When Love Speaks (episode 68)

Jewel opened the door to his sitting room and entered. He was just returning from the forensic expert office. Jane wasn't in the sitting room when he walked in. For a moment, he
thought she had already left. While his mind was still wandering, Jane emerged from the kitchen. She stared silently at Jewel, waiting for him to scold her as he usually does, but Jewel only stared back at her. After a while of silence, Jewel slowly walked to meet her.

"I'm hungry. I hope dinner is ready" Jewel said.

Jane stared at him confused, not sure if he was talking to her. She wasn't expecting him to say that to her. When Jane didn't respond, Jewel spoke again.

"I thought you are preparing dinner, or is it not ready yet?" Jewel asked.

"are you talking to me?" Jane asked, surprised.

"yes of course. who else could I be talking to." Jewel responded.
"is dinner ready? I'm famished"

"I wasn't actually preparing dinner, but I can quickly prepare dinner now if you want" Jane responded quickly.

"okay, you can prepare dinner. I will be in my room. Once dinner is ready, just let me know." Jewel said.

Jane stared at him surprised. She couldn't understand why he was suddenly acting cool towards her.

"okay, let me quickly prepare dinner then" Jane responded.

"okay" Jewel said.

Jane immediately rushed to kitchen to prepare dinner, while Jewel walked to his room.


Jane opened the door to Jewel's room and entered. Jewel was lying on his bed when she walked in. She walked to meet him and sat beside him on the bed.

"dinner is ready. Should I bring it to your room?" Jane asked.

"okay, you can bring it" Jewel responded.

Jane stood up and left the room. She returned few minutes later, carrying a plate of food. She walked to the bed and dropped the food on it. She sat down beside Jewel on the bed.

"dinner is ready" Jane said.

"thank you" Jewel responded and sat up.

He took the spoon and started eating immediately. After eating for a while, he stopped and stared at Jane.

"aren't you going to join me?" Jewel asked.

"I have eaten already." Jane responded.

"come on, join me. The food will be more delicious if you join me" Jewel said.

Jane stared at him surprised. She still couldn't understand why Jewel was suddenly being nice to her. While she was still staring silently at him, Jewel took a spoonful and tried to feed her.

"let me feed you" Jewel said.

"are you sure?" Jane asked.

"yeah, or don't you want me to feed you?" Jewel asked.

"no, I want you to feed me" Jane responded.

She opened her mouth and Jewel fed her.

"thank you" she said.

"you are welcome" Jewel responded.

Jewel dropped the spoon and held Jane's hands. He stared deeply into her eyes.

"Jane, I know for some time now, I have been treating you badly. Even when you tried to show that you care, I still took you for granted. You really don't have to blame me for my actions. I was devastated. That was why I acted that way. You have to forgive me." Jewel apologized.

Jane stared at him, surprised. She couldn't believe Jewel was apologizing to her. She was very happy, but tried not to show how happy she was.

"I have not been myself for some time now. Angel's death had effected me badly. I don't even have time to take care of myself anymore. I think it's time I move on with my live. Angel is dead and won't be returning to me. I have to accept that fact and move on. Life goes on, and I also have to continue living my life" Jewel continued.

Jane's face curved in a smile when Jewel said that. She stared deeply into Jewel eyes.

"my Jewel. I know how hard it must have been for you. But I'm assuring you that you made the best decision to move on with your life. Angel is gone and won't be returning. I will always be by your side to support you." Jane said.

"thank you very much Jane. I don't know what I could have done without you" Jewel said.

"I can do anything for you. You are my Jewel" Jane responded.

"thank you very much" Jewel said.

Jane didn't respond this time. She only stared silently at him. Jewel noticed that she was staring intensely at his lips. He drew her closer to himself and planted a kiss on her lips.

"thank you for everything" he said.

Jane didn't expect the kiss. She wanted more than just a kiss. Her eyes were filled with desires. Jewel planted another kiss on her lips. She immediately wrapped her hands around his shoulders and cover his mouth with hers in a hungry kiss. They kissed passionately. Her lips parted and his tongue slipped inside her mouth, gentle but demanding. She gripped his hair, pulling him closer. She unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it on the floor. She waited for him to do same to her, but when he didn't, She took off her blouse herself to reveal her purple bra. Their lips locked again once her blouse was off.  She zipped down her skirt and it fell off her waist to reveal her purple laced pants. She wrapped her hands again around Jewel's shoulder and engaged him in an aggressive kiss once more. While she was still working magic with her tongue, her hands slipped downward to his trouser. Just as she tried to zip down his trouser, Jewel held her hand and broke the kiss. They stared silently at each other.

"what's wrong?" Jane asked, confused, as she didn't understand why he stopped all of a sudden.

"I think we are taking this too far" Jewel said.

"how? we have been together all our lives. So I don't think we are taking anything too far. We both want it." Jane said.

"we have all the time in the world to do whatever we like. Let's just wait for some time" Jewel said.

"no my Jewel, not now. please don't do this to me. I want you right now please." Jane begged.

"we have all the time in the world to do whatever we like. Let just wait for some time." Jewel repeated.

"please Jewel, just this once. After today, I will wait until whenever you want, but let's just do it this once. I want it badly." Jane begged.

"okay let's do it, but that will be after you have freshened up, because I want to explore every part of your body." Jewel responded.

"okay my Jewel. Let me quickly freshen up then." Jane said and stood up from the bed.

She rushed to the bathroom to freshen up. Jewel waited until he was sure that she was already in the bathroom, then stood up from the bed and immediately went to take Jane's phone on the table. He unlocked the phone and went through her contact list. He took his time observing every number on her contact list.

Just as he realized that Jane was about coming out from the bathroom, he dropped the phone back on the table and quickly went to lie on his bed, pretending like he was already asleep. Jane emerged from the bathroom completely unclad. Water was dripping from her body. She walked to meet Jewel on the bed with her unclad body only to see him already snoring. She stared at him disappointed. After staring at him for a while, she lay beside him on the bed and rested her bosom on his chest. Just few minutes of lying beside him, she fell asleep.

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