When Love Speaks (episode 76)

Jewel froze when he heard that. He couldn't believe what he just heard. That was the biggest shock of his life. He stared from his grandpa to Lucy's father, back to his grandpa, hoping to
hear that it was just a joke. He was dumbfounded. His grandpa statement had suddenly made him to lose his voice. He didn't see that coming. He stared at his grandpa in shock.

"since you guys already know each other, so let's sit down and discuss the marriage arrangement" Chairman Edward continued.

"grandpa!" Jewel exclaimed, suddenly regaining his voice.
"what's the meaning of this?"

"what's the meaning of what?" Chairman Edward asked.

"what marriage are you talking about?" Jewel asked.

"your marriage with Lucy" Chairman Edward responded.

"I can't believe this." Jewel said in disbelief.
"So you have already arranged a marriage for me without informing me"

"I'm doing it for you to have a better future. This is a business decision. One day you will have to run the company yourself. I'm only trying to secure your future." Chairman Edward responded.

"I'm sorry grandpa. I can't be part of this. I'm leaving this place now" Jewel said and walked angrily to the door.

"Jewel come back here. Jewel come back here I say" Chairman Edward ordered.

His order fell on deaf ears, because Jewel didn't turned back until he left the sitting room.

Chairman Edward turned to face CEO Jude once Jewel left.

"I apologize for what he just did. He is just acting that way because I didn't inform him before now. I promise you that he will come back to apologize. I'm 100% certain that the marriage will take place. Nothing will stop the marriage." Chairman Edward said.

"I know it will take place. Children of nowadays, that's how they behave. That was the same way my daughter reacted when I informed her about the marriage. But she has accepted it now." CEO Jude responded.

"his father too was like that. He rejected the woman I chose for him and married someone else. I wasn't too strict with his father, that was why he could go against my decision, but this time around, I will be extremely strict with Jewel that he will have no other option than to accept your daughter. So, I'm telling you once more that this marriage is 100% certain." Chairman Edward said.

"I'm certain about that too" CEO Jude responded.

"Since this meeting won't hold today, we will have to arrange another one." Chairman Edward said.

"yes, that's what we will do" CEO Jude responded.

"I will take my leave now. I need to go and talk some senses into my grandson's head." Chairman Edward said.

"okay, chairman Edward" CEO Jude responded.

Chairman Edward turned to face Steven.

"Steven, let's start going back home" he said.

"okay sir" Steven responded.

Chairman Edward shook hands with CEO Jude and left with Steven.


Chairman Edward opened the door to his sitting room and stormed in. Steven followed behind him. He walked angrily to Jewel room. He pushed the door open and saw Jewel lying on his bed. He walked angrily to meet him. Steven followed behind him also. Jewel sat up immediately he saw them.

"what was the meaning of what you did back then?" Chairman Edward asked.

"grandpa, I'm sorry. I can't agree to what you want me to do." Jewel said.

"Didn't I tell you it's a business decision. Your marriage to her will improve our business outlook. We are going to merge one of our company in U.S with theirs" Chairman Edward said.

"grandpa, I can't sacrifice my happiness just to improve the company outlook." Jewel responded.

"what happiness are you talking about? I thought you and Lucy know each other already. So what other happiness are you talking about?" Chairman Edward asked.

"I already know Lucy doesn't mean I'm in love with her." Jewel responded.

"that shouldn't be a problem. You will learn to love her when you get married to her" Chairman Edward said.

"I'm sorry grandpa. I can't love her" Jewel responded.

"why?" Chairman Edward asked.

"because I'm in love with someone else" Jewel responded.

"who?" Chairman Edward asked, with a stern look.

Jewel suddenly wish he didn't say that. He knew his grandpa would make life difficult for Angel if he knew she is the one. He wouldn't want his grandpa to harm her. He wouldn't like to get her involved in it.

"who are you in love with?" Chairman Edward asked angrily when Jewel didn't respond.

"I'm sorry grandpa. I can't tell you that." Jewel responded.

"so, it is because of one stupid lady, that is why you turned down the marriage arrangement. Your father did same, but this time, I promise you that such will never repeat itself. Your marriage to Lucy is a must. Let Just watch and see" Chairman Edward said and stormed out of the room.

