When A Ghost Falls In Love (episode 2)

It was already more than 5minutes since Daisy was hit by a car. She was still seen lying flat on the floor, in a pool of blood. She was still alive, but her body wasn't moving. Her eyes
which were slightly opened, were now closed. She just lay helplessly on the floor like a dead body. After some minutes later, A car drove pass that road and stop few distance away from were she was lying. The two occupants of the car quickly alighted and rushed to were Daisy was lying.

"Gabriel, it seems this lady was hit by a car." one said to the other.

"yes, Timothy. She was knocked down by a hit and run driver" the other responded.

"is she alive?" Timothy asked.

"I don't think so" Gabriel responded.

Timothy squatted beside her and felt her pulse.

"she's still alive" he exclaimed.
"let's take her to the hospital before it's too late"

"no Timothy, we can't take her to the hospital. If we do that, we will be accused of hitting her. What if she dies before we get to the hospital, how are we going to defend ourselves." Gabriel protested.

"are you thinking about that right now. Someone's life is at stake here. Let's take her to the hospital first, and we will worry about other things later." Timothy said.

"this isn't right. We might just end up landing ourselves in trouble" Gabriel said.

"if you are scared of the outcome, you can just stay back. As for me, I'm taking this lady to the hospital right now." Timothy said and immediately carried Daisy on his shoulder.

He picked up her phone from the floor and hurried to the car. Gabriel followed behind him immediately. They entered the car and drove off.


Violet and her mum sat in the sitting room, looking very worried. Daisy hasn't returned since she went to get some provisions from the supermarket. They had tried her number several times but it wasn't reachable. They prayed silently that nothing should happen to her.

Violet's phone suddenly started ringing. She took it from the table and realized that the call was from Daisy.

"mum, Daisy is calling" Violet said with a sigh of relief.

"thank God. Pick the call and ask her what's keeping her." her mum said.

Violet picked the call and placed the phone on her ear.

"hello Daisy, where are you?" Violet asked.

"hello Violet" Daisy's voice sounded at the other end.

"Daisy, where are you? Mum and I are very worried" Violet said.

"Violet, you know I love you very much" Daisy said.

"of course I know that, and I love you very much too" Violet responded.

"I will never stop loving you, no matter what. Tell mum and dad that I love them very much too" Daisy said.

"Daisy, we already know all these. Why are you repeating it. What's wrong?" Violet asked, confused, as she couldn't understand why her sister was sounding that way.

"I will never stop telling you how much I love you. I won't get tired of saying it" Daisy responded.

"I won't get tired of telling you how much I love you also. Please where are you? Come home already. It's been over an hour seen you left home" Violet said.

"bye for now, Violet" Daisy said.

"you are on your way home right" Violet said.

The call disconnected without any reply from Daisy. Violet stared at her phone, puzzled.

"what did she say? Is she on her way home?" Violet's mum asked immediately the call disconnected.

"I think she's on her way home" Violet responded.

She kept staring at her phone, puzzled.


Gabriel and Timothy were seen pacing up and down in the waiting area of a hospital. They had already brought Daisy to the hospital. All they were waiting for was the doctor's report. After pacing aimlessly at the waiting area, the doctor finally emerged from the emergency room. They rushed to meet him immediately.

"doctor, how is she?" Timothy asked, immediately.

The doctor shook his head sadly.

"I'm sorry. We lost her. We did our best but it was already to late." the doctor said.

Timothy and Gabriel mood suddenly changed. They stared sadly at each other.

"If she was brought here on time, she wouldn't have died. She died not because of the injury she sustained, but because she lost so much blood before you brought her here. Her injury wasn't severe. She died out of negligence. If the person that knocked her down, had brought her here immediately, she wouldn't have died. Some people are just so wicked. You knocked down someone with your car, and you couldn't even bring that person to the hospital. Instead, you hit and ran away." the doctor said, sadly.

"this is sad. So doctor, what are we going to do now?" Timothy asked, sadly.

"we will contact her relative for them to come and identify her body" the doctor responded.

"okay doctor" Timothy said.

"you will have to come to my office to sign some papers" the doctor said.

"okay" Timothy responded.

The doctor led the way, while Timothy and Gabriel followed behind him.


Violet and her mum were still seen sitting in the sitting room. They were still waiting for Daisy to return. It had been over 10minutes since Violet spoke on phone with Daisy, but she was still not yet back.

"Violet, I thought you said Daisy is on her way" her mum said.

"yes mum" Violet responded.

"call her back to know where she is now" her mum said.

"okay mum" Violet responded and immediately dialed Daisy's number, but it was switched off.

"mum, her phone is switched off" Violet said.

"how can her phone be switched off when you just spoke with her some minutes ago." Her mum said.

"I don't know" Violet responded.

Just when Violet's mum was about to speak further, her phone started ringing. She stared at her phone screen and saw that it was a call from an unknown number. She picked the call immediately.

"hello" Violet's mum said.

"hello ma, there is a lady here at the hospital, which we believe is your daughter, base on the contact we got from her phone. She was involved in a car accident and eventually lost her life. We will like you to come and identify her body here at the hospital." the caller said.

"God forbid! Never! Not my daughter." Violet's mum exclaimed.
"You called the wrong number. I just spoke to my daughter on phone some minutes ago, and she seemed fine. I don't know what nonsense you are talking about"

"The lady I'm talking about was rushed to the hospital 30minutes ago and died immediately in the hospital" the caller said.

"you see why I say you are talking nonsense. I just spoke with my daughter on phone 10minutes ago. How can someone who died in the hospital about 30minutes ago still be able to call her sister just 10minutes ago. The lady you are talking about is not my daughter" Violet's mum said.

"I still think you should come to the hospital to verify if she is your daughter" the caller said.

"look hear Mr. man. Never you call this number again. My daughter is not dead. You agent of bad news. Take your bad news somewhere else" Violet's mum said and immediately ended the call.

"mum, what is wrong?" Violet asked, anxiously.
"who did the caller said is dead?"

"don't mind those agent of bad news.  They should carry their bad news somewhere else." her mum responded.

"what did the caller said, mum?" Violet asked, anxiously.

"could you believe that idiot called to inform me that my Daisy was knocked down by a car, about 30minutes ago and died immediately she was rushed to the hospital." her mum said, angrily.

"that can't be. I just spoke with her 10minutes ago" Violet said in fear.

"Don't mind that fool. He just wants to spoil my mood. Please call your sister again let's know where she is? her mum said.

Violet dialed Daisy's number again, but it was still switch off.

"mum, it's switched off" Violet said in fear.
"mum, I think we should go to the hospital. Let me confirm that my sister is not the one they are talking about. I can't be at peace hearing such a news"

"okay, let's go to the hospital. I'm sure those people are talking rubbish." her mum said.

"I'm certain about that too" Violet said, making herself to believe so, but deep down in her heart, she knew something was wrong, because she could feel it.

Violet and her mum stood up from the sofa and left the house immediately.

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