When Love Speaks (episode 80)

Angel stretched lazily on her bed and reluctantly opened her eyes. She sat up and placed a hand on her head. She was having a terrible headache. She couldn't fall asleep at night until
3am. She turned her gaze to the wall clock in her room and realized it was 11:45am already.

"oh my God! it's almost noon. I can't believe that I have slept for this long." she said.

Just as she tried to stand up from her bed, her phone started ringing. She took the phone and saw that the call was from her mum. She sat down back on her bed and answered the call.

"hello mum, good morning" she greeted.

"hello Angel, there is a big problem here at home" Mrs Owen's troubled voice sounded at the other end.

"mum, what problem? What has happened at home?" Angel asked, very worried.

"it's not what we can discuss on phone" Mrs Owen responded.

"mum, is it that serious?" Angel asked in fear.

"yes, very serious" Mrs Owen responded.

"oh my God! what could have happened. Okay mum, I'm on my way already. Just stay calm until I get there" Angel said, trying to calm her mum down, whereas she was more worried.

"okay Angel, I'm waiting." Mrs Owen responded.

Angel ended the call and stood up from her bed. She took her car key and left her room immediately. She didn't freshen up, neither did she change the nightgown she was putting on. She just hurriedly left that way.


Angel sat beside her mum in the sitting room, staring sadly into air. Her mum had already explained everything to her, and she had been dumbstruck ever since. She couldn't believe such disaster had befallen her family. She had no idea of what to do. The issue at hand was beyond her.

After a while of deafening silence, Angel finally spoke.

"mum, what will happen to dad now?" she asked, sadly.

"the company had given him an ultimatum of 24 hours to return the money or he will spend the rest of his life in prison" Mrs Owen responded.

"but dad didn't steal the company's fund" Angel said.

"no one will believe that. His signatures are on the documents." Mrs Owen responded.

"how are we supposed to raise such amount of money in 24hours. Even if we were giving years, we still won't be able to raise 300million. That's a huge amount of money." Angel said.

"I'm just so confused right now" Mrs Owen responded.

"but who could have done this to dad?" Angel asked.

"we believe it must be some jealous colleagues at work. They just want to ruin your father reputation and send him to prison. Such atrocity was carried out by an insider. They forced your father to sign on blank papers and immediately prepared the required documents on those papers,  and even use the company stamp to authenticate the documents. Only someone from the company can do such thing. They want to ruin your father's future" Mrs Owen responded.

Angel was trying as much as she could to stop herself from weeping, because she knew her tears wouldn't solve the issue at hand.

"dad can't go to jail for an offence he didn't commit. I will do everything possible to make sure I clear dad's name. I don't mind what it will cost me. As far as my dad don't end up in jail, I will do it" she said, even though she had no idea of what to do.

"it will be very difficult to clear his name" Mrs Owen responded

"mum, I need to leave now. I need to go and look for help. Dad certainly can't go to prison for an offence he didn't commit" Angel said and stood up.

"okay my daughter" Mrs Owen responded.

Angel hugged her mum and left the sitting room.


Angel opened the door to her sitting room and plodded in. She was just returning from her parents house. She seemed very frustrated. She hasn't even taken her bath. Her head was hurting her badly. She dropped her handbag on the floor and plodded to her room to have a shower.

She emerged from her room few minutes later, dressed in a different gown. She went to pick up the handbag she dropped on the floor. Just as she turned to go back to her room, a knock sounded on her door. She paused and turned to face her door.

"who could that be" she mumbled to herself.

She wasn't in her right frame of mind to receive visitors. She just wanted to be alone. She muttered under her breath and walked to see who was at her door. She opened the door to see chairman Edward and another man carrying a briefcase at the door. She paused when she saw them. She wasn't expecting to see chairman Edward at her place, not after what happened at the restaurant.

"can I come in?" Chairman Edward asked.

Angel stared at him for a while, then gave way for him to enter.

"thank you" chairman Edward said and entered the sitting room.

The man carrying the briefcase followed behind him. They sat down on the sofas, without being told to do so. Angel didn't sit down. She stood still, staring silently at them.

"like I said when we met last time, I'm a very busy man, so I will just go straight to the point." chairman Edward said.

