When A Ghost Falls In Love (episode 1)

When A Ghost Falls In Love

by Ejeh Emmanuel (@ejehstar)

Episode 1


The compound was wide and very
neat. A two storey building was erected in the compound. It was a building that houses six flats. A parking lot could be seen at the right hand side of the compound, while a tree planted in the compound could be seen at the left hand side. She stood inside the compound, observing everything in it. They just move in the previous day. She was busy arranging things with her family all the while, that was why she hasn't taken a proper look at their new home. Now that she had the chance, she was using the opportunity to observe their new environment. She took her time walking round the compound, observing everything in it. She had already made plan to go into the area later on to see how their new area look like. She seemed to love their new apartment already. That was the kind of environment she was looking for. Very quiet and peaceful. The compound was so quiet that She hasn't even seen a single soul since she had been walking round the compound.

'maybe everyone is inside his or her flat' she thought.

Just as she turned to start going back to their own flat, she saw a lady walking towards her. She waited for the lady to approach her.

"hi" the lady said, once she got to her.

"hi" she responded.

"I guess you are the new tenant that moved in yesterday." the lady said.

"Yes, I moved in with my parents and sister" she responded.

"okay, welcome to our environment" the lady said.

"thank you" she responded.

"by the way, I'm Nora" the lady said and stretched hand for a handshake.

"I'm Daisy" she responded and shook hands with her.

"Daisy, welcome to our apartment once more" Nora said.

"thanks Nora" Daisy responded.

"so, how do you see the environment?" Nora asked.

"I love it. It is the type of environment I'm looking for." Daisy responded.

Just when Nora was about to speak further, they heard Daisy's name from behind. They both turned to the direction the voice came from and Nora froze when she saw someone that looks exactly like Daisy walking towards them. She stared at the lady in shock as she approached them.

"So Daisy, this is where you have been hiding" the lady said, when she got to them.

"yes o. This is where I am. I'm observing our new environment" Daisy responded.

Nora stared from Daisy to the lady, back to Daisy, trying to see if she could tell them apart, but couldn't. They had same nose, same heart shape lips, and same skin colour. Infact, everything about their physical appearance is the same. She couldn't even tell which is more beautiful, because they were exactly the same. Describing Daisy is like describing the lady beside her.

Daisy turned to face Nora, who was still staring in amazement.

"Nora, this is Violet, my twin sister" Daisy introduced Nora to her twin sister.

She turned to face her twin sister.

"Violet, this is Nora, our neighbor and my new friend." Daisy introduced Nora to Violet.

"nice to meet you Nora" Violet said and stretched hand for a handshake.

"nice to meet you too" Nora responded and shook hands with her.
"you guys look so much alike. I can't even tell you apart."

"yes, but with time you will be able to differentiate us" Violet responded.

"so, who is the elder sister" Nora asked.

"I'm her elder sister" Daisy responded.

"I see, but how can someone tell who is who?" Nora asked.

"with time you will be able to differentiate us" Daisy responded.

"okay, so this means I now have twin sisters as friends" Nora said.

"sure" Daisy responded.

"okay, I will see you guys later. I have to leave now. I need to run an arrand for my mother" Nora said.

"okay, see you too." Daisy responded.

Nora turned and left the compound.

"okay, it's time to go back to our flat" Daisy said to Violet, immediate Nora left.

"Yes, I even came to inform you that lunch is ready" Violet responded.

"okay, let's go then" Daisy said.

Daisy held Violet's hand and they walked back to their flat.


Daisy lay on her bed, reading a novel. She was so engrossed in the novel that she didn't realize when Violet walked into the room. Violet playfully jumped on her body, distracting her from what she was reading.

"you are still reading this novel" Voilet said.

"Yes o, It's very interesting. I'm almost done. When I'm done reading, I will give you to read also" Daisy said.

"no, I don't want to read. How can I be reading a story that I cannot relate with. How can I be reading a novel that talks only about ghost" Violet responded.