Jewel sighed in frustration when he left. Steven who had been staring silently all the while, walked to sit beside Jewel on his bed.

"I didn't see that coming" Steven said.

"neither did I. I thought he wanted to introduce me to some members of the board, not knowing that he has other plans" Jewel responded.

"so, what are you going to do now?" Steven asked.

"I don't know. All I know is that I won't agree to what he wants." Jewel responded.

"it's going to be tough o. I know your grandpa very well. He never goes back on his words" Steven said.

"no matter how tough it get. I will never succumb to what he wants" Jewel responded.

"are you going to tell Angel about this?" Steven asked.

"I have promised never to keep a secret from her, but how am I suppose to tell her that my grandpa she's waiting to meet is planning a marriage for me with someone else" Jewel responded.

Jewel's phone started ringing immediately he said that. He brought it out from his pocket and realized that the call was from Angel.

"she's even the one calling" he said to Steven.

He took a deep breath and picked the call.

"hey baby" he said, trying to look calm.

"my Jewel, how are you?" Angel asked.

"I'm fine, and you?" Jewel asked.

"I'm fine too." Angel responded.

"that's good to know" Jewel said.

"You haven't called me since you left me house. You didn't even tell me anything about your grandpa. How is he?" Angel asked.

"he is fine" Jewel responded.

"so, when will I get to meet him?" Angel asked.

Jewel paused for a while, before responding.

"I will introduce you to him very soon" Jewel responded.

"okay, my Jewel" Angel said.

"I will talk to you later. I have something I need to attend to" Jewel said.

"okay, talk to you later" Angel responded.

"okay" Jewel said and ended the call.

He stared sadly at his phone screen. He hated the fact that he couldn't be truthful to her.

Just immediately Jewel finished speaking with Angel on phone, Steven's phone started ringing. He brought it out and realized that the call was from Chairman Edward.

"your grandpa" Steven said to Jewel before picking the call.

"hello sir" he said.

"meet me in my room right now" Chairman Edward said.

"okay sir" Steven responded and ended the call.

"what did he say?" Jewel asked immediately.

"he said I should meet him in his room" Steven responded.

"please Steven, don't mention anything about Angel to him. He shouldn't know anything about her for now. If he knows who she is, he will make life difficult for her. I need to protect Angel" Jewel said.

"okay, I won't" Steven responded.

He stood up from the bed and left Jewel's room. He walked to Chairman Edward's door and knocked.

"come in" he heard from within.

He opened the door and entered to see Chairman Edward sitting on his bed.

"sir, you called me" Steven said.

Chairman Edward fixed an angry gaze on Steven.

"Steven, you know I brought you into the company so that you can keep an eye on my grandson. I want to believe you have been doing that. So, I will ask you this question just once. And I need a direct answer. If you don't give me an answer to my question, just know that it will cost you your position in the company" Chairman Edward said.

His words sent shiver down Steven spine. He knew Chairman Edward never goes back on his words.

"so tell me, who is Jewel in love with? what is her name and what does she do for a living?" Chairman Edward asked, with a stern look.

Steven stared remorsefully into air. He silently asked for Jewel's forgiveness. His job was at stake and he wouldn't sacrifice it for anything.

"I'm waiting" Chairman Edward said, when Steven didn't respond.

"sir, her name is miss Angel Owen. She works for the company, but is currently on a compulsory leave." Steven responded.

"wonderful, she even works for my company." Chairman Edward said.
"you know where she lives right"

"yes sir" Steven responded.

"good. that will be all for now. you may leave." Chairman Edward said.

"okay sir" Steven responded.

Steven left the room immediately while Chairman Edward lay on his bed.


Angel sat in her sitting room, watching a programme on t.v. The programme seemed very interesting to her, because all her attention was focused on the t.v. A knock suddenly sounded on her door.

"Jewel" she called and immediately turned her direction to the door.

She stood up immediately and rushed to the door to open the door for Jewel, with smiles on her face. The smile on her face disappeared when she opened the door and saw Chairman Edward standing at the door.


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