When Love Speaks (episode 67)

Jewel lay on his bed, staring silently at the ceiling. His door suddenly opened and Jane walked in, carrying a plate of food. She walked to meet Jewel and sat beside him on the
bed. She dropped the food on the bed. Jewel sat up immediately.

"what are you doing?" Jewel asked.

"your lunch is ready" Jane responded.

"I thought I told you that I'm not hungry" Jewel said.

"how won't you be hungry. you haven't eaten anything since morning. You didn't eat the breakfast I prepared, now, you still don't want to eat lunch. Please my Jewel, have your lunch." Jane said.

"I told you before that I'm not hungry. So don't expect me to eat this" Jewel responded.

"please my Jewel, don't do this to me. Please don't let my effort go to waste. You didn't eat the breakfast I prepared. Now, you are rejecting this one too. Please don't let my effort go to waste. Please have your lunch" Jane said.

"I told you before you started that I'm not hungry" Jewel responded.

"so what should I do with the food?" Jane asked, sadly.

"do whatever you like with it" Jewel responded.

"this is not fair" Jane said, sadly.

She stood up, carried the food and left the room.

Jewel lay back on his bed. After a while of lying down, he suddenly stood up from his bed and changed into a different dress. He took his phone from his bed and left his room. He walked to the sitting room and saw Jane sitting on the sofa. She was watching a programme on t.v.

"where are you going to?" Jane asked, when she saw Jewel already dressed up.

"none of your business" Jewel responded and walked to the door.

He stopped halfway and turned back to face Jane.

"make sure you leave this house before I return. I don't want to meet you here when I get back" Jewel said.

He turned and left the sitting room immediately.


Jewel was seen standing outside the forensic research center in charge of investigating the decease in the tanker explosion that claimed many lives. He was waiting for the forensic expert in charge of investigating the case. He had already contacted him, so he was waiting for the forensic expert to meet him there. The forensic expert emerged from the research building few minutes later. He walked straight to meet Jewel and shook hands with him.

"vice president Edward, you want to see me" the forensic expert said.

"yes, I want to see you" Jewel responded.

"is it urgent, because I'm very busy right now" the forensic expert said.

"yes, it's urgent" Jewel responded.

"let's go to my office then" the forensic expert said.

"okay" Jewel responded.

He led the way, while Jewel followed behind him. They got to the office and entered.

"please have a seat." the forensic expert said, pointing to the visitor's seat.

"thank you" Jewel responded and sat down.

He sat down also.

"so, vice president Edward. How may I help you?" the forensic expert asked.

"is there a way we can identify those affected in that tanker explosion? I need to confirm if my girlfriend is truly dead" Jewel said.

"what else do you want to confirm. Her car was also involved in that accident and the occupant in it also got burnt beyond recognition. Are you saying your girlfriend was not the one driving that car?" the forensic expert asked.

"I don't know, but something tells me that my Angel is not dead. How can my Angel be dead and I don't feel any pain in my heart. How can she be dead and I don't feel devastated. I don't even feel as if something important has be taking away from me. I don't feel like I just lost the most precious person to me. If my Angel is truly dead, I know how I should have felt. I should be completely devastated. I should have fallen sick and even been hospitalized, but no, I don't feel any of those. This is a sign that my Angel is still alive. My Angel is still alive. I can feel it in my heart. My Angel is alive somewhere and needs me to come and get her. She might be in danger. That's why I need to do everything possible to save my Angel. I believe my Angel is not dead." Jewel said.

"even after seeing her car at the accident scene, you still have hope that she's alive. I like your courage" the forensic expert said.

"so, Is there a way to identify the bodies. I need to be sure that my Angel is not among those affected. I don't mind what it will cost me. I will provide everything needed" Jewel said.

" It has already been decided to conduct thorough autopsy examinations on the dead bodies, so we are already on it." the doctor responded.
"Autopsy will be combined with full body x-rays, anthropological assessments, recording of dental data, recording of personal effects and collection of tissue samples for DNA and other investigations."

"does that mean we can identify the bodies." Jewel said.

