When Love Speaks (episode 65)

Jewel sat in the sitting room, staring sadly into air. Steven was sitting beside him. He was consoling Jewel. Jewel's eyes were swollen as a result of the tears which he was holding
back. They were just returning from the accident scene. The car that was mentioned in the news was exactly Angel's car. He confirmed it when he got to the accident scene, but couldn't recognize Angel among the bodies lying on the floor, because they were all burned beyond recognition. They left the accident scene when the security agents took the dead bodies to the mortuary. And since they returned, Jewel had been staring sadly into air. He was trying to hold back his tears.

"Jewel please take heart. I know this is too much for you to bear, but you have to be strong." Steven said and patted his back.

Jessica and Henry suddenly rushed into the sitting room. They went straight to meet Jewel.

"Jewel, please tell me this is not true" Jessica said, nervously.

Jewel didn't respond. He only stared sadly at her. When Jessica decoded what he meant by that look, she broke into tears immediately. She cried bitterly, rolling herself on the floor. All Henry effort to console her proved abortive, because she kept screaming and crying out loud. After screaming for about 30 minutes, she finally stopped screaming and was sobbing silently.

Jane rushed into the sitting room some minutes later also. she froze when she saw everyone wearing a sad face.

"so, it is true. Angel was among those that were affected by that explosion." Jane said, sadly.

She went to sit beside Jewel and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"please accept my condolences" Jane said.

Jewel didn't respond. He continued staring sadly into air.

"have you contacted her parent?" Jane asked.

Jewel turned to face her when she asked that.

"how am I suppose to reveal such a terrible news to her parent. What am I suppose to say to them? How will I tell her parent that their daughter died while trying to visit me" Jewel said, sadly and the tears which he had been holding for a while finally dropped from his eyes.

Jane wrapped her hands around his shoulders.

"everything will be okay, my Jewel" Jane said.

"Jewel, I think you should call Angel's parent and inform them about what happened to their daughter." Steven said.

"no, I don't think he should call them. Such a news shouldn't be said over phone. He should pay them a visit instead and inform them about what happened to Angel" Jane argued.

"I think Jane is right. Jewel shouldn't reveal sure a thing over phone. He should pay them a visit at their house tomorrow. Jessica and I will go with you" Henry said.

"I will go with you also" Jane said.

"i'm going also" Steven said.

"then tomorrow, we all follow Jewel to Angel's parent place to break the bad news to them" Jane said.

They all suddenly went mute. Everyone stared silently into air. After a while of deafening silence, Henry spoke.

"I think we will start leaving. It's already very late. It's 11:15pm already. Jewel, you have to take care of yourself. We will be here first thing tomorrow morning" Henry said and stood up.

Jessica stood up also.

"okay, see you guys tomorrow. I will spend the night here, to make sure Jewel is alright" Jane said.

"you don't have to. you can leave with them. I will spend the night here instead" Steven said.

"no, I should be the one to spend the night here. I know Jewel more than anyone here. We grew up together. I know everything about him. I know exactly how to cheer him up. I know exactly what to say to make him happy. So, I should be the one to spend the night here." Jane said.

"I thought you and Jewel..........." Steven paused.
"okay, if you say so. I will just leave with Henry and Jessica"

"that will be the best" Jane said.

"Jewel, I will just leave and come back tomorrow. please take care of yourself" Steven said.

"he will" Jane responded.

Steven stood up and the trio left the house. Just immediately after they left, Jane held Jewel's hands and stared into his eyes.

"my Jewel, I know how you feel. I wish there's something I can do to ease you of this pain." Jane said and hugged him, making sure that her head rested on his chest.

They stayed that way for a while. After a while, Jane spoke again.

"I think it's time to go to bed. We will pay Angel's parent a visit tomorrow." Jane said.

"okay, you can sleep in the guest room" Jewel said.

"no, I'm not sleeping in any guest room. I'm sleeping in your room. I have to make sure you are okay" Jane responded.

