When Love Speaks (episode 79)

Jewel sat on his bed, staring at his phone in shock. He couldn't believe that Angel already knew about the arranged marriage. Who could have told her about it. He suddenly wished
he had told her about it and explained everything to her. After staring silently at his phone for a while,  he dialed her number but she didn't pick. That would be the eighteenth time he would be dialing her number. He dialed it once more, but this time, it was switched off. He continued staring at his phone in shock.

"I need to go and explain everything to her. I just pray it's not too late." he said.

He stood up from his bed, took his car key and left his room.


Jewel was seen pacing up and down in front of Angel's door. He had been waiting for her there for over 2hours. He thought he would meet her at home when he gets to her place, but he was wrong. She wasn't at home. He had already dialed her number many times since he got there, but her phone was switched off. He was already frustrated. He didn't know what else to do. He just wanted to see Angel and explain everything to her. He sat down on a bench in the compound and waited for another one hour. When he was tired of waiting, he stood up and left her house.


Chairman Edward sat on his bed in his bed room, glaring at his reflection on the mirror beside him. He was just returning from the restaurant where him met with Angel. He was angry that Angel refused to do his bidding and had to walk out on him.

"so that lady had the guts to walk out on me. Even when I was trying to be nice to her. Children of nowadays, I don't know why they like being forced to do something before they do it. Okay, since she wants me to be hard on her, that's what I will do. Let's see if she would be able to take the heat." he said, angrily.

A knock suddenly sounded on his door.

"come in" he said.

The door opened and Steven walked in.

"good afternoon sir" Steven greeted.

"why are you just getting here now? I thought I asked you to come here about an hour ago. So why are you just getting here?" Chairman Edward asked, angrily.

"I'm sorry sir. It was traffic" Steven apologized.

"is that supposed to be an excuse" chairman Edward barked, transferring his anger to Steven.

"I'm sorry sir" Steven apologized again.

Chairman Edward glared at him for a while before speaking.

"do you know Angel's parent?" he asked.

"yes sir" Steven responded.

"who are her parents?" chairman Edward asked.

"her parents are Mr and Mrs Owen" Steven responded.

"are you a fool?! is that supposed to be an answer" chairman Edward barked.

Steven shivered in fear. He couldn't understand why chairman Edward was suddenly getting angry at him.

"I mean where do they live and what do they do for a living?" Chairman Edward asked.

"her mum is a trader, and her dad works as regional manager in Sacz company." Steven responded.

"so her father works as regional manager in Sacz company" Chairman Edward said.

"yes sir" Steven responded.

"that makes everything easy for me then. I have people in that company and I'm surely going to use them against him. I will deal with him mercilessly that his daughter will have no other choice than to stay away from Jewel" chairman Edward said.

Steven stared silently at him. He couldn't tell what chairman Edward was planning to do, but he knew it won't be something funny at all.

"what are you still waiting for? you can leave already" Chairman Edward said to Steven

"okay sir" Steven responded and immediately left the room.

Chairman Edward picked up his phone and dialed a number immediately Steven left.


A car pulled to a stop in front of a big black gate.  Angel's dad alighted from the car and went to open the gate, so that he could drive his car in. He was just returning from work. He opened the gate and went back to his car. Just as he opened the car door to enter the car, he felt an object on his head from behind.

"don't move. If you move, I shoot" he heard behind him.

He shivered in fear when he realized that a gun was being placed on his head. He closed the car door and slowly placed his hands on his head.

"now, slowly turn" the voice behind him said.

He slowly turned to see 2 masked men, pointing gun as him.

"what do you want from me?" he asked in fear.

"Mr Owen, we are not here to harm you, or to steal anything from you. We just need a little favour from you." one of the masked men said.

"what do you want from me? please say it. Just don't harm me, please" Mr Owen begged.

"Don't worry, we won't harm you. As long as you do as instructed." the masked man continued.

"okay, I will do as instructed" Mr Owen responded.

"good" the masked man said.

The mask man brought out some plain sheets of paper and a pen from the bag he was carrying. He gave Mr Owen the pen.

"you will have to sign on this papers" he said.

