When Love Speaks (episode 63)

Jessica was seen sitting on her hospital bed. Henry was also sitting beside him. He was massaging her shoulders. The door opened and Jewel walked in.

"Henry, how is Jessica? has she remembered anything?" Jewel asked, immediately.

"no, nothing" Henry responded, sadly.

Jewel held Jessica's hands and stared into her eyes.

"Jessica, don't you recognize me? please say you do" Jewel said.

Jessica didn't respond. She only stared blankly at Jewel.

"this is serious" Jewel said to Henry.
"how will she recover from this?"

"The doctor said she will recover faster if she keeps seeing things she is familiar with" Henry responded.

"that means she might recover quickly if we take her home. She might be able to recognize her house." Jewel said.

"I'm already planning to take her home tomorrow. The doctor already said that she's strong to leave." Henry responded.

The door opened again and Angel walked in, followed by Jane behind her. Jewel stared at Jane suspiciously, not sure why she followed Angel to the hospital. Angel quickly went to meet Jessica and sat down beside her.

"thank God you are awake. How are you feeling?" Angel asked.

Jessica didn't respond. She kept staring blankly into space.

"Angel, it is obvious that she has lost her memory" Jane said.

Jessica immediately turned to face Jane when she mentioned Angel.

"Angel!" she said to her.

Henry immediately held Jessica's hands and stared into her eyes.

"yes Angel, do you remember Angel" Henry asked, anxiously.

"Angel!" Jessica said again.

"yes, I'm here Jessica. Do you recognize me now?" Angel asked, curiously.

"Angel!" Jessica said again.

"yes, this is me. I'm here with you" Angel responded.

"Angel!" Jessica called, again.

"it seems like she remembered the name, but don't know who answers the name" Jane said.

"that means she is regaining her memory" Angel responded.

"Angel, Angel, Angel, Angel, Angel, Angel" Jessica kept calling, trying to remember where she has heard the name.

Her mind suddenly flashed back to when she was still held hostage by Daniel, Sniper and Gunshot.



Jessica was seen lying on a bed in a room, with her hands and legs tied to the edges of the bed. She was struggling to set herself free. She couldn't scream or speak because her lips were also sealed. Sniper walked into the room some minutes later and remove the bandage on her lips. Jessica pleaded with him to let her go, but her plea fell on deaf ear because he just kept staring silently at her. Daniel walked into the room minutes later and immediately untied Jessica when he saw that she was tied. He told Sniper to always treat Jessica with respect because she was not a hostage. Daniel apologized to Jessica and told her to prepare dinner when she had rested, which Jessica agreed to. Daniel and Sniper left the room, while Jessica lay on the bed to rest. After a while of resting, she stood up from the bed and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. She saw different foodstuffs in the kitchen and didn't know exactly what to prepare. She turned and walked to the direction of Daniel's room to ask him what she should prepare. Just as she tried to knock on the door, she heard Sniper's voice from within the room. His voice was not audible, so she couldn't hear what he was saying clearly. She placed her ear closely on the door to eavesdrop on then. She could hear their voices clearly when she placed her ear on the door.

"so boss, when we go get our own share of the property" Sniper asked.

"very soon" Daniel responded.

"very soon no be answer. I wan know the exact date" Sniper said.

"I promise to give it to you very soon" Daniel responded.

"come o, this one wey you just dey talk very soon, you sure say you never play us lambada. You better tell me the truth now before I gba your left eye." Sniper said, already angry.

"I didn't play any trick on you" Daniel responded.

"if I find out say you dey lie for me, I go first use my go to hell give you better confirm for face before I finally send you to hell." Sniper said, angrily.

"you are quick to anger. okay, I will give you guys your own share tomorrow." Daniel said.

"na now you dey talk" Sniper said, happily.
"before, you dey go yarn me one yeye epistle. you no know say, you suppose leave matter for Matthias."

"so we are good now" Daniel said.

