When Love Speaks (episode 73)

It was a new day. Jewel stretched lazily on his bed and reluctantly sat up. He was having a headache, as a result of the excess drink he had at Angel parents' house. He had retired
to his grandpa's mansion after a great night at Angel parents' place. Angel had decided to spend the night at her parents' house. He got home very late and immediately went to bed after having his bath. He stretched once more and stood up from his bed to begin the day's activities.

"today is going to be a great day" he said and walked to the bathroom to freshen up.

He emerged from his bathroom minutes later and sat on his bed. He picked up his phone from his bed and dialed Angel's number. He just wanted to hear her voice.

"my Jewel" Angel's voice sounded at the other end.

"hey, my Angel. Good morning" Jewel greeted.

"good morning my Jewel" Angel responded.

"how was your night?" Jewel asked.

"peaceful. I slept like a baby. I haven't had such a peaceful sleep in a while now." Angel responded.

"I could imagine" Jewel said.
"should we go out for lunch today?"

"no need to go out. I'm about returning to my apartment. Just come to my place let's have lunch together in my house. I will prepare lunch" Angel responded.

"okay, that will be nice. That way, I can spend time with you" Jewel said.

"yes, my Jewel. I want to spend quality time with you too. I miss you so much" Angel responded.

"I will just dress up and start coming already" Jewel said.

"I will be waiting, my Jewel" Angel responded.

"okay baby, see you soon" Jewel said and ended the call.

He dressed up, took his shoes and walked to the sitting room. He sat on the sofa and put on his shoes. A knock sounded on his door few minutes later. The door opened almost immediately and Steven walked in. He walked straight to meet Jewel and shook hands with him.

"you had too much to drink last night. I hope you are okay?" Steven asked and sat down beside him on the sofa.

"yes, I'm fine now" Jewel responded.

"since everything has been resolved now, and things had gone back to normal. I think it's proper to discuss business." Steven said.

"yes, I was even about to tell you that I will be assuming office as the vice president of the company from next week." Jewel responded.

"wow! that's great then" Steven said.

"so, what do you want to discuss with me?" Jewel asked.

"my personal assistant just resigned. I will need a new personal assistant. My problem now is how to get a personal assistant that is as trustworthy as my previous one within a short period of time" Steven said.

"there will be no need looking for another personal assistant. Just make Ella your personal assistant" Jewel responded.

"which Ella?" Steven asked.

"the Ella that once worked as a cleaner in the company. She is trustworthy" Jewel responded.

"sorry, I can't make her my personal assistant?" Steven said.

"why?" Jewel asked.

"I don't work closely with ladies. Not after my sour experience with them. They are not to be trusted. They can ruin one's life in a space of some seconds. I need a male assistant" Steven responded.

"I don't know about whatever experience you might have had in the past, but you shouldn't judge everyone else based on that. Just because you have encountered ladies in the past who broke your trust, doesn't mean every other lady will do the same. I can assure you that Ella is trustworthy. I might not have known her for a long time, but the few times I have been with her, she has proven to be trustworthy" Jewel said.

"making her my personal assistant means I will have to see her face everyday at work. I will have to put up with her irritating attitude each day at work. I really don't need that kind of stress in my life right now" Steven responded.

"you don't even know this lady very much, and you are already condemning her." Jewel said.

"that's because they are all the same" Steven responded.

"so, what will you say about my Angel?" Jewel asked.

"you are just fortunate to have found a lady like that" Steven responded.

"that's the point. If you haven't known her, you would have condemned her also. Do not judge people based on your past experience. Moreover, this is a business decision and nothing more. You should learn to separate business from your personal life" Jewel said.

"okay, you are the boss. Since you say I should make her my personal assistant, I will do as you say. Who am I to object" Steven responded.

"I just know she is perfect for the job" Jewel said.

"I hope you are correct about her" Steven said.

"just watch and see" Jewel responded.

"if you say so" Steven said.

"I was about going out before you came. I'm going to Angel's apartment.  We want to have lunch together" Jewel said.

"oh! let me start leaving then" Steven responded and stood up.

Jewel stood up also and they both left the sitting room.


Angel was already done preparing lunch. She had also set the dining for lunch. All she was waiting for is for Jewel to arrive so that they could eat. She sat in the sitting room waiting patiently for him. After sitting there for a while, she heard a knock on the door. She quickly rushed to see who was at the door. She opened the door and saw Jewel.

"my Jewel" she called and immediately hugged him.

"how are you, my Angel?" Jewel asked.

"I'm fine, my Jewel. please come in" she said and gave way for him to enter.

He entered and she led him to the dining.

"wow!" Jewel exclaimed when he saw different kind of food on the dining table.
"my Angel, you prepared all these?"

"yes, my Jewel. Please have a seat and let me serve you" Angel said.

Jewel sat down and she served him the food. She also served herself, and they ate silently. When they were done eating, Angel cleared the dining while Jewel went to sit in the sitting room. He focused his gaze on the T.V. Angel walked to meet him few minutes later.

"my Jewel, I will just go and freshen up." she said.

"okay" Jewel responded.

Angel walked to her room to freshen up, While Jewel fixed his gaze back on the programme he was watching.

After a while of sitting alone in the sitting room, Jewel heard footsteps and turned to see Angel walking seductively towards him. She just finished having her bath and water was dripping from her body. She was wearing a white shirt, which really didn't cover much. Jewel looked on in admiration as she approached him. Angel got to him and sat on his thighs.  Without any preamble, she wrapped her hands around his shouder and immediately covered his lips with hers in a hungry kiss. Jewel responded and they kissed passionately. Angel took off his shirt and dropped it on the floor. Just as she tried to unzip his trousers, Jewel phone started vibrating beside him on the sofa. He ignored it at first, but when it continued vibrating, he suddenly stopped.

"let me switch off the phone" he said to Angel.

"okay" Angel responded and stood up from his thighs.

Jewel took the phone on the sofa to switch it off, only to realize that the call was from his grandpa.

"sorry my Angel. I have to pick this call. It's from my grandpa." Jewel said and immediately stood up.

"okay, go ahead and answer the call." Angel responded.

He answered the call immediately

"grandpa!" he called, happily.

"Jewel,  how are you?" his grandpa's voice sounded at the other end.

"I'm fine grandpa." Jewel responded.

"where are you now?" his grandpa asked.

"I'm at home" Jewel responded.

"okay, I just arrived the country. I'm at the airport right now, and will be heading straight home" his grandpa said.

Jewel stared at his phone screen once more to realize that his grandpa was calling with his local number.

"wow grandpa! you are back to the country. I'm coming straight to the airport to pick you up." Jewel said, happily.

"no need for that. I have already sent for my driver" his grandpa responded.

"okay grandpa. I will be waiting for you at home." Jewel said.

"okay, I'm coming. We have a lot to discuss" his grandpa said.

"I also have a lot to tell you, grandpa" Jewel responded.

"we will discuss when I get back then" his grandpa said.

"okay grandpa" Jewel responded and ended the call.

He turned to face Angel immediately.

"grandpa is back to the country. You will finally meet my grandpa. I will finally introduce you to my grandpa as the love of my life." Jewel said, happily.

"wow! I can't wait to meet your grandpa" Angel responded, happily.

"my Angel, I need to rush back home. I need to be at home to welcome my grandpa" Jewel said.

"okay my Jewel. you can go ahead" Angel responded.

Jewel picked up his shirt from the floor and wore it back. He planted a kiss on Angel's lips and left the house immediately.

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