When Love Speaks (episode 75)

Steven sat in his office, going through some documents. He had been so busy that he didn't go for lunch when it was lunch break. A knock suddenly sounded on his door.

"come in" he said, without taking his gaze off the documents.

The door opened and Ella walked in holding a file.

"sir, these are the documents you asked me to work on." Ella said and stretched the file to Steven.

Steven looked up from his desk.

"so fast?" he asked, surprised.

"yes sir. I prepared it during the lunch break. I didn't go out for lunch" Ella responded.

"I see" Steven said and collected the file.

"sir, I will like to ask for permission to go and get something to eat, since I didn't go out for lunch." Ella said.

"okay, permission granted" Steven responded.

Ella turned and left his office, while Steven fixed his gaze back on the documents he was working on.

A knock sounded on his door 30 minutes later.

"come in" he said, with his gaze still fixed on the documents.

The door opened and Ella walked in, carrying a takeaway. She walked to meet Steven and dropped the takeaway on his desk. Steven looked up and saw the takeaway on his desk.

"what's this?" he asked.

"I realized you didn't go out for lunch, so I decided to get you lunch when I went to get mine" Ella responded.

"and who told you to get me lunch. If I want to have lunch, I know where to get it. Now pick up this rubbish from my desk." Steven said, rudely.

Ella stared at him in shock. She never expected him to act that way. She was expecting at least a thank you from him, and not the rude response she got from him.

"are you deaf or something. I said you should pick up this rubbish from my desk" Steven repeated.

"I'm sorry sir" Ella responded and immediately picked up the takeaway from his desk.

She turned immediately and walked to the door.

"come back here" Steven ordered.

She stopped and turned to face him.

"let this not repeat itself. Never in your life should you repeat such a thing." Steven warned.

"yes sir" Ella responded.

"that's how they are. They will mask their true attitude and act nice only for you to let guard down.  Once you let guard down, they will strike." Steven muttered under his breath.

Ella didn't respond. She only lowered her head in embarrassment. She suddenly wished she didn't get him the lunch.

"what are you still doing here? Will you go and continue with your work." Steven barked.

"sorry sir" Ella apologized and immediately left his office in embarrassment.

Steven hissed and continued with what he was doing.


It was already 8:pm. Jewel was seen lying on his bed. He was staring blankly into air. He suddenly sat up.

"I need to inform grandpa now" he said.

He stood up from his bed and left his room. He walked towards his grandpa room and knocked when he got to the door. He opened the door and entered, without waiting for response. His grandpa was seen lying on his bed when Jewel walked in. Jewel walked to sit beside him on the bed.

"grandpa, are you asleep?" Jewel asked.

"no, is there a problem?" his grandpa asked.

"There's something I want to tell you" Jewel responded.

"what is it?" his grandpa asked and sat up.

"grandpa, there's someone I will like to introduce to you tomorrow" Jewel said.

"why tomorrow? tomorrow will be a very busy day for us. Infact, we are both going out tomorrow. I will like to introduce you to someone tomorrow, and it's very important. So tomorrow won't be possible for you to introduce anyone to me" his grandpa responded.

"okay grandpa. A day after tomorrow then" Jewel said.

"that will be better" his grandpa responded.

"I will return to my room then." Jewel said.

"okay, but just have it at the back of your mind that we are going out tomorrow. I want to introduce you to someone." his grandpa said.

"okay grandpa" Jewel responded.

He stood up and left his grandpa's room, while his grandpa lay back on his bed.


It was a new day. Jewel sat in the sitting room, waiting for his grandpa to come out from his room, so that they could start going to wherever he was taking him to. He had dressed up and was ready to go. He made himself believed his grandpa was taking him to see some shareholders of the company. He sat alone in the sitting room, staring into air. The sitting room door suddenly opened and Steven walked in. He walked straight to meet Jewel and shook hands with with.

"what are you doing here?" Jewel asked, surprised, because he never remembered inviting him to the house.

"your grandpa sent for me. He told me to come and accompany you guys to somewhere" Steven responded and sat on the sofa.

"Are you also going with us?" Jewel asked.

"yes" Steven responded.
"where are we actually going to?"

"I don't know. Maybe he wants to introduce me to some members of the board as the vice president of the company." Jewel responded.

"yes, that should be the case. That's why he invited me also" Steven said.

"yes, that's it. He hasn't introduced me to the board yet, and he thought it's the right time now" Jewel said.

