When Love Speaks (episode 72)

Everyone fixed their gaze on the door, waiting anxiously to see if Angel will walk into the sitting room just like Jewel said. The door slowly opened and Angel majestically
walked in through the door. They all froze when they saw her. Everyone stared at her open mouthed. It was as if the world paused for a minute, because no one was saying anything. They all stared silently at Angel in shock. They still couldn't believe that the Angel everyone thought was dead, was the same person standing in their front. After a while of deafening silence, Angel spoke.

"mum, dad!" Angel called.

Her mum slowly walked closer to her. She stood an inch away from her. Her hands were shaking as she stared at Angel in shock.

"Angel, is this really you?" she asked with a shaking voice.

"yes, mum. It's me" Angel responded,  smiling.

Her mum immediately hugged her and broke into tears. She wept as if she recently just lost her daughter. Her continuous weeping suddenly made Angel to start crying also. Her dad who couldn't shed tears when they thought Angel had died, finally started shedding tears of joy. He walked to meet Angel and hugged her also. What seemed to be a moment of sorrow for the family had suddenly become a moment of joy, within a space of some seconds. Henry, Jessica and Steven looked on in amazement. The kind of happiness they felt in their heart is one that couldn't be expressed with words or action. After embracing her father for a while,  Angel turned to face Jessica.

"Jessica!" she called, happily.

"Angel" Jessica responded, emotionally and immediately rushed to embrace her.

They hugged each other tightly. Henry and Steven walked to meet Jewel who couldn't hide the smile on his face.

"how did this happen?" Steven asked in amazement.

"Angel wasn't involved in that explosion. She was kidnapped by Daniel and Jane" Jewel responded.

"you don't mean it. So all these while we thought Angel was dead, she was being held hostage by Daniel and Jane. But how did you manage to rescue her?" Steven asked.

"I will explain that to you later. But for now, I'm just so happy that my Angel is alive." Jewel responded.

"this calls for celebration. We need to pop champagne" Henry screamed, happily.

"yes o. We need to celebrate this" Steven responded.

"then let's go get some bottles of champagne and start celebrating already" Henry said.

"let's go then" Steven responded.

"I'm coming with you guys" Jewel added.

"then let's start going. I will so drink myself to stupor tonight" Steven said.

Jewel turned to face Angel.

"my Angel, I need to quickly get some bottles of champagne. I will be back in few minutes." he said.

"okay my Jewel" Angel responded.

Jewel turned to face Steven and Henry.

"let's start going guys" he said, happily.

They left the sitting room to get some bottles of champagne, while Angel, her parents and Jessica continued in their merriment.


Jessica plodded into her room and sat on her bed. She was exhausted. She was just returning from Angel's parents house. She was extremely happy. She hasn't been so happy all her life. She couldn't believe that Angel could still return to them after everyone thought she was dead. She felt so much relief. Henry was still having fun with Jewel and Steven. She couldn't wait for him because she was very tired. She took off her shoe and walked to the bathroom to have a cool shower. She emerged from her bathroom few minutes later to see her phone ringing on her bed. She took the phone from her bed and realized it was an international call. She stared at the phone, wondering who could be calling her. After staring silently at her phone for a while,  She answered the call.

"hello" she said.

"hello Jessica.  How are you?" the caller asked, happily.

"I'm fine. Please who is this?" Jessica asked.

"it's me, Lucy, your cousin." She responded, happily.

"wow!" Jessica exclaimed.
"Lucy, is this really you?"

"yes o, it's me" Lucy responded.

"wow Lucy! how are you?" Jessica asked.

"I'm fine and you?" Lucy asked.

"I'm very fine" Jessica responded.

"I'm glad to hear that" Lucy said.

"it's been a long time" Jessica said.

"yes, three years already" Lucy responded.

Jessica's mood suddenly changed.

"Lucy, you know I'm angry with you. You promised to keep in touch with me when you get to the U.S, but you never did. You never called me all these years until now" Jessica said.

