When Love Speaks (episode 78)

Jessica suddenly wished she didn't inform Angel about it, when she realized Jewel hasn't told her either. She didn't want to be the one to reveal that to her.

"Jessica tell me, what marriage are you talking about?" Angel asked, curiously.

Jessica paused for a while before responding.

"Angel, you see. I won't like to be the one to tell you this. You should ask Jewel. He should be the one to tell you everything" Jessica responded.

"I don't understand what you are talking about." Angel said.

"I will call you later" Jessica said and ended the call before Angel could say anything else.

Angel stared at her phone, confused. She didn't understand what Jessica was talking about. Jessica must be mistaken Jewel for someone else. It certainly can't be her own Jewel. It was just few hours ago that Jewel and his grandpa left her house and everything seemed fine. His grandpa seemed to like her already. So she didn't understand what Jessica was talking about. She must be talking about something else.

She stared at her phone for a while, then dialed Jewel's number. He picked up after the second beep.

"my Angel, are you missing me already? It hasn't been up to an hour that I left your house" Jewel's joked.

"even a minute without you is enough for me to start missing you" Angel responded.

"that's so sweet my Angel, but you know I miss you more. I just wish we could be together every single time" Jewel said.

"I wish so too." Angel responded.

"don't worry, my Angel. Very soon, our wishes will come to pass" Jewel said.

"my Jewel" Angel called.

"yes, my Angel" Jewel responded.

"is there something you want to tell me?" She asked.

Jewel pursed for a while, before responding.

"no, is there any problem?" Jewel asked.

"there's no problem. I just thought you might want to tell me something, but since you say nothing, don't bother." Angel responded.

"okay" Jewel said.

"I will talk to you later then" Angel said.

"okay, my love" Jewel responded.

Angel ended the call and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Jessica is really out of her mind. What nonsense was she saying." she said and dropped her phone on her bed.


Steven sat only at the far right of a restaurant, drinking from a glass of wine. He had been sitting there alone for over 2 hours. He was waiting for Ella. She promised to be there on time, but it has been over 2 hours and she was still not there. He had tried calling her number many times but it wasn't reachable. He was already tired of waiting for her. He picked up his phone again and dialed her number, but it was still not reachable.

"it seems Ella won't be coming anymore" he said.

He felt disappointed. If she wouldn't come, she should have at least inform him, instead of wasting his time at the restaurant.
He downed the remaining wine in his glass, dropped some thousands note on the table, stood up and left the restaurant angrily.


It was a new day. Angel stretched happily on her bed and sat up. She stood up from her bed and walked to the bathroom to freshen up. She emerged from her bathroom few minutes later and dressed up. She sat on her bed and put on her shoes.

"today is going to be a great day." she said.

Her first task for the day was to get some provisions from the market.

Just as she stood up from her bed, she heard a knock from the sitting room door.

"who could that be?" she mumbled.

She left her room and walked to the sitting room to see who was at the door. She got to the door and opened it to see a guy neatly dressed in suit standing at the door. He would pass for a body guard. Angel stared at him, puzzled.

"good morning" she greeted.

"good morning" he responded.

"how may I help you?" Angel asked.

"I'm sent by Chairman Edward" the guy responded.

"oh! Chairman Edward sent you. Please come in" Angel said.

"there will be no need for that" the guy responded.

"why?" Angel asked.

"you will have to come along with me. Chairman Edward wants to meet you" the guy said.

Angel stared at him suspiciously.

"how should I know that Chairman Edward sent you?" Angel asked.

"you can call him to confirm" the guy responded.

Angel brought out her phone and dialed Chairman Edward number. He picked up after the second beep.

"hello Angel" Chairman Edward's voice sounded at the other end

"Sir, there's a guy at my place. He said that you sent him to me. He said you want to meet me." Angel said.

"yes I want to meet you. You have to come with him" chairman Edward responded.

"okay sir. I'm coming with him right away" Angel said and ended the call.

"have you confirmed it?" the guy asked.

"yes, I'm going with you. Just give me a minute to prepare myself." Angel responded.

"okay" the guy said.

Angel went inside to prepare herself, while the guy waited outside. She emerged from her sitting room few minutes later.

"I'm set" she said.

"okay" the guy responded.

He led her to a car back in the compound and opened the door for her to enter.

"thank you" Angel said and entered the car.

The guy entered car also and drove out of the compound.


The restaurant was almost empty. Only the waiters working in the restaurant could be seen around. There were no customers in the restaurant, except for Chairman Edward sitting at the far left in the restaurant. A glass of wine was on his table, but he wasn't drinking. The restaurant door opened and Angel walked in, followed by the guy that brought her. They walked straight to meet Chairman Edward.

"good morning sir" Angel greeted.

"good morning. Please have a seat" Chairman Edward responded.

"thanks" Angel said and sat down.

Chairman Edward signaled the guy that brought Angel to leave and he left them immediately.

Chairman Edward turned to face Angel immediately the guy left.

"I'm a very busy man, so I will just go straight to the point." he said

He brought out a blank cheque and dropped it on the table. Angel stared at it, confused.

"what's this for, sir?" she asked.

"that's for you. Fill it with any amount you like" Chairman Edward responded.

"why sir?" Angel asked.

"that's your consolation. Jewel is getting married very soon, meaning your relationship with him has ended already." Chairman Edward responded bluntly, without any warning signs.

The statement hit Angel very hard, but she tried to remain calm.

"I don't get you sir" Angel said.

"what don't you understand? Jewel is getting married to a lady named Lucy very soon, and your presence will act as hindrance to their marriage. This money is for you. Take it and stay clear from Jewel." chairman Edward responded.

Angel stared at chairman Edward in shock. She couldn't believe her ears. Same chairman Edward that was nice to her the other day, was now acting strange to her. Her head was already hurting her. She couldn't think straight anymore. Those statements could make her depressed. That was the same thing Jessica told her when they spoke on phone. She told her that Jewel and Lucy are getting married. But how could Jewel and Lucy be getting married. That's certainly not possible. Jewel is her boyfriend. So which marriage are they talking about.

"Once we leave this place, I don't want to see you around Jewel anymore. He is engaged to be married and you shouldn't ruin that for him." chairman Edward continued.

"I'm sorry sir. I won't believe what anyone is saying to me until I hear it from Jewel. Jewel hasn't said anything about getting married. As far as I know, Jewel and I are still dating. Jewel loves me, just as much as I love him. He won't do anything to hurt me. So sir, I refused to believe what you are saying. As for the money, I'm sorry sir, I can't accept it. If Jewel ends up with someone else, the void he will leave in my heart is not what any amount of money can fill. My love for Jewel is priceless. It can't be bought. No matter how much. So sir, I think I will take my leave now, because it seems my presence is no longer needed here" she said, stood up and left the restaurant immediately without sparing Chairman Edward a second glance.

She left the restaurant totally devastated and weak, after hearing what Chairman Edward said, but she choose to act strong in front of him.

Once she was outside the restaurant, she brought out her phone and dialed Jewel's number with eyes filled with tears. He picked up after the second beep.

"hello, my Angel" Jewel's voice sounded at the other end.

"are you getting married to Lucy?" She asked directly, without any compliment.

"oh my God!" Jewel exclaimed.
"Who told you about this? My Angel, please let me explain"

Angel ended the call angrily, without allowing him to speak further. The tears which had already piled up in her eyes suddenly started flowing down. She dropped her phone back in her handbag and hurriedly left the premises.

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