for your protection. I did it to protect you. If I didn't kill them, they would have harmed you. So don't see me as a bad person. I'm only protecting." Daniel explained.

Jessica still didn't respond. She continued staring silently into air. Daniel held her hands and stared into her eyes.

"Jessica please say something. Don't just keep silent." Daniel said.

Jessica took a deep breath.

"I understand. I know you are only trying to protect. I was just shocked by what happened last night. I haven't witnessed sure a thing before. Don't worry, I will be okay" Jessica said.

Daniel heaved a sigh of relief.

"thank God you understand me. I thought you would see me as a bad person after what happened last night." Daniel said.

"no, I didn't. I know you did it to protect me" Jessica responded.

"thank you" Daniel said.

"you must be hungry, while not go to your room and rest while I prepare breakfast" Jessica said.

"okay. Thank you very much" Daniel said.

"you are welcome" Jessica responded.

"I will be in my room. once breakfast is ready, just let me know" Daniel said.

"okay. I will call you once I'm done preparing breakfast." Jessica responded.

Daniel stood up and left her room. Jessica heaved a sigh of relief immediately he left.


Jewel sat on his bed, in his grandpa's mansion, dressing up to go out. He put on his shoes and stood up from his bed. His phone suddenly started ringing. He answered the call when he realized it was from Angel.

"my love" Jewel said.

"my Jewel, are you at home?" Angel asked.

"yes, but I'm about going out" Jewel responded.

"where are you going to?" Angel asked.

"I'm going to see Henry. will you like to go with me?" Jewel asked.

"yes, I will. I haven't seen him seen Jessica was abducted" Angel responded.

"okay, I'm coming over to you place now, so that we can go together" Jewel said.

"okay, I'm waiting" Angel responded.

Jewel ended the call, took his car key and left his room.


Daniel lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling. He was waiting for Jessica to inform him that breakfast is ready. He had been waiting for quite a long time. He suddenly sat up on his bed.

"it's been 2 hours since Jessica started preparing breakfast. She should be done by now. why hasn't she called me yet. Is breakfast taking that long to prepare." he said.
"let me go and see what's delaying her"

He stood up from his bed and walked to the door. He opened the door and went to the sitting room. Jessica wasn't in the sitting room. Even the dining was not set for breakfast.

"what's going on? is Jessica still preparing breakfast up till now. I'm very hungry already and need to eat something." He said and walked to the kitchen.

He froze when he got to the kitchen and realized that nothing was being prepared. Jessica too was not even in the kitchen.

"what's going on?" he asked, surprised.
"she isn't even preparing any food. what was she doing all this while? or is she sleeping? she can't be sleeping when she knows she has to prepare something."

He left the kitchen and headed straight to Jessica's room. He froze again when he entered her room and realized she was not there.

"what's going on? Jessica is not in the kitchen and neither is she in her room. Where could she be?" he asked.

He thought for a while and immediately rushed out of her room. He headed straight to the compound. He emerged from the building and saw the compound gate wide opened. He froze immediately.

"Jessica had escaped. I need to look for her immediately. she wouldn't have gone far." he said and immediately ran after her.


Jessica was seen in the middle of a forest, trying to find her way back home. She had been running for hours and couldn't find her way to any busy road. It was as if she had been running in a circle. She was very tired and was breathing heavily. She wanted to rest, but know she couldn't, because Daniel might catch up with her. Instead, she trudged alone the narrow path in the forest, with the hope that she would still get out of the forest. The forest was nut-brown. The trees were ancient and rough. twigs were crunching under her feet as she walked. A faint rustling could be heard as small rodents scampered through the foliage. Nuts were scattered on the floor of the forest. birds were twittering and flying from tree to tree. squirrels were chattering, leaves rustling, wind whistling around trunks, insects were humming. She kept walking, even as she kept hearing different sounds in the forest. She was very scared being there alone. She wasn't sure if there were wild animals around the forest. She prayed silently not to come in contact with anything that might harm her. She wondered how a house would be built in a forest. She couldn't think of any reason why someone will choose to build a house in a forest, out of all places in the world. She just hope she would get out of the forest alive. After walking for a while, she stopped and sighed in frustration.