Angel continued staring silently at him.

"this is barrister James. He is my lawyer. We are here to make a deal with you." Chairman Edward continued.

Barrister James immediately opened the briefcase he was carrying and brought out some documents.

"we heard what happened to your father, and I can tell you right now that we know that your father is innocent. We are here to help you clear his name" barrister James said.

Angel suddenly became interested in what the barrister was saying. She finally sat down and focused her attention on the barrister. She would do anything to clear her father's name.

"how is that possible? How can you clear my father's name?" Angel asked, curiously.

"we have documents that prove your father is innocent. Someone in his company framed him. He was held at gun point and forced to put his signature on blank papers. We have video tape of everything that happened. We know who framed your father and we even have an audio file that can prove it.  All these can prove your father's innocence and the real criminal will be arrested. The 300million missing from the company's account will also be recovered" barrister James explained.

Angel immediately knelt down before the barrister, when he was done explaining.

"please sir, help my father. Don't let him go to jail" Angel pleaded with the barrister, almost shedding tears.

"that's why we are here. We are here to stop an innocent man from going to jail" barrister James responded.

"thank you very much sir. I truly appreciate it." Angel said and sat down.

"these are the documents that can prove your father's innocence. you can go through it" barrister James said and handed the documents to Angel.
"the audio recordings and video tape are here with me."

Angel carefully examined the documents. She turned to face barrister James, happily.

"thank you very much sir. This can prove that my father is innocent. I'm very grateful sir. You don't know what this means to me. I can now finally rest. My father won't go to jail. Thank you very much sir." Angel said, happily.

"you are welcome, but know that for this to be possible, you must also play a part in it" barrister James said.

"what am I supposed to do?" Angel asked.

Barrister James brought out another documents from his briefcase and dropped on the table.

"here is a legal agreement that you have to sign. Once you sign it, your father's name will be cleared" barrister James said.

"what does it entails?" Angel asked.

"the agreement says you will have to end any form of relationship you are having with the vice president of Edward Empire. There will be no form of contact between you two, whether direct or indirect. Once the agreement is reached, your father will be a free man.  If you break the agreement, you will have to compensate Edward Empire with the sum of 1.5 billion naira for the damage your action would cost the company or spend the rest of your life in prison" barrister James explained.

Shiver went down Angel's spine when she heard that. The smile she had on her face disappeared. She suddenly became mute. She couldn't say a word to barrister James. Chairman Edward and barrister James stared silently at her, waiting for her response.

"are you taking the offer or not?" barrister James asked, when she wouldn't respond.

She still didn't respond. She just kept staring sadly at them.

"barrister James, let's start leaving. I can't be wasting my time here. I have more important things to do" Chairman Edward said, angrily and stood up.
"Since she has decided to let her father rot in prison, so be it"

"okay sir" barrister James responded and stood up also.

chairman Edward turned to face Angel.

"let me just remind you that this offer only last for this moment. Once we leave here, there won't be any other opportunity for you to clear your father's name" chairman Edward said.

He turned and walked to the door. Barrister James followed behind him. Just as they tried to open the door, Angel spoke.

"please wait" she said.

They stopped and turned to face her.

"I will sign the agreement" she said.

"good" barrister James responded and they went back to occupy their previous positions.

Barrister James gave her the documents and a pen.

"you can go through it before signing. It is also stated in the agreement that Jewel must not know about the decision we reach here." barrister James said.

Angel went through the documents and tears flowed down her eyes when she realized it would be a total disconnection for her and Jewel once she sign the documents. She soaked the documents with her tears when going through it.

Jewel is her everything. She didn't know what she would do without him. Her life would be so miserable. She never ever imagine that a time would come when she would be asked to choose between her dad and Jewel. Both of them are just so important to her. She never ever imagined that a time would come when she would have to let go of her Jewel. Fighting for Jewel means abandoning her dad. She just can't do that. She had to make the huge sacrifice.

More tears flowed down her eyes as she placed her shivering hand on the document. She took a deep breath and finally signed the documents. Chairman Edward watched with smiles as she signed the documents.



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When Love Speaks (episode 81)

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