"why should I sign on a blank paper?" Mr Owen asked, confused.

"just do it and don't ask any question. It's just a small favour we need from you. We would have come unarmed to ask for it, but you might not grant our request. That's why we came with weapons. You have nothing to worry about." the masked man said.

"I don't know what you guys need my signature for. Signing on a blank paper is very risky" Mr Owen said.

"I assure you that we are not going to do anything that will cost damage with it" the masked man responded.

"you should have come with the documents you want me to sign, instead of bringing blank papers for me to sign." Mr Owen said.

"I have told you that you are safe. Just do as you are instructed, now that we are asking nicely." he responded.

Mr Owen knew very well that it is risky to put his signature on a blank paper, and would never do it if asked nicely, but the case was different. He was being forced to do it. He just pray silently that the guys didn't do anything dangerous with it.

"are you going to do it or not?" the masked man asked, angrily.

"where do you want me to sign?" Mr Owen asked.

The masked man showed him a particular spot on the blank paper for him to sign.

"I hope you won't do anything that will cost harm to me it with" he said and signed on the blank paper.

"you have nothing to fear" the masked man responded and gave him another blank paper to sign

"how many blank paper do you want me to sign" Mr Owen asked.

"just four" the masked man responded.

Mr Owen signed all the four blank papers as instructed. The masked man patted his shoulder when he was done.

"thank you very much Mr Owen. It's nice doing business with you. I look forward to another great deal with you. but this time we will come unarmed. Thanks once more. We will take our leave now, but first you have to lie flat on the floor and close your eyes" the masked man said.

Mr Owen quickly lay flat on the floor and closed his eyes. After minutes of lying on the floor, he opened his eyes and the masked men were nowhere to be found. He stood up from the floor and dusted his cloth. He entered his car and drove it into the compound. He alighted from the car and hurried into his flat. His wife was already waiting for him in the sitting room when he entered.

"honey welcome" Mrs Owen said and immediately went to collected his briefcase.

"honey, you won't believe what just happened outside the compound" Mr Owen said.

"what happened?" Mrs Owen asked, curiously.

"I was held at gun point by some hoodlums just outside the compound" Mr Owen responded.

"oh my God!" Mrs Owen exclaimed.
"did they harm you?"

"no, they didn't harm me. They didn't even collect anything from me. All they asked me to do was to sign on a blank paper.

"what do they need your signature for?" Mrs Owen asked.

"I don't know. We will talk about that later, but for now,  I need to freshen up. I'm very tired" Mr Owen said

"okay honey, you can go and freshen up. Your dinner will be ready when you are done" Mrs Owen responded.

Mr Owen walked to his room to freshen up, while Mrs Owen went to set the dining for dinner.


It was a new day. Mr Owen emerged from his room with his briefcase already dressed for work. He went to join Mrs Owen for breakfast in the dining. He sat down beside her and they ate silently. Just when they finished eating, Mr Owen's phone started ringing. He brought it out from his pocket and saw that the call was from his superior at work. His picked up immediately.

"hello sir, I'm already on my way to the office" he said.

"Mr Owen, why did you authorize the withdrawal of 300 million naira from the company's account. As far as I know, the company is not embarking on any project that warrant such amount" his superior said.

The mention of 300 million naira sent shiver down his spine.

"I don't understand you sir. What withdrawal are you talking about?" Mr Owen asked, confused.

"300 million was withdrew from the company's account last night, and it has just been confirmed that you are the one that approved the withdrawal" his superior said.

"sir, I think there's a mistake somewhere. I'm already on my way to the office. We will resolve it when I get there" Mr Owen responded.

"please do, because there is already an uproar here at the company." his superior said and ended the call.

Mr Owen stared at his phone in shock. He couldn't believe what he just heard. 300 million withdrew from the company's account in his name.

"darling what's wrong?" Mrs Owen asked.

"honey there is a big problem. 300 million is missing from the company's account. I need to leave now. I will explain everything to you when I get back" Mr Owen responded and stood up.

"please darling, be careful" Mrs Owen said.

"okay" Mr Owen responded.

He carried his briefcase and immediately left the house.

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