"you are not serious, are you?" Jewel asked.

"I'm serious. No need to worry, nothing will happen. This won't be the first time we will be sleeping on the same bed. We have done that countless of time already." Jane responded.

"we did that when we were kids.  Now we are grownups." Jewel said.

"it still doesn't change anything. I promise, nothing will happen. You can't change my mind, because I have to be by your side always, to make sure you are okay." Jane responded and stood up.

She dragged Jewel up and led him to his room. She opened the door and they entered. Jewel sat on his bed, while Jessica walked to his wardrobe. She opened the wardrobe and took one of his shirt. She walked back to meet Jewel.

"I hope you don't mind if I wear this shirt tonight. I can't go to bed with the dress I'm wearing." Jane said.

"aren't you suppose to be with your boyfriend?" Jewel asked.

"he travelled out of the country for business, and won't be returning anytime soon. My Jewel, I just want to make sure you are okay" Jane responded.

"I will be okay" Jewel said.

"I have to make sure of that" Jane said.
"can I wear the shirt?"

"yes" Jewel responded.

Jane immediately took off her blouse while facing Jewel, to reveal her purple bra.

"what are you doing?" Jewel asked, surprised.

"changing into a different dress." Jane responded and immediately took off her jean trousers also, to reveal her purple lace pants.

"why can't you do that in the bathroom? Please change in the bathroom" Jewel said.

"what is wrong if I change here. It's not like this will be your first time of seeing my nakedness. You have seen it countless times already. So, what's the big deal if I change here." Jessica responded and tried to unhook her bra.

"stop!!" Jewel barked.
"okay, if you won't use the bathroom, I will just leave the room instead" He said and stood up.

"okay, okay, okay. no need to leave. I will just use the bathroom" Jessica responded.

She walked into the bathroom while Jewel sat down back on his bed. She emerged from the bathroom few minutes later, wearing Jewel's shirt. She only buttoned the shirt halfway, which made her cleavage to be exposed. The shirt could barely cover her thighs. Her pants and bra were in her hand. She walked to meet Jewel.

"where should I keep this?" she asked, showing him the pants and bra.

"drop it anywhere you like" Jewel responded and immediately lay on his bed.

Jessica dropped it on the table and also lay beside Jewel on the bed. They lay silently on the bed. It didn't take long before Jewel slept off. When Jessica realized that Jewel had slept off, she cuddled him, and in no time, she slept off also.


Jewel stretched lazily on his bed and reluctantly opened his eyes. Jessica was no longer lying beside him on the bed. He sat up and placed a hand on his head. He was having slight headache. His door opened and Jessica walked in, holding a cup of tea. She was still wearing the shirt she slept with the previous night. She was smiling broadly. She walked to meet Jewel and sat beside him.

"good morning my Jewel. Have this cup of tea. It will help you relaxed. I'm already preparing breakfast and it will be ready very soon" Jane said and stretched the cup of tea to Jewel.

"thank you" Jewel responded and collected the cup of tea.
"and please, stop calling me my Jewel. I will appreciate it if you just call me Jewel" Jewel said.

The smile on Jane's face vanished when Jewel said that. She stared at Jewel in disappointment.

"I'm really disappointed by what you just said. How can you tell me to stop calling you my Jewel. We both know I have been calling you my Jewel right from when we were kids. I started calling you my Jewel even before we started dating. How can you just say I should stop calling you a name I'm already use to. Even if we are no longer dating, that doesn't mean I still don't value our friendship. We were friends first before we started dating, and I started calling you my Jewel when we became friends. Telling me to stop calling you my Jewel, is like telling me to forget all the sweet memories we had when we were kids, and that I can't do. My Jewel, I'm really disappointed that you could say this to me" Jane said in disappointment.
"I will be in the kitchen. When breakfast is ready, I will serve it to you in bed"

She stood up from the bed and left the room.

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