"of course na" Sniper responded.
"so wetin you wan do with that lady we bring here?"

"no one should ever lay a finger on her. For your information, that lady is carrying my child. She should be treated with care. I already planned to spend the rest of my life with her. but before that, I will make sure I ruin Angel and Jewel relationship beyond repair. Over my dead body will those two be together. I will do everything possible to make sure that their relationship fail. Even if it means killing Jewel, I will do it. If I can't be with Angel, no one else can be with her. When I'm done ruining their relationship, I will start a new life with Jessica in a place no one will ever recognize us." Daniel said.

Jessica froze when Daniel said that. She couldn't believe her ears. She stared at the door open-mouthed. After standing at the door for few minutes, She quietly left before they would realize she was eavesdropping on them. She went back to the kitchen. She couldn't do anything. She just kept staring in shock.

"oh my God! so, Daniel is responsible for my pregnancy. That was why he brought me here. He is actually holding me hostage here. So, Daniel was the one that actually slept with me the day I got drunk and not Jewel. He took advantage of me when I was drunk. He must pay for this. He is even planning to ruin Angel and Jewel relationship. I need to inform Angel about this so that she will be careful. but how will I leave this place without their notice. If they ever find out that I'm trying to escape, they might lock me up in a room, and I will have no chance of ever escaping. I need to pretend as if everything is okay, so that they will let their guard down. I will have a better chance of escaping then. I just have to pretend for now" Jessica said.

While Jessica was still planning her best way to escape, Daniel walked into the kitchen.

"dinner is not ready yet. I'm just about to begin." Jessica said, masking her fear with a smile.

"I know. I just want to tell you something" Daniel responded.

"what is it?" Jessica asked.

"once you are done preparing dinner, make sure you eat yours first before going to inform Sniper and Gunshot that dinner is ready. And make sure you don't taste their food, or anything other food after you have eaten yours" Daniel said.

"why?" Jessica asked.

"just do as I say. I'm only trying to protect you" Daniel responded.

"okay, I have heard you" Jessica said.

"good. let me leave you now to prepare dinner" Daniel said.

"okay" Jessica responded.

Daniel turned and left the kitchen, while Jessica started preparing dinner. When dinner was ready, she did as Daniel instructed. She had dinner first before going to inform Sniper and Gunshot that dinner was ready. Gunshot came out alone to have dinner while Sniper remained in his room. Just after taking three spoon, Gunshot started coughing out blood. Jessica rushed to his aid. Sniper emerged from his room and saw Gunshot coughing out blood. He held Jessica and tried to strangle her for poisoning Gunshot. Daniel came to her rescue and gunned down both Sniper and Gunshot. Jessica screamed in shock, but Daniel calmed her down and made her believe he was only protecting her. Jessica went to bed afterwards. She woke up the next morning still in shock. Daniel entered her room and told her again he was only protecting her. He told Jessica to prepare breakfast so that they could eat. Jessica agreed and pretended like she was going to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. She waited until she was sure that Daniel was in his room, then sneaked out of the kitchen and used that opportunity to escape.



A tap from Angel brought Jessica back to reality. Jessica turned to face her.

"Angel!" Jessica called.

"yes, it is me. do you recognize me?" Angel asked.

"yes" Jessica responded.

"oh my God! she said yes" Angel said, happily.

Henry quickly held her face.

"do you recognize Angel?" Henry asked, anxiously.

"my love" Jessica called.

"wow! you recognize me" Henry said, happily.

"yes, my love" Jessica responded.

"wow! I'm very happy. This means you have regained you memory" Henry said.

"yes, my love" Jessica responded.

"this is good" Henry said.

Jessica quickly turned to face Angel.

"Angel!" she called.

"yes dear" Angel responded.

"you need to be very careful. Daniel is coming back for you. He has vowed to ruin your relationship with Jewel" Jessica said.

They all froze when Jessica said that.

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