When Love Speaks (episode 81)

Steven sat in his office, browsing through some documents on his computer. A knock suddenly sounded on his door.

"come in" he said, without taking his
gaze off his computer.

The door opened and Ella walked in holding a file.

"sir, these are the documents you asked me to bring" Ella said and showed him the file in her hand.

"drop it on the desk" Steven responded, without taking his gaze off the computer.

Ella dropped the documents on the desk and turned to leave, but stopped halfway. She walked back to meet him.

"sir!" she called.

"what is it?" Steven asked, and looked up from his computer.

"sir, I want to apologize for not......."

"just go back and continue your work. I don't need any explanation" Steven cut in.

"but sir, I was....."

"when I give instruction, you obey it. I said you should go back and continue your work. Or do you want to lose your job." Steven cut in again.

"I'm sorry sir" Ella apologized.

She turned and quietly left his office, while Steven continued with what he was doing.


Barrister James sat beside Chairman Edward at the face left in a restaurant. They seemed to be waiting for someone. The restaurant door opened and a man walked in. He observed everywhere first, then walked to meet chairman Edward.

"good afternoon chairman Edward" he greeted and sat opposite chairman Edward.

"good afternoon Mr Amos." chairman Edward responded.

"how did it go?" Mr Amos asked.

"everything went as planned" chairman Edward responded.

"so, what will happen to me now?" Mr Amos asked.

"I will take the documents to Sacz company, which will prove that you stole the company fund and framed Mr Owen for it." Chairman Edward responded.

"that means I will be going to prison" Mr Amos said.

"yes, but I will make sure that your jail term doesn't exceed one year." Chairman Edward responded.

"what about the money we agreed on" Mr Amos asked.

"don't worry, the 150 million naira will be deposited into your wife's account. It will be there waiting for you until you come out of prison" Chairman Edward responded.

"Sacz company will never take me back once I come out from jail. No other company will employ me. This will ruin my reputation" Mr Amos said.

"you don't need any company to employ you once you come out of jail. You will be 150million naira richer. You can start up your own business and become your own boss. If you still wish to work under a company when you come out from jail, my company is always there to employ you" chairman Edward responded.

"okay, I'm ready for it" Mr Amos said.

"we are good then. I'm taking the documents to Sacz company once we leave here, which will prove you are the real culprit" Chairman Edward said.

"okay" Mr Amos responded.

"let's start leaving then" chairman Edward said.

They all stood up and left the restaurant.


Angel lay on her bed staring sadly into air. It's been hours since chairman Edward left her house. She had been so devastated since he left. She had wept to the extent that she couldn't weep anymore. Her eyes were already swollen. Even though she was sad, she still believed she made the right decision.

Her phone suddenly started ringing beside her on the bed. She took it and saw that the call was from Jewel. She dropped the phone back on her bed. The phone continued ringing but she ignored it. After about 22 missed calls, she took the phone to switch it off, but realized that 5 of the missed calls was from her mum. She immediately dialed her mum's number and she picked after the second beep.

"hello Angel" Mrs Owen's voice sounded at the other end.

"mum" Angel called.

"Angel, the Lord is great. The Lord has done it" Mrs Owen said, happily.

"what's the good news, mum?" Angel asked.

"your father's name has been cleared. Someone from his company framed him." Mrs Owen responded, happily.

Angel smiled when he heard that. Finally, her dad is free.

"mum, I'm coming over right now" Angel said.

"okay" Mrs Owen responded.

Angel ended the call with smiles on her face. She stood up from her bed and left her room.


Angel rushed into the sitting room to see her mum and dad sitting on the sofas. They stood up immediately they saw her. She ran to meet her dad and embrace him.

"dad, I'm so happy that your name has been cleared." Angel said and sat down on the sofa.

"we give God the glory" Mr Owen responded and sat down also.

"so dad, who actually framed you?" Angel asked.

"my daughter, could you believe someone I called my friend actually framed me. I never believed Mr Amos could do that to me. We should be mindful of the kind of friends we keep" Mr Owen said.

"what will the company do to the real criminal now?" Angel asked.

"he will spend the rest of his life in prison" Mr Owen responded.

"that serves him right. I'm just so happy that your name has been cleared" Angel said.

"I'm very happy too" Mr Owen responded.

Angel's phone suddenly started ringing. She brought it out from her handbag and saw that it was a call from Jewel. She took a deep breath and answered the call.

"hello" she said.

"thank God that you finally picked up" Jewel said, at the other end.

"what do you want?" Angel asked.