"it's very interesting. When you read it, you will like it" Daisy said.

"no, I don't want to. I don't know why you love ghost related stories so much." Violet responded.

"I love reading novels and not only ghost related novels" Daisy said.

"please let's change the topic" Violet said.

"okay" Daisy responded.

"you know Daisy, we have done almost everything together right from childhood till now. We have done birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and a whole lot more together" Violet said

"that's because we are twin sisters" Daisy responded.

"sadly, there's one very important occasion we might not do together" Violet said.

"which occasion is that?" Daisy asked.

"our wedding" Violet responded.

"we can still get married on the same day" Daisy responded.

"how?" Violet asked.

"we will tell any guy that wants to marry any of us to wait until the other is also ready to get married, so that the wedding can be done together" Daisy responded.

"wow! that's great. That's what we will do" Violet said.

"yes, that's what we will do" Daisy responded.

"okay, let's swear to an oat right now, never to go back on this" Violet said.

"okay, let's swear" Daisy responded.

Violet stretched her palm to Daisy, and Daisy placed her palm on Violet's palm.

"I swear never to break our agreement" Violet said.

"I swear never to break our agreement. Even if I die before that time, my ghost will come back and look for someone to love, so that we will get married on the same day." Daisy said.

"stop saying that. It is not funny. You see why I said you should stop reading ghost related novels." Violet said, not finding what Daisy just said funny.

"I was only joking. I'm going to stay by your side forever" Daisy responded.

Just when Daisy was about to speak further,  their door opened and their mum walked in.

"mum" they chorused.

"Violet, please come let me send you on an errand." their mum said.

"let me go mum" Daisy responded and immediately stood up.

She wanted to use that opportunity to observe their new area.

Her mum stared at her for a while, not sure while she decided to go instead.

"okay, then come to my room let me give you the money" her mum said and left their room.

She followed behind her immediately.


Daisy emerged from their flat and saw Nora who was about going out from the compound gate.

"Nora!" she called and hastened her footsteps towards her.

Nora stopped when she saw Daisy, for Daisy to catch up with her.

"hi Nora" Daisy said, immediately she got to her.

"hi" Nora responded.
"are you Daisy or Violet, because I still can't tell the difference"

"I'm Daisy" Daisy responded.

"oh Daisy! So where are you heading to?" Nora asked.

"I'm going to the supermarket down the street to get some provisions." Daisy responded.
"what about you, where are you heading to?"

"I'm going to my uncle's house. I want to go and borrow some novels from him. He has lot of novels" Nora responded.

"oh really! can you also borrow for me. I love to read novel a lot." Daisy said.

"okay, I will" Nora responded.

"thank you very much" Daisy said.

"you are welcome" Nora responded.

They left the compound together.


The road was very neat and quiet. It was deserted of human activities. It has bushes on both side. Daisy took her time observing the surrounding. She was carrying a nylon bag which contained the provisions she went to get from the supermarket. She didn't return home directly after getting the provisions from the supermarket. Instead, she took a different direction to observe everything in the area. She had walked from the major streets in the area which was flooded with human activities, to a wide and deserted road. The road was deserted of human activities. Even vehicles couldn't been seen on the road. Even with the silence of the road, she still didn't get scared. She kept walking further alongside the road. She was enjoying the cool breeze. She took her time observing the bushes on both side of the road. She was so carried away that she didn't see a vehicle moving towards her from behind in a full speed. It was as if the vehicle had failed brake, because it kept moving without control. Before Daisy could realize what was going on behind her, it was already too late, because the vehicle was already too close to her. She was knocked down by the vehicle and her head hit a rod. The vehicle stopped few distance away, and immediately took off, without the occupant alighting to see if she was still alive. Daisy lay helplessly on the floor with her face covered with blood. Her eyes were slightly opened,  but she couldn't move her body. She lay helplessly on the floor, almost giving up.

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