When Love Speaks (episode 69)

Jessica sat on her bed, staring sadly into air. She still hasn't gotten over the fact that her best friend is dead. Her door suddenly opened and Henry walked in. He walked to meet her and
sat beside her on the bed. He held her hands and stared into her eyes.

"my love, I know how hard this is for you, but you have to move on. Don't let this affect your health. Angel is dead and won't be coming back. You just have to move on with your life." Henry adviced.

"how are my suppose to forget about Angel just like that. She's my best friend." Jessica said, sadly.

"I didn't say you should forget about her. I only said you have to continue living your life. please do this for me" Henry said.

"I'm trying, my love" Jessica responded.

"I will always be here for you, and make you move on with your life." Henry said.

"thank you my love" Jessica said.

"okay, now get up. I prepared dinner" Henry said.

"you should have asked me to prepare it." Jessica said.

"what's wrong if I prepare dinner?" Henry asked.

"nothing, I just thought I should be the one preparing dinner, not you." Jessica responded.

"my love, it's not a must that you should be the one to prepare our meal. Now get up, let's go and have dinner" Henry said and stood up.

"okay my love" Jessica responded.

She stood up also and they both left the room.


Jane stretched lazily on the bed and reluctantly opened her eyes. She sat up when she realized Jewel was no longer lying beside her on the bed. She stood up from the bed and walked to the wardrobe. She opened the wardrobe and took one of Jewel's shirt. She put on the shirt and walked to the door. She opened the door and almost collided with Jewel, who was about entering the room. He was carrying a cup of tea.

"my Jewel" Jane called.

"you are awake already. I made this tea for you" Jewel said and handed her the cup.

"thank you very much my Jewel, but you shouldn't have bothered." Jane said.

"I just want to make it up to you. I have been so hard on you for some time. This is my way of correcting my mistake." Jewel responded.

"thanks my Jewel" Jane said and sipped from the cup of tea.

"okay, you can go back inside and have your bath, while I prepare breakfast" Jewel said.

"no, no, no, my Jewel. I will be the one to prepare breakfast" Jane responded.

"Let me do it. I want to make it up to you" Jewel said.

"you have done enough already, and I appreciate it. Just let me be the one to prepare breakfast please" Jane said.

"okay, if you insist." Jewel responded.

"thank you. I will just freshen up and quickly go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast" Jane said.

"I will be in the sitting room then" Jewel responded.

Jane quickly rushed to the bathroom to freshen up, while Jewel walked to the sitting room.


Angel was still seen in the dark room, sitting on the floor. Her legs and hands were still tied. She was sitting quietly this time. She wasn't struggling to free herself as she usually does. She was staring silently at the floor. The door suddenly opened and light flashed inside the room. Angel raised her head to see the chubby guy that abducted her, standing at the door. He was carrying a plate of food. He walked to meet Angel and dropped the food beside her. He removed the bandage on her lips and untied her.

"your breakfast" he said.

"is this how things will continue every day. All you do is to bring me food in here. Why did you abduct me? what do you want from me? Why keep me here all day? Who asked you to abduct me? Is it Daniel?" Angel asked.

"you ask too many questions. Just eat your food." he responded

"that's all you keep telling me each day. Just tell me who asked you to abduct me, or tell me why you abducted me" Angel said.

"just eat your food" the guy responded

He stood up and left the room.


Jane sat in the sitting room watching a programme on tv. They just finished having breakfast and Jewel had gone to freshen up. Jane was so engrossed in the programme she was watching that she didn't realize when Jewel emerged from his room. He walked to meet her and tapped her shoulder. She turned and saw Jewel standing beside her.

"you seem to be enjoying the programme" Jewel said.

"yes o, it's very interesting" Jane responded with smiles.

"I see" Jewel said.

"are you going out?" Jane asked, when she saw Jewel dressed up.

"yes, I just want to go and see a friend. I won't be long" Jewel responded.

"okay my Jewel. Please take care" Jane said.

"you too" Jewel responded and planted a kiss on her lips.

He left the sitting room while Jane continued with the programme she was watching.


Jewel sat at the far left in a bar, drinking from the glass of wine on his table. Steven walked into the bar some minutes later. He went straight to meet Jewel and sat down opposite him.

"how are you Jewel?" Steven asked.

"I'm good" Jewel responded.

"why did you ask me to meet me here?" Steven asked.

"I have something to discuss with you" Jewel responded.

" what do you want to discuss with me?" Steven asked.

"can you get me someone that can hack a phone conversation?" Jewel asked.

"what do you need that for? which person's conversation do you want to listen to" Steven asked, curiously.

"I'm suspecting foul play somewhere, but I'm not really sure. I just want to confirm if my suspicions are right" Jewel responded.

"what foul play, and who are you suspecting?" Steven asked.

"I can't say anything now, because I'm not sure of anything. I don't want to start pointing accusing finger on an innocent person." Jewel responded.

"Jewel, what's going on. who are you trying to track?" Steven asked.

"you will know when the time is right. For now, just tell me if you know anyone that can hack a phone conversation" Jewel asked.

"can you get access to the person's phone you want to hack?" Steven asked.

"yes" Jewel responded.

"if that's the case, no need to look for someone that can hack the phone conversation. Just plant a bug on the phone and start listening to all phone conversation from the person" Steven said.

Jewel thought for a while.

"you know, you are right. That's what I will just do. That way I can confirm if my suspicions are right" Jewel responded.

"I hope this person you are trying to track hasn't committed any crime" Steven said.

"that's what I want to find out also. I will just plant a bug on the person's phone. That way I will listen to all phone calls from the person. Thank you very much for this idea" Jewel said.

"you are welcome. I just hope that whatever you are trying to do will not put you in danger" Steven said.

"you don't need to worry. My life is not in any danger" Jewel responded.

"okay, but you just have to be careful" Steven said.

"I will" Jewel responded.


Jane was seen pacing up and down in the sitting room. She seemed very worried. It was already 11pm and Jewel was not back. She had tried calling his number several times but his phone was switched off. After pacing aimlessly in the sitting room, she went to sit on the sofa. Just as she sat down, the sitting room door opened and Jewel staggered inside. Jane stood up immediately she saw him and rushed to meet him.

"Jewel, where have you been since morning. You made me so worried" Jane said, feeling concerned.

"I was with some friends" Jewel responded.

"what kind of friends will make you stay outside, up to this time. You have to stay away from them. They are bad influence" Jane said.

"you have nothing to worry about. They are just some old friends" Jewel responded and tried to walked to his room, but fell to the floor.

Jane quickly rushed to meet him and assisted him up.

"it seems you had too much to drink. You are drunk already" Jane said.

"I'm not drunk" Jewel responded.

"yes, you are drunk" Jane said.

"I'm not drunk. If I'm drunk I will know" Jewel responded.

"how will you know, when you are already drunk" Jane said.

"I'm not drunk. I didn't even drink much" Jewel responded.

"Okay, let me assist you to your room" Jane said.

She held Jewel's hands and led him to his room. They got to his room and she assisted him to lie on the bed. She sat beside him on the bed and stared into his eyes.

"please my Jewel, don't take too much alcohol again. I don't like seeing you like this" Jane said, sadly.

"can you please get me a glass of water?" Jewel requested.

"okay my Jewel" Jane responded and stood up.

She dropped her phone on the table and left the room to get the glass of water. Jewel stood up from the bed immediately Jane left and rushed to take Jane's phone on the table. He busied himself immediately with the phone, with his eyes fixed on the door.
When he heard approaching footsteps, he dropped the phone back on the table and quickly went to lie on the bed.

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