When A Ghost Falls In Love (episode 3)

Violet and her mum rushed into the hospital. They hurried straight to meet the receptionist at the reception desk. The receptionist was busy working on some file on her
computer, that she didn't see Violet and her mum standing in her front.

"excuse me" Violet's mum said.

The receptionist looked up from her computer and saw Violet with her mum.

"oh my God!" the receptionist exclaimed in fear immediately she saw Violet.

She stood up from her seat immediately and took some steps backward.

"no, you are dead" she said in fear, pointing at Violet.

Violet and her mum stared at her, confused.

"you shouldn't be hear. you are dead" the receptionist continued.

"young lady, mind what you say, before you put yourself in trouble" Violet's mum said, angrily.

"but ma, she's dead" the receptionist insisted.

Just when Violet's mum was about to speak further, a doctor interrupted her.

"hello ma" the doctor said, walking towards her from behind.
"what's the problem?"

Violet and her mum turned to face the doctor immediately. The doctor froze when he sighted Violet's face. He stared at her in shock for a while, before comporting himself as a doctor.

"are you not the lady that was confirmed dead some minutes ago?" he asked Violet.

"my daughter is not dead. What are you people saying" Violet's mum screamed, already frustrated.

"I'm not dead and can never be dead" Violent responded.
"we received a call from someone, telling us to come and verify if the lady that was rushed here is  my twin sister" Violet said to the doctor.

Her voice was not audible enough. Her body was vibrating. She knew something was wrong. She could feel it.

"oh! you have a twin" the doctor said.

"yes" Violet responded.

The doctor knew instantly that the deceased was her twin but didn't inform them immediately.

"okay you have to come with me to confirm if you know the deceased." the doctor said.

"okay" Violet responded.

The doctor led the way, while Violet and her mum followed behind him. A nurse joined them also and they all walked into a room where deceased were laid. The deceased were covered with sheet. The doctor led them to the one he wanted them to confirm.

"now, I will take off the sheet and you will confirm if she's related to you" the doctor said to Violet and her mum.

Violet and her mum held each other hands tightly, with their heart pounding faster than normal.

The doctor took off the sheet to reveal the face of Daisy. Her mum broke into tears immediately. Violet stared at her sister in shock and immediately collapsed on the floor. The doctor squatted beside her immediately and tried to revive her.

"go and get a stretcher" the doctor said to the nurse.

"okay doctor" the nurse responded and rushed out of the room to get a stretcher.

Their mum wept bitterly, rolling herself on the floor and asking God to come and take her life also.

The nurse rushed back into the room with two other nurses, carrying a stretcher. They immediately carried Violet on the stretcher and left the room. Violet's mum stood up from the floor and followed behind them, still weeping bitterly.


The compound was very quiet and deserted as usual. She sat under the tree in the compound, staring sadly into air. She wasn't moving.  Her gaze was just fixed on a particular spot.

The compound gate suddenly opened and Nora walked in. Nora saw her sitting under the tree and walked to meet her.

"hi" Nora said to her.

"hi" she responded, masking her sadness with a smile.

"you are Daisy, right" Nora said.

"no, I'm Violet" she responded.

"oh Violet! It seems it will take me months to be able to tell you guys apart" Nora said.

"it seems so" she responded.

"what are you doing under this tree alone?" Nora asked.

"receiving fresh air" she responded.

"where is Daisy? She asked me to get a novel for her. This is the novel" Nora said, showing her the novel.

"Daisy is in the hospital" she responded.

"oh my God! What happened to her?" Nora asked, anxiously.

"she was knocked down by a car." she responded.

"what!" Nora exclaimed.
"when did this happen? Daisy and I left this compound together some hours ago. How come she is now in the hospital"

"she was knocked down by a car on her way back from the supermarket" she responded.

"this is a very bad news. I hope she didn't sustain any serious injury" Nora said.

"do you want to go and see her?" she asked.

"yes, I will like to see her. I just pray she is alright" Nora responded.

"okay, let's go to the hospital then" she said.

"yes, let's go." Nora responded.

She stood up and left the compound with Nora.


She was lying unconscious on the hospital bed. Her mum and dad were with her in the hospital. Her dad had rushed to the hospital immediately he heard about the sad news, and had been staring sadly into air ever since. Her mum eyes were swollen as the result of her excess weeping. She was sitting beside her daughter on the bed.

The room suddenly opened and Nora rushed in. Nora saw her lying unconscious on the bed and went straight to meet her.

"Daisy, how did this happen to you? You were fine when we left the compound some hours ago. Who did this to you?" Nora asked.

Nora turned to face her mum.

"Ma, I hope she didn't sustain any serious injury. I met Violet at home and she told me that Daisy had an accident. Violet and I came to the hospital together, but she refused to enter the hospital with me for reasons I can't understand. She's waiting outside the hospital." Nora said.

"what are you saying?" Violet mum asked, confused.
"Violet is the one lying unconscious on this bed. So which other Violet did you say followed you to the hospital"

"that's not possible. I met Violet at home and she told me that Daisy was in the hospital." Nora said.

"this is Violet not Daisy" Violet mum said.

"if this is Violet, that means the one I met at home is Daisy. But why did Daisy lie about her identity to me? Why did she refuse to enter the hospital with me? Why did she had to wait outside?" Nora asked, confused.

"I don't know who you said you met at home. Both Violet and Daisy are here in the hospital. So I don't know what you are talking about" Violet's mum responded.

"that's not possible. The two of them can't be hear in the hospital. I met one at home and we both came to the hospital together." Nora said.

"I really don't have the strength to start explaining anything to you now. Just know that the twins are here in the hospital. Daisy was knocked down by a car on her way to the supermarket and died when she was rushed to the hospital. Violet on the other hand fainted when she saw her sister's corpse, and had been unconscious since then. That's why she's lying here on this bed." Violet's mum explained.

Nora stared at Violet's mum in shock as she explained.

"that's not true. Daisy is not dead. Daisy can't be dead. I saw her at home. I was with her. We came to the hospital together" Nora said in fear.

"Daisy is dead" Violet's mum responded, sadly.

"Daisy is not dead. She's waiting outside. If you don't believe me, follow me let me go and show you where she is standing outside." Nora insisted.

"okay, let's go and confirm if you truly saw Daisy." Violet's mum responded and stood up.

Nora led them outside the hospital to show them where Daisy was standing, but when they got there, she was no longer there.

"but this is where she was standing when I walked into the hospital. She was standing just right here" Nora said in fear, pointing at the spot Daisy was standing before she entered the hospital.

"you didn't see Daisy. She is dead and her corpse is still here at the hospital." Violet's mum responded.

"that can't be possible. I saw her. Okay, if you said she's dead, Where is her corpse?" Nora asked.

"do you want to see her?" Violet's mum asked.

"yes, I want to see her. I'm certain that I saw Daisy and she's not dead" Nora responded.

"okay, come with me" Violet's mum said.

Violet's mum and dad walked ahead while Nora followed behind them. They led her to the room Daisy's corpse was kept. Her body was still covered with sheet.

"this is Daisy's corpse. I will remove the blanket for you to realize that the person you saw wasn't Daisy or Violet." Violet's mum said.

"okay" Nora responded in fear. Her heart was pounding.

Violet's mum removed the blanket to reveal the face of Daisy. Nora stared at Daisy's corpse in shock. When she realized what had happened, she fainted.

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