When Love Speaks (episode 64)


A tap from Angel brought Jessica back to reality. she turned to face Angel.

"Angel!" Jessica called.

"yes, it is me. do you recognize me?" Angel asked.

"yes" Jessica responded.

"oh my God! she said yes" Angel said, happily.

Henry quickly held her face.

"do you recognize Angel?" Henry asked, anxiously.

"my love" Jessica called.

"wow! you recognize me" Henry said, happily.

"yes, my love" Jessica responded.

"wow! I'm very happy. This means you have regained you memory" Henry said.

"yes, my love" Jessica responded.

"this is good" Henry said.

Jessica quickly turned to face Angel.

"Angel!" she called.

"yes dear" Angel responded.

"you need to be very careful. Daniel is coming back for you. He has vowed to ruin your relationship with Jewel" Jessica said.

They all froze when Jessica said that. Jewel held her hands immediately.

"do you know where Daniel is right now?" he asked.

"yes, I know where he is. He is hiding in a forest. There is a house built in a forest, that is where he is hiding. Daniel is a monster. He killed the 2 guys working for him. He can do anything to achieve his aim. You have to be very careful" Jessica said.

"once we leave here, you will give me all the details. I will ask the police to raid that place. I'm sure he won't get away this time" Jewel said.

"you should do that quickly. I'm sure he is already planning his next move" Henry said.

"I will do that immediately we leave this place" Jewel responded.

"Jewel!" Jessica called.

"yes" Jewel responded.

"you are not responsible for my pregnancy. Daniel is responsible for it. That was why he abducted me" Jessica said.

"we already know about that" Jewel responded.

"my love, you lost the pregnancy" Henry added.

Jessica didn't respond. She just stared silently at Henry.

"we will be going home today. I will just inform the doctor that you have regained your memory and make all necessary arrangements so that we can leave" Henry continued.

"okay" Jessica responded.

"let me go to the doctor's office with you" Jewel said to Henry.

"okay" Henry responded.

Henry stood up from the bed and they left for the doctor's office.


Jewel lay on his bed, in his grandpa mansion, staring at the ceiling. He had already informed the police about Daniel whereabouts and they had gone in search for him. He was waiting for the Asp to call him and give him the good news that Daniel had been caught. His phone suddenly started ringing beside him on the bed. He took it from his bed and smiled when he realized that the call was from the Asp. He sat up and answered the call.

"hello, has that idiot been caught?" Jewel asked.

"I'm sorry vice president Edward, he had already escaped before my men got there." the Asp responded.

"that means he knew your men were coming" Jewel said.

"you don't have to worry. my men are still searching for him. you will hear good news from us very soon" the Asp said.

"I hope so" Jewel said, sadly.

"I will call you again when we have good news" the Asp said.

"okay" Jewel responded and ended the call.

He dialed Angel's number immediately. She picked after the second beep.

"my Jewel" Angel's voice sounded at the other end.

"my love. The police hasn't caught Daniel yet. He escaped before they got there." Jewel said.

"oh my God! This is bad. So what should we do now?" Angel asked.

"my love, it will be better if you come leave with me here in the mansion, for the meantime. Grandpa is not around. He travelled out of the country. Come stay with me here, until Daniel is caught. I need to ensure your safety. I can't have rest of mind, knowing you are staying alone, and Daniel is still out there. Please my love, come stay with me" Jewel said.

"okay, my Jewel. When should I come?" Angel asked.

"you can start coming now. Just pack few things and start coming." Jewel responded.

"okay, my love. I will start packing my things now" Angel responded.

"maybe I should come and pick you myself" Jewel said.

"no, don't bother. I'm already packing my things. I will be there in no time" Angel responded.

"okay, my love. please be fast. I don't know what Daniel is up to this time around." Jewel said.

"I will be fast. I just have to take some few things and start coming." Angel responded.

"okay, my love. I'm waiting" Henry said and ended the call.

He sighed in frustration and lay back on his bed.


Henry was seen in the kitchen, preparing dinner. He had been doing the cooking since they returned from the hospital, and he was happy doing it. Jessica suddenly walked into the kitchen.

"my love" she called.

Henry turned and saw her standing at the door. He walked to meet her immediately.

"my love, you shouldn't be here. you should be in your room. you are not strong enough. Just go back to your room, while I serve you dinner in bed." Henry said.

"my love, I'm okay. just let me do this. you can go to your room while I serve you dinner" Jessica responded.

"no, my love. I can't allow you to stress yourself. you need lot of rest. Just go back to your room and rest. I will serve you dinner when it's ready." Henry said.

"my love, I can't just sit in my room all day and do nothing. I will fall sick. I need to keep myself busy. please let me do this" Jessica said.

Henry thought for a while.

"okay then, join me let's prepare dinner together" Henry said.

"okay, my love. Thanks." Jessica responded and immediately joined him.


Jewel emerged from his bathroom and sat on his bed. He just finished having his bath. He took his phone from his bed to see if there was missed call, but there was none.

"Angel should be here already. Why hasn't she called. It's just one hour drive." he said.

He dialed her number immediately to know what was keeping her, but her number was not reachable.

"let me wait for 5 minutes before calling her again" he said.

He put on his dress and walked to the sitting room. The 8pm news had already started when he got to the sitting room. He sat down on the sofa and focused his attention on what the newscaster was saying.

"report just reaching us now said that a petrol tanker exploded on an expressway." the newscaster said.
" The tanker fell as a result of the terrible state of the road and spilled its content. The impact of the fall resulted in the explosion, in the process, other vehicles caught fire. An unknown number of people have died after so many cars were engulfed in the fire outbreak.
According to the Traffic Management Agency, more than 20 vehicles were affected in the inferno.
Security and traffic control agencies are yet to confirm how many lives and properties were affected but are currently rescuing survivors from the wreckages. An eyewitness said the accident occurred at 6: 50 pm. Among the  vehicles affected were a BMW saloon with registration number BSC-864 AB, a Mitsubishi Canter bus with registration number DBA-935 EF, a Toyota Camry with registration number SDC-883 CB."

"oh my God!" Jewel screamed in shock and immediately stood up.

The Toyota Camry mentioned was exactly Angel's car. It had her car's registration number. He stared at the television in shock. After a while of standing aimlessly, he took his car key immediately from the table and rushed out of the sitting room.

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