"if I knew this is what I will face, I wouldn't have escaped. How can I find my way back home from here. where will I go from here? what should I do now? this is so frustrating." She said.

After standing for a while, she continued walking.


Henry sat on the sofa in the sitting room, staring silently into air. That was what he had been doing all day. A knock sounded on the door and the door opened almost immediately to reveal Jewel and Angel. Henry stood up immediately he saw Jewel and rushed to meet him.

"any news about Jessica? has she been found? Did she come with you?" Henry asked, anxiously.

"I'm sorry, Henry. The police hasn't found her yet, but they are searching everywhere for her. I'm sure they will find her soon." Jewel responded.

Henry sighed in frustration and went back to sit on the sofa. Jewel and Angel entered the sitting room and sat down on the sofa opposite him.

"I don't know why Daniel is doing this. When is he keeping Jessica hostage up till now. I'm the one he is angry at. Why not face me instead. Why must he use Jessica to punish me. I don't even know if Jessica is okay. How will she be okay being with that devil." Henry said.

"I'm sure he won't harm her. She will soon be found. Daniel can't hide her forever." Jewel said.

Angel stood up from her seat and went to sit beside Henry. She held him and patted his back.

"I know you are very worried, but you have to be strong. I know Jessica will return very soon. You have to stay healthy to receive her when she returns" Jessica said.

"thank you very much, Angel" Henry said.

"Jessica will come back to us very soon. I'm sure of that" Angel said.
"have you had breakfast?"

"no" Henry responded.

"it seems I will be the one to prepare breakfast for you today, but from tomorrow, Jessica will take over because she would have returned." Angel said.

"thank you very much, Angel" Henry said.

"let me go and prepare breakfast then" Angel said.

She turned to face Jewel.

"my Jewel, I will be in the kitchen" she said.

"okay my love" Jewel responded.

Angel stood up and walked to the kitchen.


Jessica was still seen in the forest. She wasn't running anymore, neither was she walking. She was seen sitting beside a tree, with her back resting on the tree. She was already exhausted and needed to rest. After resting for a while, she stood up to continue her journey to nowhere. Just as she took her first step, she had sounds of moving vehicles from afar.

"wow! those are moving vehicle. That's means I'm finally getting out of this forest." she said, happily.

She hastened her step towards the direction the sound came from. After walking for a while, she started seeing  vehicles moving speedily on a main road. She heaved a sigh of relief immediately.

"thank God, I'm finally out of this forest."she said.

She got to the road side and stood there, waiting for a good Samaritan that would offer to give her a lift. The road was very wide, with tall bushes on both sides. Except for the vehicles moving on the road, nothing else could be seen on the road. After standing at the road side for a while, She suddenly turned to the direction she came out from and froze immediately, when she saw Daniel running towards her from afar.

"Jessica stop. please stop" Daniel screamed as he ran towards her.

"oh my God! He is here already" Jessica exclaimed in fear.

She immediately crossed the road without looking and was knocked down by a speedy car. Her head hit a rock when she fell. Daniel froze immediately. He stood still and stared at her from afar in shock. The three occupants of the car quickly alighted and rushed to meet Jessica. She was lying unconscious on the floor. Her face was covered with blood. She wasn't moving. One of the occupant of the car quickly squatted beside her and felt her pulse.

"she's still alive" he said, immediately.
"let's quickly take her to the hospital"

They immediately carried Jessica into the car and drove off.

Daniel didn't move an inch from where he was standing until the car drove off. He was so shocked to see Jessica being hit that way by a car. He couldn't tell if Jessica would survive that. He suddenly sat on the floor and placed his hands on his head.

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