When Love Speaks (episode 66)

Jewel and Jane sat in the sitting room, waiting for Henry, Jessica and Steven to arrive, so that they could start going to Angel parent's place. They were already dressed up. The sitting
room door opened and Steven walked in. He went straight to meet Jewel.

"Jewel, how are you?" Steven asked.

"trying to be fine, bro" Jewel responded.

"don't worry, everything will be okay. It's just a matter of time." Steven said.

"I don't think I can ever heal from this pain" Jewel said.

"you will bro. It's just a matter of time" Steven said.

Henry and Jessica walked into the sitting room also.

"are you guys waiting for us. we are sorry" Henry apologized.

"let's start leaving. There's nothing else we are waiting for" Steven said.

"okay" Henry responded.

Jewel and Jane stood up from the sofa and they all left the sitting room.


The atmosphere was tensed at Angel's parent house. voices of people wailing could be heard at every corner of the house. Her parent were already aware of what happened to their daughter. The sitting room was filled with people who had come to sympathize with Angel's parent. While some were sitting on the only available seats, others were standing. Jewel, Jane, Henry, Jessica and Steven were also seen in the sitting room. They were all standing, and were staring silently into air. Angel's mother was sitting on the floor. Her eyes were swollen as a result of her excess weeping. She looked sick already. Her father was sitting on the sofa and was staring sadly into air. He was shaking his head, sorrowfully.

A woman walked to meet Angel's mother and patted her back.

"I'm sorry for your loss. Please accept my condolences" the woman said.

Jewel also walked to meet Angel's Father. He squatted beside him and held his hands.

"I know how hard this is for you, but you have to be strong." Jewel said.

"I'm trying, my son" Angel's dad responded.
"how can we recognize our daughter's corpse?"

"All those that died in the explosion will be given a mass burial, Since the corpses can't be recognized individually." Jewel responded.

Angel's mum resumed her wailing when Jewel said that. She cried bitterly, screaming and rolling on the floor.


Jewel opened the door to his sitting room and entered. Jane followed behind him. They were Just returning from Angel parent's house. Jewel dropped his car key on the table and walked towards the direction of his room. Jane followed behind him also. He stopped and turned to face Jane when he realized she was still following him.

"aren't you suppose to be going home now?" Jewel asked.

"I'm not leaving. I will stay here to make sure you are okay" Jane responded.

"just spare me that nonsense. Stop using that as an excuse to stay here. Did I tell you that I'm not okay? I don't know what your intentions are, but let me just tell you that whatever you are planning won't work. So, stop giving me that silly excuse" Jewel said, angrily.

"you have every right to be angry with me. I have hurt you many times. So I deserved to be yelled at. I can't even say anything that will justify what i have done to you, but my Jewel, you have to believe me when I say I'm only trying to make sure you are okay. You have been through a lot. How can I just leave you like this" Jane responded.

"wait, do you feel pity for me?" Jewel asked.

"how can you say sure a thing. I'm only looking out for you because you are my best friend." Jane responded.

"I don't even see you as a friend, not to talk of seeing you as my best friend. You are not my friend and you will never be" Jewel said.

"you will always be my best friend no matter what" Jane responded.

"continue deceiving yourself" Jewel said.

"you can say whatever you like. It won't still change the fact that you are my best friend. I will just go to the kitchen and prepare lunch while you wait in you room" Jane said.

"don't bother. I'm not hungry. I won't eat the food, so just don't waste you time." Jewel responded and walked to his room.

Jane walked to the kitchen to prepare lunch, against Jewel's order.


The room was dark. No form of light could be seen in the room. The darkness in the room stole the form of everything in the room. Sounds of a moving object could be heard in the room but couldn't been seen, because of the darkness. Someone too could be heard humming in the room, but couldn't be seen also. The door suddenly opened and light flashed inside the room to reveal Angel sitting on the floor. Her hands and legs were tied. Her lips were sealed with a bandage also. Standing at the door was a chubby guy. He was glaring at Angel in the room. Angel continued humming when she saw the guy. She couldn't speak, because her lips were sealed.

"so, you won't shut up. Is it until I strangle you to death before you will shut up." The guy at the door said.
"I don't want to hear any sound from you again. If I hear any sound from you, I might just end your life. I'm already very angry, so don't just add to my anger. I just lost my girlfriend in the tanker explosion that happened last night, and that was all because of you. If I wasn't asked to kidnap you, my girlfriend will still be alive. This is the worst job I have ever done. It took the life of my girlfriend. The lady you saw with me last night, when we abducted you, is my girlfriend. She died in the explosion that happened last night. She wanted to dispose your car when we abducted you, only for her to drive it to the same direction you were heading to and ended up getting burned in that tanker. explosion. That should have been you. Had it been we didn't abduct you, my girlfriend would be alive and you would have been dead, because you would have died in that explosion and not my girlfriend. She took your place in that explosion. You should be the one in the mortuary and not her. I wish I knew this will happen, I wouldn't have abducted you. I would have just left you to drive yourself to death. My girlfriend warned me against this job, but I didn't listen. Instead, I got her involved in it, and it eventually drove her to her death." the guy said bitterly.
"Do you know why I'm telling you this? That's for you to know how angry I am right now. So, if you just don't want me to strangle you to death, you better just remain silent."

He turned to leave the room, but Angel hummed again. He stopped and turned to face Angel.

"you seem to be the stubborn type." He said and walked to meet Angel.

He removed the bandage from her lips. Angel gasped immediately.

"what do you want to say to me?" the guy asked.

"I'm very sorry for the death of your girlfriend. Truly, it would have been me, because I was heading towards that direction the tanker exploded before you abducted me. Please accept my condolences" Angel said.

"It seems you don't have anything meaningful to say to me. I will just seal off your lips back" the guy said and tried to place the bandage back on Angel's lips.

"no, please wait" Angel said, immediately.

He paused.

"who sent you to abduct me?" Angel asked.

"you are not even sure if you will leave this place alive, and you are asking for who sent me." he responded.

"If I will die,  at least tell me who ask you to abduct me" Angel said.

"you know, you should be thankful to the person that ask me to abduct you. If not for that person, you would have been dead by now, and my girlfriend will still be alive" He responded and immediately placed the bandage back on her lips.

He left the room and locked the door from outside. Darkness stole the form of everything in the room again.

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