When Love Speaks (episode 60)

Jewel and Angel were still with Henry in his house. They were already about to leave Henry's house after spending hours there. Just as they stood up to leave, Jewel's phone started ringing. He brought it out from his pocket and answered the call.

"hello................ are you serious?" he asked, happily.
"where is she now?!!.............. Which hospital?............okay, we are coming there right now." he said and ended the called.

He quickly turned to face Henry.

"Henry, Jessica has been found" he. said.

"where? when? where is she now?" Henry asked, happily.

"she is in the hospital" Jewel responded.

"what!" Henry exclaimed.
"which hospital? I want to go and see her now."

"let's go together" Jewel said.

"I'm going with you guys" Angel said.

"let's start going already" Henry said, anxiously.

"okay" Jewel responded and they all left the house immediately.


A car drove into the compound of a bungalow and parked at the parking lot. Jane alighted from the car and went to the boot to bring out the things she bought from the market. The bungalow belong to her boyfriend, Nate. She lives there with him. Her boyfriend was currently not staying there, because he had travelled out of the country for business purpose for a while and hasn't returned. She had been living there alone for weeks. They always spoke on phone, but of recent, she hasn't been able to reach him because his phone was not going through. She just pray and hope everyday that her boyfriend was alright.

She carried the stuffs she bought from the market and walked to her door. Just as she opened the door to enter, Maureen rushed into the compound, holding a newspaper. Jane saw her and stopped. Maureen rushed to meet immediately, sweating profusely.

"Maureen what's wrong? who is chasing you?" Jane asked, curiously.

"Jane, have you heard?" Maureen asked, gasping.

"heard what?" Jessica asked, anxiously.

"Nate was arrested this morning at the airport in Cambodia, trying to smuggle hard drugs into the country. Nate is a drug dealer." Maureen said sadly and gave Jane the newspaper in her hand for her to see for herself.

Jane stared at the paper in shock.

"oh my God!" she exclaimed.
"no, no, no. This can't be true. This is no true. not my Nate. Nate is not a drug dealer. He is a legit business man. I can't believe this. There must be a miss up somewhere. This is certainly not my Nate."

"but that's him on the newspaper" Maureen said.

"I said no" Jane screamed
"not my Nate"

She dropped the stuffs she bought from the market on the floor and ran into her room in tears. Maureen picked up her stuffs from the floor and ran after her.


Jewel, Angel and Henry were seen in the doctor's office, waiting anxiously for him to come and inform them about Jessica's conditions. Jewel and Henry were occupying the only two available visitor's seat in the office, while Angel was standing behind Jewel. The door suddenly opened and the doctor walked in. Henry stood up immediately he saw him. He held the doctor's hands.

"doctor, how is she? how is my fiancée?" Henry asked, anxiously.

"please have your sit" the doctor said.

Henry sat down back on his seat. The doctor also sat down.

"doctor, how is my fiancée? Please tell me she's fine" Henry said.

"She is out of danger for now.  She didn't sustain any internal injury on her body, but has a closed head injury which was as a result of hitting her head on a hard object. This injury on her head has resulted to hematoma. A hematoma is a collection, or clotting, of blood outside the blood vessels. It can be very serious if a hematoma occurs in the brain. but thank God the injury didn't affect her brain. Some of the effects this injury might have on her include;headache, lightheadedness, a spinning sensation, mild confusion, nausea, temporary ringing in the ears and in some cases, memory loss. But we will have to wait until she wakes up to know if the injury on her head affects her memory." the doctor said.

Henry sigh in frustration.

"why did this have to happen to my fiancée." he said, sadly.
"doctor please you have to do everything possible to save her."

"don't worry, she will be fine." the doctor responded.

"doctor, can we see her now?" Henry asked.

"there's one more thing" the doctor said

"what is it?" Jewel asked.

"I'm sorry, she lost her pregnancy" the doctor said.

Henry took a deep breath.

"it's okay doctor. can we see her now" Henry asked.

"yes, you can see her. but make sure you don't disturb her. Don't try to wake her up" The doctor responded.

"thank you doctor" Jewel said.

"you are welcome" the doctor responded.

They all left the doctor's office.


Jane was seen in her bedroom, lying on her bed. She was staring silently at the ceiling. She hasn't recovered from the bad news she received earlier in the day. Her door suddenly opened and Maureen walked in. She went to sit beside Jane.