"my Angel, I know you are very mad at me, but you can't keep avoiding me. These few days without you has been hell for me. Please my Angel, I have learned my lesson. I was wrong for keeping it a secret. I should have to you everything. Please my Angel, just give me the chance to explain myself. Just this one last chance, and I promise never to keep any secret from you again. Please my Angel" Jewel begged.

"where are you now?" Angel asked.

"I'm at home" Jewel responded.

"meet me at Sky City restaurant" Angel said.

"okay my Angel. Thank you very much. Thanks for giving me another chance. I promise, I will never mess up this time around. I will be at Sky City restaurant in no time" Jewel responded.

Angel ended the call and turned to face her parents.

"mum, dad, I need to leave now. There's something I need to go and take care of" Angel said.

"okay Angel" her parents responded in unison.

Angel stood up, carried her handbag and left the sitting room.


Angel sat at the far right in Sky City restaurant, staring sadly into air. She wasn't eating, neither was she drinking. She just fixed her gaze on a particular spot.  After few minutes of sitting, the restaurant door opened and Jewel walked in. Angel wore a straight face immediately she saw him coming. Jewel walked straight to meet her and sat opposite her.

"my Angel, thanks for agreeing to meet me. Please let me explain" he said.

Angel didn't respond. She only fixed a steady gaze at him.

"first Angel, I must tell you that I was not aware of any marriage until my grandpa shocked me with the news some days ago. My only sin was not telling you about it when I found out" Jewel explained.

Angel continued staring silently at him.

"I didn't agree to marry anyone, and will never agree to marry anyone. You are the only one I love, and nothing will change that. Angel, believe me when I said I regret not telling you about it. You were eager to meet my grandpa then. How could I have told you that the grandpa you were eager to meet was already planning a marriage for me. I regretted not telling you. I'm very sorry my Angel. Please forgive me" Jewel apologized.

"Jewel!" Angel called, softly.

"yes, my Angel" Jewel responded.

"I called you here for a different reason, and not to listen to your explanation." Angel said.

"what is it, my Angel?" Jewel asked.

"I called you here to let you know that it is over between us." Angel said.

Jewel froze when he heard that. He knew Angel was angry with him, but he never expected her to say such.

"my Angel, I know you are angry, but don't allow your anger get the best of you. Don't say things you don't mean. I know you only said that because you are angry." Jewel responded.

"I mean what I'm saying" Angel said, with a straight face.

Jewel knelt down before her immediately and held her hands.

"my Angel, please don't do this. You are only letting your anger to get the best out of you. I know you love me just as much as I love you. Please don't do something you will later regret." Jewel said.

"no Jewel, I don't love you. I never did. I just agreed to be your girlfriend out of pity then, because I thought you were just a cleaner. Now that I know who you truly are, I thought I should tell you the truth." Angel said.

Jewel stared sadly at her. He never believed Angel could say such nonsense to her. He never believed Angel could tell him that she agreed to date him out of pity. He couldn't speak anymore. He had suddenly lost his voice. He continued staring sadly at her.
Angel too was hurting badly for saying such nonsense to Jewel, but she still managed to keep a straight face.

"so, since you already know the truth. I think I will take my leave now" Angel said and stood up.

She carried her handbag and walked to the door. Jewel stood up also and hurried to meet her. He held her hand from behind and turned her roughly to face him.

"so, you want me to believe the nonsense you just said. I don't know why you are saying all that, but I know you still love me. I can see it in your eyes. Angel, you are in love with me." Jewel said and fixed a steady gaze on her.

Angel stared back at him also. They stared silently at each other. Angel wished she could just hug him and tell him 'yes my Jewel, I'm still madly in love with you', but she knew she couldn't do that. It was already impossible for them to be together.

"Angel say it. Please tell me that you still love me" Jewel begged.

"why don't you get it. Okay, if you wish to know, I'm in love with someone else. I don't want to keep deceiving you. Look for someone else that will love you. Please don't ruin my relationship with my new boyfriend" Angel said.

She knew how hard it was for her to tell such lie, but she just had to do it so that Jewel would let her go. It was already impossible for them to be together.

Jewel couldn't respond. His heart was shattered when he heard such from Angel. He never imagine Angel could do such a thing to him. He only stared silently at her. He was heart broken.

"okay, since you now know why I'm ending this relationship with you, I will take my leave then" Angel continued.

Angel turned and walked to the door. Jewel stared sadly at her retreating figure until she left the restaurant. Angel knew very well that once she got home, she was going to cry her eyes out.


Unknown said...

why is this story taking too much time. . one episode for a 3 days .. you are making it boring now

Adole Adole said...

waiting for episode 82 please

Unknown said...

is this the end of the story?? Why the delay

Unknown said...

Pls when is are we expecting the next episode


When Love Speaks (episode 81)

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