"I'm very sorry about that. It wasn't my fault that I couldn't call you all these while. You know that the main reason why my parents had to force me to come live with them in the U.S is because, they realized we were still communicating, after what happened. They shut all means of communication when I got to the U.S. That's why I haven't called you all these while" Lucy explained.

Even though Jessica and Lucy had been very close to each other right from their university days, same couldn't be said for their parents. Their parents had been at loggerheads for many years. Both families had been having serious issues for many years which had led to several court case, but Jessica and Lucy didn't allow that to affect their relationship. They kept being friends despite the problem their parents were having. While Lucy parents were extremely rich, and were based in the U.S, same couldn't be said for Jessica's parents who were just civil servants. Lucy had earlier rejected her parents decision for her to study abroad. She had applied in the same university with her cousin, Jessica, but when her parents got to know that she was still keeping in touch with Jessica, they had forcefully took her to the U.S to complete her study there. And that was where she had been ever since. She and Jessica had lost contact and had never spoken since then until Lucy called.

"So Lucy, how is things over there?" Jessica asked, with her phone still placed on her ear.

"I won't say everything is fine" Lucy responded.

"what happened?" Jessica asked.

"you won't believe what I'm going through right now" Lucy responded.

"what happened? Lucy talk to me" Jessica said,  curiously.

"I'm about to get married to a guy I have never met or seen before. My parents had already arranged everything without informing me" Lucy responded, sadly.

"how is that possible? please explain everything to me" Jessica said.

"for some time now, my dad's business hasn't been performing well. The business is gradually becoming insolvent. He had already agreed to merge his company with another company. The only way the merger will be possible is if I get married to the vice president of the other company, who happens to be the chairman of the company's grandson" Lucy responded, sadly.

"this is serious. Are you saying that your parents are planning to marry you off to someone you have never met or seen in order to save their company" Jessica said.

"yes o. they want to marry me off to a guy I don't know" Lucy responded.

"so what will you do? What are your plans? Are you going to accept that? " Jessica asked.

"It is not like I have a choice. As we speak now, everything had already being decided on. We will be returning back to the country any moment from now for the introduction. The guy in question is there in the country, managing his grandpa's company, but the grandpa is here with us in the U.S, and he had agreed to a merger after I marry his grandson." Lucy responded.

"so your parents are willing to sacrifice your happiness just to save their company. So they will allow you go into a marriage they know you might not be happy in" Jessica said.

"what can I do. My only prayers now is that the guy won't be someone that will make my life miserable. I just pray he is someone nice and loving. At least, that way, I will learn to love him also" Lucy responded.

"does the guy in question know about this planned marriage?" Jessica asked.

"I don't know. I have never seen him and he hasn't seen me also. We will be seeing each other for the first time when I return to the country" Lucy responded.

"I pray you find happiness in your marriage" Jessica said.

"that's my prayer too." Lucy responded.
"okay, enough about me. Tell me about yourself. Are you dating anyone? do you have a boyfriend?"

"I just don't have a boyfriend. I have a fiancé" Jessica responded.

"wow! Jessica you are already engaged" Lucy said.

"yes o, I'm engaged to the love of my life" Jessica responded, happily.

"so tell me, who is the lucky guy?" Lucy asked.

"Henry" Jessica responded.

"which Henry?" Lucy asked.

"Henry, our course mate at the university" Jessica responded.

"wow! you don't mean it. Jessica, are you serious?" Lucy asked.

"yes dear. I'm serious" Jessica responded.

"wow! that means you guys would have been dating for a long time" Lucy said.

"yes o" Jessica responded.

"why didn't I notice this when we were at the university. I only see you guys as friends back then" Lucy said.

"don't mind Henry. It took him years to see the green light I was showing him" Jessica responded.

"we have a lot to talk about. We will continue when I finally return to the country." Lucy said.

"okay dear. Please return already. I have missed you a lot." Jessica said.

"I have missed you too. I will talk to you later" Lucy said.

"okay dear" Jessica responded.

"see you soon" Lucy said.

"see you too" Jessica responded and ended the call.

She stared at her phone screen with her face curved in a smile.


When Love Speaks (episode 81)

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