"don't tell me you have been lying here all day. Jane you have to accept the fact that Nate will not be coming back to you. He will be spending the rest of his life in prison. That's what the law there says. Another caught selling drugs is sentenced to life in prison. You have to accept the fact and move on with your life. They are lot of other fishes in the sea you can catch. Go out there and mingle. You are a very beautiful lady. There are lot of guy out there who will do anything to date you. Go out there and make your choice. I'm very sure you will find someone more handsome and richer than Nate" Maureen advised.

"Maureen how can you say sure a thing. Have you forgotten all what Nate has done for me. So I should just forget about him just like that" Jane said.

"I know what he has done, and we are very grateful. But we are talking about someone who will be spending the rest of his life in prison. So just because of what he has done for you, you won't move on with your life. You have to start afresh. Look for the next rich guy in town and date. Life goes on, Jane." Maureen advised.

"this won't be fair on Nate" Jane said.

"it won't be fair if you remain single for long just because of Nate. You need a guy to take care of you." Maureen responded.

"what do you suggest I do?" Jane asked.

"now you are talking" Maureen said, happily.
"just get dressed let's go to Royal Crown restuarant to have dinner. I'm sure you will get your next boyfriend there. A rich guy for that matter. That restuarant is only patronize by wealthy people."

"okay, okay. I have heard you. I will forget about Nate and start afresh" Jane responded.

"that's my baby" Maureen said.
"okay, now get dressed let's leave"

Jane reluctantly got up from her bed and dressed up. They left her room when she was ready.


Jewel emerged from his bathroom and sat on his bed. He just finished having his bath. He picked up his phone from his bed and dialed Angel's number. She picked up after the second beep.

"my Jewel" Angel's voice sounded at the other end.

"hey my love. how are you?" Jewel asked.

"I'm fine" Angel responded.

"are you at home?" Jewel asked.

"yes, my love" Angel responded.

"I was thinking, maybe we should go on a date tonight. A lot has happened lately, which had prevented us from being together. Let's go on a date tonight." Jewel said.

"okay my love. where do you think we should go?" Angel asked.

"Royal Crown restuarant. Just get prepared. I will come and pick you up at your place" Jewel responded.

"okay, I will be waiting for you" Angel responded.

"see you soon" Jewel said.

"see you too" Angel responded.

Jewel ended the call and quickly dressed up. He left his room when he is set.


Jewel drove his Lamborghini aventador into Angel's compound and parked at the parking lot. That was his second time of driving the car since his grandpa bought it for him. His first time was the day his grandpa presented it to him. Even Angel didn't know he has sure an expensive car.

Jewel alighted from the car, brought out his phone and dialed Angel's number. She picked up after the second beep.

"hello my love" Angel said.

"I'm in the compound already" Jewel said.

"okay my love. I'm coming out now" Angel responded and ended the call.

Jewel stood beside his car waiting for Angel to arrive. Angel emerged from the house few minutes later. She paused when she saw Jewel's car. She stared at the car in amazement. After admiring the beauty of the car for a while, she walked to meet Jewel.

"is this yours?" she asked.

"yes. grandpa bought it for me" Jewel responded.

"wow! I love it" Angel said.

"thanks. I'm glad you like it" Jewel responded.

"it is very cool" Angel said.

Jewel opened the door for her to enter.

"shall we" he said.

"sure" Angel responded and entered the car like a queen she is.

Jewel entered the car also and drove out of the compound.


Jane and Maureen were seen sitting at the far left in Royal Crown restuarant. They just finished having dinner and were about leaving.

"okay Jane. let's start leaving" Maureen said.

"okay" Jane responded.

"so tell me, how do you feel now?" Maureen asked.

"relieved" Jane responded.

"I told you" Maureen said.

They stood up and went out of the restuarant. They walked to were Jane's car was parked in the compound. Just as they opened the doors to enter the car, Jewel's Lamborghini aventador drove into the compound. They paused and fixed their gaze on the car. They couldn't see the occupants in the car because the glasses were tinted.

"wow! what a nice ride" Maureen said to Jane, staring at the car in amazement.

Jane didn't respond. She only continue staring at the car in amazement.

"whoever owns this car must be very rich" Maureen said.

"yes" Jane responded, still admiring the beauty of the car.

"Jane, this is your opportunity. If the occupant of that car is a guy, you shouldn't waste time to approach him. you should approach him and get his number. I'm sure he won't be able to resist your beauty." Maureen said.

"let's wait and see who the occupant is then" Jane responded.

They fixed there gaze on the car, anxiously waiting for the occupant of the car to alight. The car doors opened to reveal Jewel and Angel inside. Jane and Maureen froze immediately they saw them.

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