When Love Speaks (episode 74)

She stretched lazily on her bed and reluctantly opened her eyes. She observed the room and smile when she realized she was in her room in the country. She wasn't dreaming.
She was back to the country, after many years of staying abroad with her parent.

"it feels so good to be back home" she said and sat up.
"I really miss home"

Her door suddenly opened and her mum walked in.

"good morning mum" she greeted.

"good morning Lucy" her mum responded.
"get up from your bed and freshen up. We have to get some provisions from the supermarket. We don't have any food stuff at home."

"okay mum" Lucy responded and stood up.

"when you are ready, meet me in the sitting room" her mum said.

"okay mum" Lucy responded.

Lucy's mum left the room, while Lucy walked to her bathroom to freshen up.


It was a new day and new task at Edward Empire. Steven sat in his office going through some documents. A knock suddenly sounded on his door.

"come in" he said, without taking his gaze off the documents he was going through.

The door opened and Ella walked in.

"good morning sir" she greeted.
"you sent for me"

Steven didn't respond, neither did he look up from the documents his was going through. He only pointed at the visitors' seat for her to sit.

"thank you sir" Ella said and sat down.

She sat quietly, waiting for Steven to state his reason for inviting her to his office. After a while of sitting quietly, he still didn't say anything to her, neither did he look up from the documents he was going through.

"sir, you sent for me" Ella repeated what she had said earlier.

Steven looked up from the document for the first time since Ella came into his office. He fixed a steady gaze on her. Ella suddenly became unsettled. She couldn't understand while Steven was boring holes on her body, with his eyes.

"what did you do that made you earn the vice president trust?" Steven asked.

Ella stared at him confused. She didn't understand what Steven was talking about. As far as she knew, she had never met or seen the vice president of the company. So, she didn't seem to understand which vice president Steven was talking about.

"I don't understand sir" she said, confused.

Steven stood up and walked to the door, but Ella remained seated. He stopped halfway and turned to face her.

"follow me" he said.

Ella stood up immediately and followed behind him. He led her to a well furnished office next to his.

"this is your office" he said once they are inside the office.

Ella stared at him confused. She didn't understand what he was saying.

"you are now my personal assistant. You will be working directly under me" Steven continued.

Ella stared at him in amazement. She couldn't believe what she just heard.

"are you serious sir?" she asked, happily.

"you should be thankful to the vice president of the company. He recommended you to me" Steven said.

"I'm very thankful sir. Thank you very much sir. Thank you very much sir." Ella responded, happily.

"I hope I won't regret giving you this position" Steven said.

"I promise you sir, you will never regret giving me this position. I will work very hard." Ella responded.

"you can now transfer your things to your new office, because work begins immediately" Steven said.

"I will start transferring my things now sir" Ella responded.

"let me leave you to begin then" Steven said and left the office.

"yes!" Ella screamed in excitement immediately Steven left.
"I can't believe this. A new office for me. It's just promotion upon promotion for me. I'm very grateful to God for his marvelous work in my life"

She observed her new office for a while, then left immediately to start transferring her things to her new office.


Jewel's car pulled to a stop in front of a shopping mall. He alighted from his car and walked towards the mall. Just as he tried to enter the mall, he heard someone screaming his name from behind. He turned and saw Lucy waving at him from afar.

"oh my God!" he exclaimed.
"is that not Lucy?"

They hurried towards each other and embraced immediately they met.

"wow, Lucy is this really you?" Jewel asked, amazed.

"yes o, it's me. Wow! you look great" Lucy complimented.

"thanks. It's been a long time" Jewel said.

"yes, 7years or more" Lucy responded.

"I'm so happy to see you again" Jewel said.

Lucy stared at him in amazement. She never expected to see him so soon. Someone she once had a crush on, back then at the university.

"so tell me Jewel, what happened after your expulsion from school, because that was the last time I saw you" Lucy said.

"I went abroad to complete my study" Jewel responded.

"wow! I'm happy to hear this. You did very well for yourself." Lucy said.

"thanks" Jewel responded.

"is that your car?" Lucy asked, pointing at Jewel's Lamborghini Aventador.

"yes, that's mine" Jewel responded.

"wow, that means you have achieved so much for yourself, for you to be able to afford that. I'm very happy for you" Lucy said.

"thanks. So tell me, where have you been all these while?" Jewel asked.

"I have been in U.S all these while. That's where my parents are based. That's where I completed my study." Lucy responded.

"no wonder, because I have seen your cousin, Jessica, but haven't seen you" Jewel said.

"you have seen Jessica already" Lucy said.

"yes" Jewel responded.

"that means you must be aware that she's engaged to Henry" Lucy said.

"yes, I'm aware of that" Jewel responded.

"those two are destined for each other. They have been friends right from our university days, and now they are finally tying the knot." Lucy said.

"yes, you are right about that." Jewel responded.

"so what about you? Is there a woman in your life?" Lucy asked.

"yes o, Angel is the woman in my life" Jewel responded.

"are you talking about Angel, our course mate at the university?" Lucy asked.

"yes" Jewel responded.

"you don't mean it" Lucy exclaimed.
"I knew there was something going on between you two, back then at the university, but I never thought you guys will still be together up till now"

"we really didn't date back then at the university.  We started dating when we met again" Jewel responded.

"it seems you have already met with almost all of our course mate at the university." Lucy said.

"yes, I have met with most of them" Jewel responded.

"what about Francis, have you seen him?" Lucy asked.

Even though she hate to hear the mention of that name, Francis, after what he did to her, she just couldn't help but to ask of him.

"you just reminded me of him. I haven't seen or heard anything from him." Jewel responded.

"so no one has heard anything from that coward" Lucy said, angrily.

"why did you call him a coward? What did Francis do to you?" Jewel asked, curiously.

"let's leave that topic for another day." Lucy responded.

"okay, so tell me, do you have a man in your life?" Jewel asked.

"it's complicated." Lucy responded.

"what do you mean by it's complicated?" Jewel asked.

"my parents are planning to marry me off to a guy I have never met or seen before." Lucy responded, sadly.

"why will your parents do sure a thing?" Jewel asked.

"in order to save the family business" Lucy responded.

"will you agree to such marriage. Will you agree to marry someone you have never met or seen before?" Jewel asked.

"I don't have a choice. Everything was decided without even informing me. That's the main reason why we returned to the country. So that I could be introduced to the guy." Lucy responded.

"this is bad. How can your parents do such a thing to you. Marrying you off to someone you don't know. So, their business is more important than your happiness." Jewel said.

"my only prayer now is that I find happiness in my marriage" Lucy said.

"I'm really not happy to hear this." Jewel said, sadly.

"I need to start leaving. I came with my mother to that supermarket to get some provisions." Lucy said, pointing to a supermarket opposite them.
"my mother will be waiting for me now. I need to go back to her."

"okay, you can start going" Jewel responded.

"see you some other time" Lucy said.

"let me have your number" Jewel said and stretched his phone to her.

She collected the phone, type in her number and returned the phone to Jewel.

"okay, I will give you a call" Jewel said.

She immediately hugged him tightly. She freed him and stared into his eyes.

"make sure you call me" she said.

"of course I will" Jewel responded.

"bye" she said.

"bye" Jewel responded.

She turned and headed back to the supermarket to meet her mum, while Jewel walked into the mall to get whatever that brought him there.

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Like have said before....

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