His grandpa emerged from his room, while they were still having their conversation.

"good morning sir" Steven greeted and stood up immediately he saw Jewel's grandpa.

"good morning Steven. How are you?"

"I'm fine sir" steven responded.

"and your father?" Jewel's grandpa asked.

"he is fine sir" Steven responded.

"that's good to hear" Jewel's grandpa said.

"thank you sir" Steven responded.

"I can see you guys are ready" Jewel's grandpa said.

"yes sir" Jewel and Steven chorused.

"okay then, let's start leaving" Jewel's grandpa said.

Jewel stood up and they all left the sitting room.


A car pulled to a stop in front of a gigantic black gate. The car honked and the gateman opened the gate. The car drove into the wide and beautiful compound and parked at the parking lot. Jewel, his grandpa and Steven alighted from the car. They stared at the magnificent building before them. The gateman went to meet Jewel's grandpa and prostrated before him.

"welcome sir" the gateman said.

"thank you. Is your boss around?" Jewel's grandpa asked.

"yes sir. He is waiting for you inside" the gateman responded.

"okay, we will go inside them" Jewel's grandpa said.

They turned and walked towards the entrance of the building. They entered the building and walked into a large and very beautiful sitting room. A man and his wife were already sitting in the sitting room when they walked in.

The man and his wife stood up immediately they saw them.

"Chairman Edward, you are here already" the man said to Jewel's grandpa.

"yes, CEO Jude. We are here" Jewel's grandpa responded.

"welcome Chairman Edward. Please have a sit" CEO Jude said.

"thank you" Chairman Edward responded and sat comfortably on the sofa.

Jewel and Steven also sat down.

"welcome to our home, Chairman Edward" CEO Jude's wife said.

"thank you, Mrs Jude" Chairman Edward responded.

CEO Jude turned to face Mrs Jude.

"what are you waiting for? Go and call our daughter in her room. Tell her that our visitors are here." CEO Jude said.

"okay, let me go and call her immediately." Mrs Jude responded.

She turned and left the sitting room immediately to call her daughter.

"so Chairman Edward, which of this handsome young men is your grandson?" CEO Jude asked.

"this is my grandson. The grandson I'm very proud of" Chairman Edward responded and patted Jewel's shoulder.
"his name is Jewel"

"what a handsome young man. You are welcome to our home, Vice President Edward" CEO Jude said and stretched hand for a handshake.

"thank you" Jewel responded and shook hands with him.

Mrs Jude walked back into the sitting room, without bringing her daughter along. She walked to meet her husband.

"she will be here in a minute" she said.

"okay" CEO Jude responded.

Steven's phone suddenly started ringing. He brought it out from his pocket and stared at the screen.

"excuse me" he said and excused himself immediately.

He left the sitting room and walked to a secluded place to answer his call. After speaking to whoever that call him, he turned to go back into the sitting room, but bumped into Lucy who was also about entering the sitting room.

"sorry" Steven apologized.

Lucy didn't respond. She only glared at him. Steven stared at her confused, not sure why she was glaring at him. After staring silently at each other for a while, Lucy spoke.

"so you are the guy" she said.

"which guy?" Steven asked, confused.

"how can you agree to marry someone you have never met or seen before. Why can't you choose your own wife yourself? So in the whole world, you didn't see any lady to get married to, that you have to allow your parent to choose a wife for you. How can you agree to marry someone you don't love. Isn't that very stupid of you. How will you find happiness in your marriage when you don't love the person you got married to. You much be very silly for agreeing to such decision" Lucy poured out her frustration on Steven.

Steven stared at her, confused. He couldn't understand a thing from what she was saying. For a moment, he thought that the lady standing in his front was insane. He stared at her for a while, then immediately walked into the sitting room, without replying her. Lucy sighed in frustration and walked into the sitting room also. She paused halfway when she saw Jewel in the sitting room.

"Jewel!" she exclaimed.

"Lucy!" Jewel called, surprised, and immediately stood up.

"what are you doing here?" Lucy asked.

"I came here with my grandpa" Jewel responded.

"Is Chairman Edward your grandpa?" Lucy asked, surprised.

"yes" Jewel responded.

Lucy's face curved in a smile when she heard that.

"you guys know each other?" chairman Edward asked, surprised.

"yes grandpa. Lucy was my course mate back then at the university." Jewel responded.

"that makes everything easy then." Chairman Edward said.
"Jewel, you and Lucy will be getting married very soon"

Jewel froze when he heard that.

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