"yes, each family can identify their decease if they can provide a dental record of their decease. If dental records cannot be found, then any other X-rays that might have been taken will be needed. If no X-rays can be found, the next step would be DNA testing. If the family can provide a DNA sample of their decease, we can compare it to the DNA extracted from the center of a tooth or from bone marrow of the decease. But dental records will be better, because it is much quicker and so much less expensive than DNA." the forensic expert responded.

"so, all I need for me to know if my Angel is among the decease is by getting her dental record" Jewel said.

"yes" the forensic expert responded.

"I think I can get that. I know Angel's dentist. Let me quickly go and get her dental record" Jewel said and stood up.

"okay" the forensic expert responded.

Jewel shook hands with him and left his office.


Jewel opened the door to his sitting room and entered. He was just returning from the forensic research center. He had already gotten a dental record from Angel's dentist and had already taking it to the forensic expert for comparison. He heaved a sigh of relief when he didn't see Jane in the sitting room. 'that means she must have left already' he thought.

Just as he made attempt to walk to his room, Jane emerged from the kitchen. He frowned immediately he saw her.

"my Jewel, you are back" Jane said, smiling.

"what are you still doing here? I thought I asked you to leave before I get back" Jewel barked.

"my Jewel, please calm down. No need to raise your voice. I know this must be very hard for you. I know you must be thinking that Angel died because of you. That's why you are torturing yourself. but my Jewel, you don't need to feel that way. Angel's death was inevitable. She died because it was her time. So you don't have to feel that she died because you asked her to come stay with you. You don't have to think that she might still be alive if you didn't ask her to come stay with you that night" Jane said.

"wait, how did you know that I asked Angel to come stay with me? As far as I know, only Angel and I knew about it, because I didn't tell anyone about it. So how did you get to know about it?" Jewel asked, curiously.

Jane stared silently at him for a while before she finally responded.

"that night, I called Angel and told her that I was coming to pay her a visit, but she told me she won't be around, because she was going to your house and would be staying there with you for some time. That was how I got to know that she was coming to stay with you" Jane responded.

Jewel stared suspiciously at her. Just when he wanted to question her further, his phone started ringing. He brought it out from his pocket and saw that the call was from the forensic expert. He answered the call immediately.

"hello" he said.

"vice president Edward" the forensic expert voice sounded at the other end.

"yes" Jewel responded.

"you can come back to the office now. The results are ready" the forensic expert said.

"so fast" Jewel said.

"I told you that we were already conducting the test before you came" the forensic expert said.

"okay, I will be there in no time" Jewel said and ended the call.

He turned and left the sitting room immediately, without sparing Jane a glance.


Angel was still tied in the dark room. She was struggling to free herself, and was humming continuously. The door suddenly opened to reveal the chubby guy that abducted Angel. He was carrying a plate of food. He walked into the room and dropped the food beside Angel. He removed the bandage on her lips.

"this is your food. eat it" the guy said.

"how am I going to eat this food when my hands are tied?" Angel asked.

The guy thought for a while, then untied her.

"now you can eat your food" he said.

"do you know why I will eat this food?" Angel asked.

"why?" the guy asked.

"to gain enough strength, because I'm leaving this place very soon." Angel responded.

"how is that possible? do you think you can escape from me?" the guy asked, laughing.

"no, I won't escape. my Jewel will come and rescue me" Angel responded.

The guy laughed out loud when Angel said that.

"you know, you must be very silly. In case you don't know, your boyfriend didn't think you were kidnapped. He thinks you are dead already. How can someone who thinks you are dead come to rescue you?" he asked.

"my Jewel will never believe I'm dead. He will feel it in his heart that I'm still alive. Just wait and see, he will come to my rescue" Angel said.

"okay, I'm waiting to see how he will rescue you" the guy responded.

He left the room and locked the door.


Jewel sat in the forensic expert office, waiting anxiously for him to come and give him the details of the result. The forensic expert walked into the office few minutes later.

"sorry for keeping you waiting" he said and sat down behind his desk.

"you said the result is ready" Jewel said.

"yes" he responded.

"Okay, is my Angel among the decease. Does any of the decease dental record matches hers?" Jewel asked, anxiously and prayed silently that the forensic expert should say no.


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please admin, try and complete the story when love speak. we are all waiting to read to the end. than


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