When Love Speaks (episode 61)

Jane and Maureen fixed their gaze on the car that just drove into the compound, anxiously waiting for the occupant of the car to alight. The car doors opened to reveal Jewel and
Angel inside. Jane and Maureen froze immediately they saw them. They stared at them open mouthed. Jewel and Angel alighted from the car. Jewel suddenly turned to see Jane and Maureen staring at him. His face suddenly curved in a smile. He tapped Angel who hasn't seen them yet.

"yes my love" Angel responded.

"That's my childhood friend over there. Let's go and say hello" Jewel said.

Angel turned and saw Jane staring at them.

"Jane!" she exclaimed.

"let's go and say hello" Jewel said.

"okay" Angel responded.

They walked to meet them, holding hands.

"hey Jane! how are you doing?" Jewel asked, smiling.

Jane didn't respond. She was dumbstruck. She just kept staring silently at them.

"Jane, I'm so happy to see you. long time. how are you?" Angel asked, happily.

Jane still didn't respond.

Jewel turned to face Maureen.

"hi Maureen. How are you?" he asked and flashed her a smile.
"I hope you are taking very good care of my childhood friend"

Maureen too didn't respond. Jewel kept smiling. He loved the expression he was seeing on their faces. He turned back to face Jane.

"actually, my love and I came here to have dinner. I can see you guys are already leaving. So let's not keep you guys waiting. We will just go ahead." Jewel said.

He turned to face Angel.

"my love, let's go" Jewel said.

"okay" Angel responded.

He held Angel around her waist and they walked into the restuarant. Jane stood still staring at their retreating figures with tearing eyes.

"Jane, let's leave" Maureen said.

Jane didn't respond.

"Jane, we have to leave now." Maureen said again when she didn't respond.

Jane sighed and turned to face Maureen.

"okay, let's leave" Jane responded.

They entered the car and drove off.


Jane opened the door to her sitting room and stomped inside, slamming the door behind her. The door opened again and Maureen also entered. Jane walked to the direction of her room without sparing Maureen a glance.

"Jane wait. why the rush?" Maureen asked.

Jane stopped and immediately turned to face Maureen.

"what?!" Jane asked and glared at her.

"what happened? why are you giving me that look?" Maureen asked.

"why won't I give you the look?" Jane barked.

Her sudden anger startled Maureen. she stared at Jane for a while, then spoke.

"Jane, what have I done wrong? why are you raising your voice?" Maureen asked, surprised.

"why won't I raise my voice?" Jane asked, angrily.
"if not for your silly advice, Jewel and I wouldn't have been separated. I would have been the one by his side and not Angel. You made me lose the only guy I love. Now see what that has resulted to"

"but Jane, you were dating Nate then. would you have broken up with him?" Maureen asked.

"yes I would have. Jewel is the only guy I love. I can never love another guy the way I love Jewel. You couldn't imagine how happy I was, when I saw him that day, after many years. I was so eager to be in his arms once more, but you ruined my chance of being with my Jewel, with your silly advice" Jane responded.

"so, you would have gone back to him, even when you knew he was just a cleaner" Maureen said.

"does the Jewel we saw today look like a cleaner to you" Jane barked.

Maureen paused for a while.

"it seems our conversation is heading nowhere. I will just leave and come back tomorrow" Maureen said.

She turned and left the sitting room. Jane also stomped into her room, slamming the door behind her.


Jessica was seen in the hospital ward, lying on the hospital bed. She was still asleep. She was in the ward alone. She suddenly opened her eyes. She stared blankly into space. She didn't even make any attempt to observe her environment. She just kept staring blankly into space. The door suddenly opened and Henry walked in. He rushed to meet Jessica when he saw her already awake. He sat down beside her on the bed and held her hands

"my love, thank God you are awake. I was very worried. How are you? are you feeling any pain? if you are feeling pain anywhere, just tell me so that I can call the doctor. My love, I'm very sorry that I wasn't able to protect you. I won't allow you to get hurt anymore. I will always be by your side. My love, tell me, are you feeling pain anywhere?" Henry asked.

Jessica didn't respond. She just kept staring blankly into space.

"my love, what's wrong? please talk to me" Henry said.

Jessica still didn't respond. She continued staring blankly into space.

"what's wrong?" Henry asked, already very worried.
"My love, I will be back. Let me quickly call the doctor" He said and immediately left the ward.

Henry entered the ward few minutes later with the doctor.

"doctor, she is awake, but won't say anything to me" Henry said.

The doctor went to meet her and examined her. He turned to face Henry when he was done.

"see me in my office" the doctor said and left the ward.

"my love, I will be back soon" Henry said to Jessica and kissed her forehead.

He turned and followed the doctor.


Jane was seen in her sitting room, watching a programme on t.v. She was watching the programme not because it was interesting, but to help her take her mind off her worries. Her door suddenly opened and Maureen walked in. She walked to meet Jane and sat down beside her.

"Jewel is not who we thought he was" Maureen said.

Jane turned to face her immediately.

"what do you mean?" Jane asked.

"you remember that day we went with Nate to Edward Empire to submit his business proposal" Maureen said.

"yes, the day we also met my Jewel, working as a cleaner there" Jane responded.

"will you believe me if I tell you that Jewel was never a cleaner in that company. He just pretended to be. Jewel is actually the vice president of Edward Empire" Maureen said.

"oh my God!" Jane exclaimed.
"are you serious about this? my Jewel is actually the vice president of Edward Empire"

"yes, but I don't know why he pretended to be a cleaner" Maureen responded.

"so my Jewel is the vice president of Edward Empire. I deserve to be with him now. I deserve to be the one enjoying his wealth and not Angel. I have been with him through hard and tough time. We grew up together. We had always been there for each other. We know everything about each other. We had already promised to spend the rest of our life together when we were kid. Someone else shouldn't come between us. I deserve to be the one by his side and not Angel. She only met him recently. She knows nothing about Jewel's childhood. She met him when he was already rich. I'm part of those that made Jewel what he is today. Angel can't come from nowhere and claim what I laboured for." Jane said.

"so what are you going to do now?" Maureen asked.

"are you asking me? it's not as if Jewel will ever look at my face again. All these wouldn't have happened if not for your stupid advice. Don't think I have forgiven you, because I haven't" Jane responded.

She stood up from her seat and stomped into her room, slamming the door behind her. Maureen stood up also and left her house.


Angel was seen in her kitchen, preparing dinner. She had already invited Jewel over, so that they would have dinner together. She left the kitchen and went to the sitting room to get something. Just as she turned to go back to the kitchen, a knock sounded on her door. She paused and turned to face her door.

"is Jewel here already? that was so fast. I haven't even finished preparing dinner" she said, smiling.

She walked to the door to see who was at the door. The smile on her face vanished when she opened the door and saw Jane standing at the door.

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