When Love Speaks (episode 71)

It was already approaching evening, but neither Daniel nor the guy working for him had gone to check if Angel is okay. They haven't given her anything to eat either. They both sat
in the sitting room, watching a programme on tv. Even if the programme was boring, they still manage it, since they couldn't go out of the house in order not to be seen. After a while of silence, the guy working for Daniel spoke.

"Aren't you going to give that lady something to eat. She hasn't tasted anything since morning. Not even water." he said.

"I will give her something to eat, but not now. I want her to realize that I was not joking when I said I will starve her until she agrees to be my girlfriend." Daniel responded.

Just when the guy was about to speak further, the sitting room door opened and Jane stomped into the sitting room. She walked straight to meet Daniel

"Jane" Daniel called and stood up.
"what are you doing here?"

"why did you contact me? I thought I made it clear that you shouldn't contact me. I thought I made it clear that I will always be the one to contact you. why then did you contact me? What if Jewel had seen the text message you sent me" Jane said, angrily.

Daniel stared at her confused,  as he couldn't understand what she was talking about.

"but I didn't contact you" Daniel responded.

"what are you saying. Are you not the one that text me to meet you here?" Jane asked.

"I didn't send you any text. I'm even surprised to see you here" Daniel responded.

"what are you saying? Is this text message not from you?" Jane asked and showed Daniel the text message on her phone, for him to read.

'meet me at our usual meeting place. It's very urgent. I couldn't call or text you with my number, in order not to arouse suspicion. Don't call or text me back. Just meet me as soon as possible.'

Daniel turned to face her immediately, after reading the text message.

"but Jane, this is not my number" Daniel said.

"I know. you said you couldn't text with your number." Jane responded.

Daniel turned to face the guy beside him.

"go and stand guard outside" Daniel said to him.

"okay" he responded and immediately left the sitting room.

Daniel turned to face Jane immediately the guy left.

"Jane, this text isn't from me. I didn't send you any text message" Daniel said.

"if it wasn't from you, then who sent me the text?" Jane asked.

"I don't know. Maybe it could be from someone you are having other illegal business with" Daniel responded.

"do not insult me. I'm not as evil as you are. I contacted you because I realized that we have common goal, which is to make sure that Jewel and Angel are separated. If not for that, I wouldn't have contacted you. I wouldn't have informed you that the police were coming for you back then.
so don't think I'm as evil as you are" Jane said.

"okay sorry" Daniel apologized.

"where is Angel by the way?" Jane asked.

"she is still locked up in a room. Will you like to see her?" Daniel asked.

"no, no, no. I don't want her to realize that I have a hand in her abduction" Jane responded.

"okay" Daniel responded.

"since you didn't ask me to meet you here, let me start leaving before someone else sees me here" Jane said.

"okay" Daniel responded.

Just as Jane tried to stand up,  they heard gunshot outside. They froze immediately. They stared at each other in shock.

"what was that?" Jane asked in fear.

"I don't know" Daniel responded.
"wait here let me see what is going on outside."

Daniel stood up, brought out a gun and carefully walked to the door. He slowly opened the door and looked both sides, but didn't see anyone in the compound. Not even the guy working for him could be seen. He came out from the sitting room and carefully walked to the back of the compound. He froze when he got to the back of the compound and saw the guy working for him lying flat on the floor. His body was covered with blood. Daniel stared at him in shock. He walked to meet him and squatted beside him. He felt his pulse and realized that he is dead. Just as he tried to stand up, he felt an object placed on his head from behind.

"don't move" he heard behind him.
"drop your gun and slowly stand up"

He dropped his gun and slowly stood up.

"now, slowly turned" he heard.

Daniel turned and saw three police officers pointing guns at him. That was when he realized he had finally been caught.

"Daniel, you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Angel, attempting murder of Jessica, and the murder of two guys known as Sniper and Gunshot. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do, will be used against you in a court of law." One of the police officer said and immediately handcuffed him.


Jane sat alone in the sitting room, waiting for Daniel. She had been sitting there alone for a while. She was very worried and scared. She heard a knock on the door and immediately turned her direction to the door.

"Daniel, is that you?" she asked anxiously, but got no response.

"Daniel" she called, but got no response.

She stood up and quietly walked to the door. She slowly opened the door and froze when she saw Jewel and two police officers standing at the door. She stared at them open-mouthed.

"it's over, Jane" Jewel said.
"do you think you can deceive me?"

Jane didn't respond. She only stared silently at Jewel.

"You are under arrest for the kidnapping of miss Angel Owen. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you do or say will be used against you in a court of law" one of the police officers said and handcuffed her.

Jewel brushed past her and entered the sitting room to look for Angel. He walked to the first door he saw and opened it, but didn't find Angel inside the room.  He quickly rushed to the next room and opened the door to see Angel sitting on the floor. Her legs and hands were tied.

"my Angel!" he exclaimed and immediately rushed to meet her.

He until her immediately.

"my Jewel" Angel called almost tearing up.
"you came for me"

"yes my Angel" Jewel responded.

They hugged each other immediately.

"I know you will come for me." Angel said, emotionally.

"I'm sorry for coming late" Jewel responded.

She freed him and stared into his eyes.

"but how did you find me here?" Angel asked.

"Jane led me to you. She connived with Daniel to arrange your kidnap." Jewel responded.

"are you serious" Angel said in disbelief.

"yes, but you don't have to worry my Angel. They have been arrested" Jewel responded.

"but how did you get to know that Jane was involved in this?" Angel asked.

"I became suspicious of her when I realized that she knew you were coming to my place before that tanker explosion. I set a trap for her and she fell easily into it. That's why I was able to rescue you" Jewel responded.

"thank you very much my Jewel. I knew you will come to my rescue." Angel said and hugged him again.
"But how did you know I'm still alive, even when my car was also affected in that explosion?" Angel asked.

"I collected a dental record from your dentist and presented it to the forensic expert in charge of investigating the explosion, to see if your dental record matches any of the deceased own, but fortunately for me, it didn't match any." Jewel responded.

"thank you very much my Jewel." Angel said, emotionally.

"it's time to go home, my Angel" Jewel said.

"okay, my Jewel" Angel responded.

Jewel assisted her up and they both left the room together.


The atmosphere in the sitting room was tensed. Angel's parents hasn't gotten over the fact that they wouldn't be seeing their daughter again. The whole incident still seemed fresh in their minds. Henry, Jessica and Steven were seen in the sitting room with Angel's parents. They had visited just as they promised to do. They were all staring silently into air. After a while of deafening silence, Steven spoke.

"sir, what are your plans now" he said to Angel's father.

"I really don't know what to do. For now, we will just fix date for her wake.  We are already making all necessary preparations and the date for the wake will be announced soon" Her dad responded.

"we will do everything in our part to support you" Steven said.

Just when Angel's father was about to speak, the door suddenly opened and Jewel walked in.

"there won't be any wake" he interrupted their conversation.

They all stared at him, surprised.

"Jewel, why did you say that?" Steven asked.

"because Angel is not dead" Jewel responded.

They froze when Jewel said that. Even Angel's mum that hasn't been paying attention to their conversation,  suddenly stood up and focus all her attentions on Jewel.

"what are you saying?" Angel's mum asked, anxiously.

"yes, Angel is not dead" Jewel responded.

He turned to the door.

"Angel, please come in" Jewel said.

They stared anxiously at the door to see if Angel will come in just like Jewel said.

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