When Love Speaks (episode 62)

Angel was seen in her kitchen, preparing dinner. She had already invited Jewel over, so that they would have dinner together. She left the kitchen and went to the sitting room
to get something. Just as she turned to go back to the kitchen, a knock sounded on her door. She paused and turned to face her door.

"is Jewel here already? that was so fast. I haven't even finished preparing dinner" she said, smiling.

She walked to the door to see who was at the door. The smile on her face vanished when she opened the door and saw Jane standing at the door.

"Jane!" she called, surprised.

"Angel!" Jane said, happily and immediately hugged Angel.
"how are you?"

"I'm fine" Angel responded, still surprised.

"I'm sorry for the way I acted when we met at Royal Crown restuarant. I was very surprised to see you again after 7years, that was why." Jane said.

"it's okay. I understand. I was also surprised to see you" Angel responded.
"but how did you know where I stay?"

"I asked around. won't you invite me in?" Jane asked.

"I'm very sorry. please come in" Angel responded and gave way for her to enter.

"thank you" Jane responded and entered the house.

Angel closed the door and followed behind her.

"please have a seat" Angel said, pointing at the sofa.

"thanks" Jane responded and sat down.

"dinner is not ready yet. Let me get you juice, while we wait for dinner" Angel said.

"okay" Jane responded.

"give me a minute" Angel said and went into the kitchen.

Jane took her time to observe Angel's sitting room immediately she left. Angel emerged from the kitchen few minutes later with a glass of juice. She handed it to Jane and sat down beside her.

"thank you" Jane said.

"you are welcome" Angel responded.

"you and Jewel are dating now" Jane said.

"yes" Angel responded.

"that's good. I have always wanted Jewel to be with a nice lady. I'm glad to see that you are the one he is dating now. you are a nice lady, and I'm very sure you will take very good care of him. You know, when I was young, I used to think that Jewel and I were made for each other. I used to think that I would love to spend the rest of my life with him. But later, I realized that I only love him as a friend and nothing more. The one I truly love is Nate, and we are already dating. He is a businessperson and travels a lot. As we speak now, he has travelled out of the country." Jane said.

"I'm glad that you find someone you truly love" Angel responded.

"Angel, please take very good care of Jewel" Jane said.

Angel stood up from her seat.

"give me a minute. Let me see if dinner is ready. Jewel is coming to join us for dinner" Angel said.

"really! Jewel is coming here" Jane said, happily.

"yes. give me a minute" Angel said and went into the kitchen.

Angel emerged from the kitchen few minutes later.

"dinner is ready. let me set the dining for dinner" Angel said.

"let me join you" Jane said and stood up.

"are you sure about that?" Angel asked.

"yes" Jane responded.

"okay, let's head to the kitchen then" Angel said.

Just as they turned to go to the kitchen, the sitting room door opened and Jewel walked in. He paused when he saw Jane in the house. He stared at her suspiciously.

"hey, my love" Angel said and immediately went to hug him.
"you came at the right time. Dinner is ready"

"hi Jewel" Jane said, smiling.

"Jane, what are you doing here?" Jewel asked.

"I came to pay Angel a visit." Jane responded.

"I see" Jewel said.

"Jewel, I will like to apologize for how my friend spoke to you when we met at Edward Empire. I hope you forgive her" Jane said.

"it's nothing. I have forgotten about that already" Jewel responded.

"you guys have already met before at Edward Empire" Angel said.

"yes, we met at Edward Empire, when my boyfriend went there to submit his business proposal." Jane responded.

"oh, I see" Angel said and faced Jewel.
"my love, you can have your seat, while I serve dinner."

"okay" Jewel responded and went to the dining to sit down.

Jane assisted Angel in the kitchen and they served dinner. They all sat down in the dining and ate silently. When they were done eating, Jane thanked them and stood up to leave.

"okay Angel. Thank you very much for the meal" Jane said.

"you are welcome" Angel responded.

"see you some other time" Jane said.

"okay" Angel responded.

Jane walked to the door and left the house. Jewel turned to face Angel immediately Jane left.

"how did she know where you live?" Jewel asked.

"she said she asked around" Angel responded.

"Angel, you need to be careful of her. I don't know what her intentions are. why will she visit you all of a sudden" Jewel said.

"I don't think she has any bad intention. She only visited me because we haven't seen each other for 7years" Angel responded.

"you can't tell if she has bad intentions. I find it difficult to trust people these days, after what Daniel did. Some people will be smiling with you, but at the same time, harboring bad intentions in their mind. When sure people strike, it is always disastrous. Please my Angel, you need to be careful of her." Jewel said.

"my love don't worry. I will be very careful" Angel responded.

"okay, if you say so" Jewel said and sighed.


Henry was seen sitting beside Jessica, who was still lying on the hospital bed. She was still staring blankly into space. Henry held her hands and stared into her eyes.

"my love, you must be hungry. what will you like to eat?" Henry asked.

Jessica didn't respond. She just continued staring into space.

"my love, let me quickly get you something to eat. I will be back soon" Henry said, stood up and left her ward.


Angel sat in her sitting room, watching a programme on t.v. A knock sounded on her door. She stood up and went to see who was at the door. She opened the door and saw Jane.

"Jane!" she called.

"Angel!" Jane called also.

"please come in" Angel said.

"thank you" Jane responded and entered the house.

"please have a seat" Angel said.

Jane didn't sit down. She held Angel's hands instead.

"please Angel, can I ask you for a favour?" Jane asked.

"what is it?" Angel asked.

"my boyfriend is returning to the country very soon. I want to get him a gift, but don't know what exactly to get for him. Can you please follow me to the shopping mall, so that you can pick a nice gift for me" Jane said.

Angel thought for a while.

"please don't say no." Jane pleaded.

"okay, I will go with you" Angel responded.

"thank you very much. you are the best" Jane said, happily and hugged her.

"okay, let me quickly get dressed" Angel said.

"okay, I'm waiting" Jane responded.

Angel went into her room to get dressed, while Jane sat down on the sofa and fixed her gaze on the programme being displayed on t.v.
Angel emerged from her room few minutes later. Jane stood up immediately she saw Angel.

"you are ready" she said.

"yes" Angel responded.

"so we can start going then" Jane said.

"sure" Angel responded.

Just as they walked to the door, Angel's phone started ringing. She stopped and picked the call when she realized it was from Jewel.

"hello, my love" Angel said.

"Angel, I just received a call from Henry. He said Jessica is awake now" Jewel said at the other end.

"oh really! I'm very happy to hear this" Angel said, happily.

"but the problem is that she can't recognize anyone. Not even Henry" Jewel said.

"oh my God. This is really bad" Angel responded.
"where are you now?"

"I'm on my way to the hospital" Jewel responded.

"I'm coming right now. I will meet you there" Angel said.

"okay" Jewel responded.

Angel ended the call and immediately turned to face Jane.

"I'm sorry, I won't be able to go with you to the shopping mall." she said.

"why?" Jane asked.

"my friend who had an accident, and had been unconscious for days, just woke up. And now, she can't seem to recognize anyone" Angel said.

"oh! I'm very sorry for that" Jane said.

"thank you" Angel responded.

"can I go with you to the hospital?" Jane asked.

"I thought you said you are going to the shopping mall to get a gift for your boyfriend" Angel said

"I can do that another time" Jane responded.

"if it is okay with you, then no problem" Angel said.

"then let's start going" Jane said.

"okay" Angel responded.

They opened the door and left the house immediately.

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